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IC 35-48-3-2  Limited Permits for Entities Operating Animal Shelters.
856 IAC 2-7   Limited Permits.
Application for Controlled Substances Registration for Non-Practitioners

Any humane society, animal control agency, or governmental entity operating an animal shelter or other animal impounding facility may apply to receive a limited permit only for the purpose of buying, possessing, and using:

  1. sodium pentobarbital to euthanize injured, sick, homeless, or unwanted domestic pets and animals;
  2. ketamine and ketamine products to anesthetize or immobilize fractious domestic pets and animals; and
  3. a combination product containing tiletimine and zolazepam as an agent for the remote chemical capture of domestic pets or animals that otherwise cannot be restrained or captured.

The Committee shall issue a controlled substances registration to a facility that completes the following:

  1. submits the completed CSR application and $50 application fee;
  2. submits curriculum vitae (CV) of the person responsible for the controlled substances for the facility;
  3. submits proof that the employees of the applicant who will handle a controlled substance are sufficiently trained to use and administer the controlled substances (copies of training certificates will be sufficient);
  4. submits proof that a licensed Indiana veterinarian, holding a valid Indiana controlled substances registration and DEA registration, has been retained to provide technical advice to the facility and its staff (a written statement from the DVM acknowleging the association and a copy of licenses will be sufficient);
  5. successful inspection of facility by Board of Pharmacy Compliance Officer.

All applications must be reviewed and approved by the Controlled Substances Advisory Committee before an inspection can be scheduled and the permit issued.  Because of the frequency of the Committee's meetings, please allow 5-8 weeks for processing of your application.

856 IAC 2-3-16 allows the Committee to request such documents or written statements of fact relevant to the application as they deem necessary to determine whether the application should be granted; therefore the Committee may request additional information than what is requested in the list above.  The failure to provide such documents within a reasonable period of time shall be deemed to be a waiver by the applicant of an opportunity to present such documents for consideration in granting or denying the application.


Additional Information Pertaining to CSRs:

Drug Enforcement Administration: Non-practitioners may apply for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) registration at the same time as the State CSR; please indicate "pending" where the DEA requests the State license number.  PLA does not have DEA forms. For information regarding the DEA registration please contact the DEA Indianapolis Field Office at 575 North Pennsylvania Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204 or by telephone at (317) 226-7977.

Renewals:  Renewal applications for CSRs are mailed 60 days prior to the expiration of the permit. If you do not receive your renewal application at that time, please call our office at (317) 234-2067 to request a duplicate application.

Change of Location: You are required to notify the Professional Licensing Agency of any address changes. Controlled substances registrations are issued for a particular purpose at a specified location.  CSRs issued to a facility are non-transferable. Prior to the planned move, a facility must obtain and complete a new application for controlled substances registration. An inspection will also be required prior to storing, dispensing, or administering controlled substances at the facility. Those wishing to schedule an inspection can call at (317) 234-2067 for additional information.

Name Change: You may have the name changed on your records by submitting a the name change by mail to the Professional Licensing Agency, 402 West Washington Street, Room W072, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204 or by fax at (317) 233-4236. Your letter should include the facility name as it is listed now, the new name, and the CSR number, along with legal documentation verifying the legal name change.  This letter needs to be signed by a responsible party. 

Responsible Party Change:  Upon a change of responsible party for the controlled substance registration, the Committee must be notified in writing as to the name of the new individual, a copy of their credentials, and the effective date of the change.  This information can be submitted by mail to the Professional Licensing Agency, 402 West Washington Street, Room W072, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204 or by fax at (317) 233-4236.

For questions regarding your facility's controlled substance registration application, you may e-mail for additional information.