Change of Qualifying Pharmacist

Change of Qualifying Pharmacist Application

In order to change the qualifying pharmacist of an Indiana licensed pharmacy, you must submit the following to the Board:

  1. completed change of qualifying pharmacist application; and
  2. a copy or the original of your pharmacy permit.

To obtain a new updated permit, you need to verify the qualifying pharmacist has been updated by using the "Search" function on our License Express website at   Upon verification of the update, you need to login at the "Order License Card" link to request and pay for a duplicate permit or print off the free license card (either card will satisfy posting requirements).  You will use the pharmacy permit number, including the "A" at the end (i.e. 6000XXXXA), as the login ID and password. 

You may mail the change form to the Board at the address below.

Indiana Board of Pharmacy
402 W Washington St., Rm W072
Indianapolis, IN  46204

Or you may email it to

Notification of Qualifying Pharmacist Change

If a qualifying pharmacist should leave the employ of the pharmacy, the pharmacist shall immediately notify the Indiana Board of Pharmacy.  This notification may be sent by e-mail at

The owner of pharmacy shall then file a Change of Qualifying Pharmacist Application with the Board to qualify the pharmacy's permit with another pharmacist.  Your original pharmacy permit (not the CSR) must accompany the application; you should post a copy of your pharmacy permit in the pharmacy along with a copy of the submitted change of qualifying pharmacist application until you receive your updated permit.

When submitting the change of qualifying pharmacist, make sure that the pharmacist who will now be qualifying the permit is not qualifying another Indiana pharmacy permit.  To verify, you may visit our website; this online verification will show if the licensed pharmacist has any pharmacy licenses attached to it.  If it does, the Board cannot add the pharmacist as your qualifying pharmacist until the pharmacist is taken off the other permit, which must be completed by the other pharmacy.


Questions may be directed to the Board at at