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  1. IDOE Resources Prepare Parents for School

  2. Census Stats Highlight Student Enrollment Figures

  3. August is Month to Raise Immunization Awareness

  4. National Organization Offers Up Education Statistics

  5. K-12 Directory, Useful Data Available from the IDOE

Feds Offer Grant & Financial Aid Resources

In addition to statistics, the U.S. Department of Education website contains a lot of useful information.  Their site is a great resource for grant and financial aid information.  They go over both the aid information itself and the application process.  You can also find updated info on the ED Recovery Act.  According to the website, as of August 5, over $89 billion in grants has been awarded in order to save the jobs of teachers and librarians around the country.  You also may be interested in checking out the Department Blog, which is updated daily.  Here you can find anything from general policy information to tips on going back to college. 

Health Commissioner Talks Summer Survival Tips

School time does not necessarily mean cool time. Try to avoid heat stroke, or hyperthermia, at all costs. Remind your patrons, families, and loved ones to beat the heat with Hot Tips for Extreme Heat from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Federal Citizen Information Center’s Tips for Summer Survival. The Indiana Health Commissioner released tips Wednesday for dealing with the heat as students go back to school and crowds attend the Indiana State Fair. See the Indiana Department of Health’s Recreational and Home Safety webpage for more Summer Safety tips.



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IDOE Resources Prepare Parents for School

Indiana Department of EducationIt seems as if we just celebrated the beginning of summer, but now it’s time for most Indiana students to get back to school! Students can miss valuable information and learning if they miss the first days of school.  The Indiana Department of Education has Information for Parents to help students get ready for this school year. Included on the IDOE’s website is an OnTrack Student Success Series for parents of students in grades K through 12. Take a look! Find helpful tips, education news, academic standards, and more.  If you have a child who is in high school, LearnMore Indiana has information on colleges, careers, and other tools to help older students stay on track and achieve success while in school.  For those in Marion County, The Indianapolis Public Schools website has information about the school district and important information on class schedules, testing, and events for the upcoming year.  Education is vital to lead our communities into progress. Make sure you use all the tools and resources available to help your child achieve academic success. 

Census Stats Highlight Student Enrollment Figures

Census: Back-to-School FactsAccording to the U.S. Census Bureau, 76 million U.S. children and adults were enrolled in school last fall. This is 27 percent of the country’s population three years old & older. A projected 56 million students will be enrolled in Kindergarten through 12th grade this fall. Eleven percent of these will be enrolled in a private school. Twenty-two percent (almost a quarter) of all students enrolled last fall had at least one parent who was not born in the United States. Nearly one half of enrolled students (43 %) were of a nonwhite or Hispanic racial/ethnic background.  For more fast facts about the students attending school this fall, see the Census Bureau’s Back to School: 2010-2011 Facts for Features.

August is Month to Raise Immunization Awareness

National Immunization Awareness MonthFor many kids around the state, back-to-school time means booster shots.  As a result, August has been named National Immunization Awareness Month.  However, Immunization Awareness Month isn’t just for children – it’s important to remember that vaccines are necessary throughout all stages of life.  The CDC states that vaccines are responsible for the eradication of smallpox, the near elimination of polio in the United States and the vast reduction of measles, diphtheria, and other diseases.  To find out which vaccines are most important for children under 18, and when they should get them, check out the 2010 Vaccine Schedule.  There is also a schedule designed for adults.

In addition to the usual vaccinations that are recommended for children and adults, citizens travelling to foreign countries are often required to get more.  The CDC provides a good information sheet so you can find out which inoculations are needed for your travels.  It’s also important to keep good personal immunization records.  There is no repository for vaccination records.  For a list of tips on maintaining good records for yourself and your doctor’s reference, be sure to look at this site from the CDC.

In related news, the WHO has declared an end to the worldwide H1N1 Influenza Pandemic.  While the CDC still recommends the flu shot, health officials are seeing a shift back to seasonal flu levels at normal intensity levels.

National Organization Offers Up Education Statistics

US Department of AgricultureThe National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) provides many educational resources for Back to School time and patrons’ queries throughout the year. Find data back to 1991 on a variety of topics using Quick Tables. Within Data Tools, choose school and library Locators; compare public schools, libraries, colleges, and academic libraries; view questions and answers from the National Assessment of Adult Literacy from 1985, 1992, and 2003 (the latest available); get help with educational data from seven different analysis tools; and use state-to-state profiles and comparisons. Use Fast Facts for Back 2 School stats. You can also use the School District Demographics System to determine demographics, social characteristics, and economics of children within your own school districts. Explore the entire NCES website for further resources.  

K-12 Directory, Useful Data Available from the IDOE

For the latest state and local data on your school corporation or individual school, visit the State Department of Education’s Indiana K-12 Education Data website. Find information on teachers and other school personnel; create a data report on your school; or view general demographics, enrollment, and attendance & graduation rates for your school.  You can also look up information about overall student performance and school financial data. The most recent Indiana School Directory and K-12 school Web Sites are available online. You can also call the Indiana State Library, use the State Data Center network, or use our Ask-A-Librarian service 24/7 for more information. Please see our Services for the Public and Services for Libraries webpages.

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