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  1. Children's Eye Safety in Focus this August

  2. Federal Funds to Makeover Indiana Communities

  3. Vote for Winner in Annual Environment Contest

  4. Resources Help Students Improve Math Skills

National Archives Sponsors Constitution Day Contest

Constitution Day is coming up – it’s celebrated every year on September 17.  If you’d like a quick and easy way to involve your young patrons in learning about the Constitution, get them involved in the Constitution Day Poster Contest!  Sponsored by the Gov Doc Kids Group out of Kansas, the contest encourages K-12 kids to design a poster showing how they and their families benefit from freedoms outlined in the Constitution.  Winners will be selected in five age-group categories.  For complete contest information, including an entry form and contest flier, check out the National Archives webpage.

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Children's Eye Safety in Focus this August

Prevent Blindness AmericaWould you know if a child you’re serving has an eye injury or vision problem? As August wraps up, help recognize Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month, sponsored by Prevent Blindness America. Check the list at the bottom of their Play it Safe website for indicators of injury. The National Eye Institute also has excellent lists of Resources for Parents, Teachers, and Coaches, and Resources for Children, including an informative Eye Safety Calendar with 31 days of fun facts about eye health. For more information, see the Children’s section of the Medline Plus webpage for Eye Diseases. It provides links to articles from the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Nemours Foundation, and more. In addition, the Indiana State Library houses the Talking Book and Braille Library, which provides free services to Indiana citizens who cannot use regular print because of a visual or physical disability.

Federal Funds to Makeover Indiana Communities

Indiana Housing & Community Development AuthorityIndiana neighborhoods are expected to get makeovers and improvements from the federal government.  Lt. Governor, Becky Skillman has announced that 21 communities and community organizations share $50 million in a variety of ways:  demolish or redevelop vacant properties; purchase abandoned or foreclosed homes; and assistance for homebuyers looking to purchase their dream home.  Home ownership and revitalization is vital to a growing community.  For more information about the Neighborhood Stabilization program or about home ownership, please visit the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority’s website.

Vote for Winner in Annual Environment Contest

Rachel Carson Sense of Wonder ContestFor the past three years, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has held the Rachel Carson Sense of Wonder Contest.  The poetry, essay, photo and dance contest showcases entrants’ feelings of wonder in the great outdoors.  While the initial submissions were due in June of this year, people still have time to vote for their favorites!  The entries you will be viewing have already passed the first round – a panel of judges looked reviewed the initial submissions.  There are five categories for entries.  In addition to the four listed above, there is also a multi-media entry, comprised of essays accompanied by photographs.  You can vote for one entry in each of the categories.  All you have to do to vote is register then take your pick!

The contest is named for naturalist Rachel Carson.  She is most famous for her book Silent Spring, which documented the effects of DDT on wildlife.  This book helped launch the environmental movement and she is credited with jumpstarting American awareness of the environment.  Voting ends October 1.  You’ve still got some time, but be sure to get your vote in!

Resources Help Students Improve Math Skills

Federal Resources for Educational ExcellenceAs adults, we are each at a different level of comfort when it comes to numbers. We may remember either struggling or excelling in certain (and maybe all) areas of Mathematics. As time goes by, newer generations find more fun and enjoyment in learning Math; and several resources exist to help them along. The Math Teaching and Learning Resources from the Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE) cover subjects such as Algebra, Geometry, and even Data Analysis. Start with Helping Your Child Learn Mathematics for students in preschool through Grade 5. Move on to InterMath, designed for Middle Schoolers. End with Seeing Math, designed for Grades 6 -12. The National Center for Education Statistics also has a Kids’ Zone with fun Math Teasers, Create a Graph, and a Mathematicians Quiz. Don’t forget to direct kids to careers to consider if you are good at Math.