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Technology Services

Data Visualization

MPH uses a robust suite of analytics and visualization tools to make your data more consumable and yield greater levels of understanding.  Communicating analytics results in a graphical format provides insights into complex data sets in a more intuitive way. Data visualization often reveals insights that would not be readily evident through typical text-based results.

Data Science Solutions

MPH delivers new insights by leveraging your data in new ways.  Joining large, complex data sets, from within and outside your Agency, creates new fact-based insights. These solutions go far beyond answering correlative questions using canned algorithms. MPH has mastered emerging analytical methods and tools to develop custom solutions that produce highly accurate results.  These results will help solve your most pressing policy challenges.

Strategic Data Management

MPH offers expert guidance to Agencies on strategies for managing, storing, accessing and sharing data, ensuring that your data remains secure and usable. A robust data strategy provides the ability to leverage data to address complex multi-dimensional issues.   

Data Analytics Platform

MPH expands analysis capability by providing self-service access to a robust data analytics platform. This provides the ability to conduct analysis faster and in a highly secure environment.  In fact, the MPH Data Analytics Platform includes secure data storage sufficient for the State’s most sensitive data sets.  

This in-memory Platform converges a state-of-the-art database with advanced data processing and integration services. You gain a single secure environment for all your mission-critical data assets, allowing you to manage massive volumes that were previously impossible to manage.  MPH manages the Data Analytics Platform, builds connections to Agency systems and facilitates movement of Agency data to this robust, secure analytics environment.