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  1. World Health Day Focuses on Vector-borne Diseases in 2014

  2. State to Invest Up to $400 Million for Highway Expansion

  3. Encourage Poetry Readership During National Poetry Month in April

  4. Consumer Protection Bureau Launches Financial Education Project

  5. Register Today: Collection Development Workshop for FDLP Affiliates

Voter Registration Deadline Approaches for May Primary

Remember to register to vote! You can register online at If you have previously registered, you can verify your voter information, polling place, candidates, and districts, plus preview your ballot. The registration deadline for the May 6, 2014 primary election is this Monday, April 7. 

Students Honored for Hoosier Heroines Essay Contest

The Hoosier Heroines Essay Contest Awards Program took place at the Indiana Statehouse on March 26, 2014. Watch the archived video of the ceremony.

Click a title below to read each winning essay:

Toni Ashley - Compassionate and Courageous
by Elizabeth Cooper - 6th Grade
First Lady Karen Pence
by Diamond Miller - 7th Grade
A Girl Who Will Fly
by Lizzy Frazier - 8th Grade
An Unnoticed Heroine
by Emily Jones - 9th Grade

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World Health Day Focuses on Vector-borne Diseases in 2014

World Health DayMonday, April 7 is World Health Day, sponsored by the World Health Organization. This year’s theme is Preventing and Controlling Vector-borne Disease. What are vector-borne diseases? They are bacterial and viral diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, ticks, or fleas. More than half of the world’s population is at risk from vector-borne diseases like Malaria and Dengue, which affects more than 400 million people annually worldwide.

We can protect ourselves and our loved ones by getting vaccinated against yellow fever and Japanese encephalitis and installing window screens. Please visit this infographic about what else to do. Although significant progress is being made in combating some diseases, others continue to spread widely. For more information about vector-borne diseases, see the CDC’s Division of Vector-Borne Diseases and the National Institute of Health’s article, Taking the 'Bite' Out of Vector-Borne Diseases. The CDC also provides information about Heartland Virus, which was discovered in Missouri in 2012.

State to Invest Up to $400 Million for Highway Expansion

State to Invest Up to $400 Million for Highway ExpansionOn March 27, at an event in Valparaiso, Governor Mike Pence signed a road funding bill that will invest up to another $400 million dollars for next generation highway expansion. HEA 1002 provides $200 million that will go toward road projects immediately, and the state may invest another $200 million from the general fund into the Major Moves 2020 Trust Fund after December’s revenue forecasts and Budget Committee review.  According to the press release, the road projects will create an estimated 9,800 jobs, while expanding the state’s lane capacity on interstate highways.  Learn more about all bills the Governor signed by visiting Bill Watch

In other Indiana roadway news, The Indiana Department of Transportation’s (INDOT’s) annual Trash Bash takes place from April 5-27, 2014 and coincides with National Earth Day to aid in raising awareness of litter.  Follow this link for the full press release.

Encourage Poetry Readership During National Poetry Month in April

April is National Poetry Month! April is National Poetry Month! The Academy of American Poets established Poetry Month in April 1996 as a national, month-long celebration to widen the exposure of individuals and the media to the art of poetry, living poets, and the poetic heritage of the U.S. Its ultimate goal is to encourage poetry readership year-round.   

This year the Academy offers today’s tech-savvy students a new way to experience memorable poetry.  The app Poetry Flow breaks down a poem by a line or a phrase at a time into a stream of words. It is designed for the iPhone, but anyone with an internet connection can experience it. Another interactive way young adults can experience poetry is the Poet-to-Poet Project.  This is a multimedia educational project that invites students in grades 3 through 12 to write poems in response to those shared by some of the poets who serve on the Academy of American Poets Board of Chancellors. Students watch videos of the Chancellors reading and discussing their poems. They then write their own poetry in response and email them to by April 30th. Teachers can also include poetry in their lesson plans as well.

For more information about Poetry month, visit the Academy of American Poets site or the National Endowment for the Humanities EDSITEment blog for resources for poetry around the world.  

Consumer Protection Bureau Launches Financial Education Project

U.S. Consumer Financial Protection BureauIn honor of Financial Literacy Month (April), the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will launch a new Community Financial Education Project to collaborate with public libraries across the country. The project will help public libraries provide free, unbiased financial information and referrals. The CFPB will work with libraries to help build local partnerships and to promote them as community resources. They look to shape national dialogue on how to coordinate the efforts of financial educators. They aim to amplify their work by making libraries vital financial education hubs in communities across the country.

National partners include representatives from library associations and local libraries, government agencies, and financial education practitioners. Partners will participate in a live-stream event Monday, April 7, from noon to 1:30 p.m. ET at The event is hosted by the U.S. Office of Financial Education as part of Money Smart Week and is open to the public. Mark your calendar for April 7 and join them for the launch!

Register Today: Collection Development Workshop for FDLP Affiliates

Collection Development Strategies for Selective Depository LibrariesDo you work with federal documents? Are you part of the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP)?   If you answered yes to these questions, we have the workshop for you!  The Indiana State Library is hosting a one-day workshop, Collection Development Strategies for Selective Depository Libraries. This is a hands-on workshop that will approach collection development apart from the more ‘traditional’ format. Registration deadline is April 18, 2014 and workshop size is limited.  Preference is given to federal depository libraries and coordinators. For more information, please call 317-232-3732.   

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