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About MPH


Connect our talent and technology to provide robust open-data, empower data-driven decision making, and maintain data security and stewardship at the highest level.


Improve the quality of life for Hoosiers by fundamentally transforming government through new insights and collaboration.


The Management and Performance Hub (MPH) set out to change the culture of how state agencies worked together. MPH combines industry leading technical innovation with experienced analysts and leaders of public sector improvement. 

Our goals are simple:

  • Becoming the highest performing state government through the use of data informed decision making. 
  • Providing world-class data science and analytics capabilities to our partners to help solve policy challenges.
  • Providing a platform to be the data hub for Indiana governments and citizens to foster transparency and problem solving. 
  • Providing Indiana citizens a return on investment in MPH by developing new revenue streams through leveraging the MPH platform. 
  • Providing the backbone to help make Indiana a national leader in data analytics and science and helping foster economic development in Indiana.