WIndiana 2011 Indiana Renewable Energy Conference Agendas and Presentations


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Indiana Renewable Energy ConferenceWorkshop Agenda

WIndiana/IREC Session Agenda


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Welcome (Wednesday July 20 9:00am)

Seth Snyder, Argonne National Laboratory

Common Ground (Wednesday, July 20, 11:00am)

David Stippler, OUCC

Marc Lewis, Indiana Michigan Power

Joseph Sutherland, IURC

Lunch Presentations (Wednesday, July 20, 12:30pm)

Kate O'Hair, enXco

Denise Bode,  AWEA

Bob Prantil, GE Energy


Breakout Session Group # 1 (Wednesday, July 20, 2:00pm)

Alternative Fuels

Mark Stoermann, Fair Oaks Dairy


Wind-Get Me To The Grid

Eric Laverty, MISO

Kate O'Hair, enXco

Stewart Bayer, NIPSCO

Connie Neininger, White County


Solar-Supply Chain

Peter Rienks, Inovateus

Michael Lindley, Flanders Electric

David Lowe, Nuvision Renewables


Biomass- Basics

Klein Ileleji, Purdue

Peter Grill, Bingham McHale

Jiqin Ni, Purdue


Breakout Session Group #2 (Wednesday, July 20, 4:00pm)

Alt Fuels 2

Kelllie Walsh

Bob Spatz, Plug-in Vehicle Solutions

Wind: Saving the Supply Chain

Frank Hoffman,  Krieg DeVault


Solar-Project Funding

Eric Cotton,  ECI Wind and Solar

Sarah Beth Aubrey, Prosperity Ag and Energy Resources

Kurt Schneider, Energy Solutions by JMS


Biomass-Show Me The Funding

Peter Hatton, Baker Daniels

Ken Perkins, First Farmers Bank

Eric Rund, Rund Farms and International AGtivities


Breakout Session Group #3 (Thursday, July 21, 9:00am)

Wind: GLWN Supply Chain Workshop

GLWN Public Presentation

IREC:  Indiana's New Energy Law

Beth Roads, IURC

Peter Hatton, Indiana Energy Association

Dave McGimpsey, Bingham McHale


Solar: Bring Us Jobs!

David Goodman, IUPUI

Andre Grocox, ERMCO

Chris Striebeck, IDS


Biomass:  Get Me to The Grid

Mike Zdyb, NIPSCO

Greg Wagoner, Wabash Valley Power Association


Breakout Session Group #4 (Thursday, July 21, 11:00am)

Solar: Making a Case For Solar

Travis Murphy, Energy Solutions by JMS

Pankaj Sharma, Purdue University

Dan Schmidt,  Energy Solutions by JMS


Biomass:  Supply Chain

Dr. John Timler, SAIC

Brent Gloy, Purdue University

Lori Edwards,  SCS Engineers


IREC Workshop Presentations (Wednesday, July 20)

9:00am:  Solar Photovoltaics

Brad Morton, Morton Solar & Wind

Gordon Moore, McCormick Motors

10:30am: Solar Thermal

Leon Bontrager, Home Energy, LLC

12:00Noon: Small Wind

Travis Murphy,  Energy Solutions by JMS, Jim Straeter , Richmond New Holland

1:30pm: Geothermal

Dennis Meyer, ClimateMaster

Pat Cline, LoopMaster

3:00pm:  Innovations In Renewable Energy

Kurt Koehler, AlGalCo

Kellie Walsh, Greater Indiana Clean Cities Coalition

David Ramos, Abundant Energy Works