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Darshan Shah

Executive Director

Darshan Shah is the executive director of the Management Performance Hub. Darshan leads a team of program directors, business analysts, data scientists, and data engineers in achieving MPH's vision of improving the quality of life for Hoosiers by fundamentally transforming government through new insights and collaboration. Darshan has 14 years of proven success leading healthcare organizations across a variety of function including operations, finance, quality, engineering and sales. 

Josh Martin

Chief of Staff

Josh Martin is the Chief of Staff of the Management Performance Hub. His focuses are on business intelligence, predictive analytics and making data consumable for effective decision-making. Josh leads initiatives that leverage data to address complex problems that span numerous organizations and stakeholders.

Ted Cotterill

Chief Privacy Officer and General Counsel

Ted Cotterill advises the Management Performance Hub, coordinating legal efforts to facilitate data sharing between governmental, research, and private entities. Ted guides Indiana’s data sharing initiatives to ensure that the privacy of personally-identifiable information is maintained.

Josh Marshall

Chief of Technology and Operations

Josh Marshall is responsible for the systematic implementation of new technology innovation to drive continuous improvement for the Management Performance Hub. Josh leads key strategic priorities in enterprise business intelligence and analytics, while translating priorities into comprehensive plans and driving implementation through the inception phase to full project completion.

Keith Edwards

Technical Manager

Keith Edwards is the Management Performance Hub’s technical manager that oversees the infrastructure and data analytics software platforms that MPH runs on. Keith has been working diligently to standardize technologies and processes in use to make the MPH technology platform supportable in the long term all while promoting a culture of team work.

Bryan Sirtosky

Chief Data Steward

Bryan Sirtosky leads a team of data engineers in the design and development of complex data processes and solutions using enterprise level data technologies, ensuring data quality and security throughout the data life cycle.

Steering Committee

Darshan Shah

Management Performance Hub, Executive Director

Micah Vincent

Indiana Office of Management and Budget, Director

Dewand Neely

State of Indiana, Chief Information Officer

Leadership Council

Adarsh Mantravadi

Office of Governor Eric J. Holcomb, Senior Director of Policy and Research

Bill Soards

AT&T Indiana, President

Bob Massie

Marketing Informatics, Chief Executive Officer

Chris Cotterill

Indiana Economic Development Corporation, General Counsel

Darshan Shah

Management Performance Hub, Executive Director

David Bodenhamer

Polis Center, Executive Director

David Johnson

BioCrossroads, Chief Executive Officer

Dewand Neely

State of Indiana, Chief Information Officer

Dr. Jennifer Walthall

Family and Social Services Administration, Secretary

Josh Marshall

Management Performance Hub, Chief of Technology and Operations

Josh Martin

Management Performance Hub, Chief of Staff

Micah Vincent

Indiana Office of Management and Budget, Director

Steve Braun

Department of Workforce Development, Commissioner

Theresa Lubbers

Commission for Higher Education, Commissioner