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  1. Help Raise Brain Health Awareness this Weekend

  2. Initiative Leads People with Disabilities to Arts Careers

  3. State Hosting Special Events Through Census Day

  4. FAQs, Telephone Assistance Available for Census Help

Take 10 Challenge Encourages Call to Action

The U.S. Census Bureau has initiated a Take 10 campaign to encourage people to take the lead in motivating our communities to fill out their census questionnaires and mail them back in. Here are some suggestions:

  • FOLLOW THE LEAD OF THE MAYORS OF BANNING AND BEAUMONT, CALIFORNIA. The mayors of Banning and Beaumont, Calif., have made a Take 10 challenge:  whichever mayor ends up with the higher mail participation rate will get a fine dinner served up by the others’ mayor and city councils.  If you’ve set up a challenge, let us know  (; we’d like to feature some in a press conference at the National Press Club Mar. 22.

  • CHECK OUT THE TAKE 10 VIDEO. Take a look at this new, short video about TAKE 10 from Census Bureau Director Robert Groves.

  • HOST A TAKE 10 EVENT. The city of Denver is holding a TAKE 10 event on Tuesday, March 23 with community leaders to fill out and mail back their questionnaires.  One of the tips that Denver’s telling people to do is to encourage people to post reminders on their Facebook pages to fill it out and mail it back. 

  • HELP YOUR COMMUNITY UNDERSTAND WHAT THE CENSUS IS ABOUT. Do constituents have concerns about the constitutionality of the census? Check out these videos and share them with your community.

  • DOWNLOAD THE TAKE 10 TOOLKIT  for promotional suggestions, ready-to-use flyers, speeches, news releases, door hangers, PSA scripts, twitter feeds and more to help you.

  • MAKE SURE YOUR COMMUNITY KNOWS HOW WELL IT IS PARTICIPATING IN THE CENSUS . The first Mail Participation Rates will be posted on the 2010 Census Web site on Monday, March 22.  After you look up your rates, you’ll have the option of downloading a Rate Tracker that you can imbed on your community’s Web sites. Once it’s on your site, the tracker will automatically update every day.  For now, you can go to our online map to see how well your community did in 2000.

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Help Raise Brain Health Awareness this Weekend

Brain Awareness WeekThe week of March 15-21 is Brain Awareness Week!  Started by the Dana Foundation in 1996, its purpose is to promote the progress and benefits of brain research.  A coalition of government agencies, hospitals, universities and nonprofits unit to educate their communities about the wonders of the brain and brain research.  Your community may have displays at museums, libraries and even the local mall.  There are partners in Brain Awareness Week all over the world; to see a list of organizations in Indiana that are involved, check out this link from the Dana Foundation.

There are also ongoing projects meant to educate people on the importance of keeping their brain healthy.  The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) runs the Sara Bellum Blog specifically geared toward teenagers.  Here, teens can find out the science behind drug-induced brain damage.  The National Institute of Health has a several websites that deal with a variety of brain-related topics.  Patrons may be interested in learning about mental illness, neurological disorders and the effects of aging.

Initiative Leads People with Disabilities to Arts Careers

ArtsWORK IndianaArts+ People with disabilities = opportunities!   ArtsWORK Indiana is a group-wide effort to provide people with disabilities professionally related careers in the arts.  In the fall of 2004, a statewide forum was created to address the issue of the arts as careers for people with disabilities.  In addition to job creation, ArtsWORK Indiana performs outreach activities by educating, entertaining and providing insight into the lives of the disabled.  This organization relies on volunteers to assist with programs and opportunities to enhance the lives of the disabled in the community.  Meetings are open to everyone and are held on the fourth Thursday of the month.  For more information on this program or about the Arts, please visit the Indiana Arts Commission’s website. 

State Hosting Special Events through Census Day

2010 US CensusThe Indiana Department of Administration issued a news release Tuesday that contained press events for the coming weeks concerning the census in Indiana. The release is as follows: “This week households across Indiana receive their 2010 federal census forms. The governor is issuing a proclamation which encourages ‘all Hoosiers to promptly complete the census questionnaire when received’. Between now and April 1st (Census Day), the state is conducting ten press events emphasizing the importance of the census and the many ways it impacts Indiana.

The schedule of events includes:

  • Higher Education, Tuesday, March 23, West Lafayette. University officials and students will discuss the impact of the census on colleges and universities and remind out-of-state students that as residents of Indiana for more than 6 months of the year, they should complete their census questionnaires using their Indiana address.

  • Disaster Preparedness, Wednesday, March 24, Madison. City officials will focus on the need for good population data for disaster preparedness.

  • K-12, Thursday, March 25, Richmond. A teacher and other educators will speak to the impact of accurate census data on public education and planning for schools.

  • Housing, Monday, March 29, LaPorte. A family will speak about the benefits of the home weatherization program, funded through federal monies allocated based on population estimates.

  • Information Services, Tuesday, March 30, Fort Wayne. Library officials will discuss the importance of the census to information and services available to the public through Indiana’s libraries.

  • Social Services, Evansville, Wednesday, March 31, Evansville. A foster family will discuss the impact of the census count on funding for foster care and adoption services.

  • Veterans, Thursday, April 1 (Census Day), Indianapolis. A veteran will discuss his service to our country and the obligation under law to complete the census form.

FAQs, Telephone Assistance Available for Census Help

Census 2010Did you receive a 2010 Census form this week with the wrong address? Take a look at this flyer from the Census Bureau that shows you what to do. One thing the flyer does not say is that you may also call a Census Bureau Telephone Questionnaire Assistance Center. Also, Questionnaire Assistance Centers and Be Counted sites were posted yesterday on the 2010 Census main page under “Need Help with Your Form?” which leads you to The Take 10 Challenge Map where you can find a help center by city or zip code. Other frequently asked questions (FAQs) about this year’s census form can be answered using the Questions You May Have portion of the 2010 Census website.


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