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  1. Health Department Offers Advice on Flu Season

  2. Promote Benefits of Recycling on November 15

  3. Help Patrons "Get Smart" About Antibiotics

  4. CDC Raises Diabetes Awareness in November

Indiana General Assembly Reconvenes Tuesday

The Indiana General Assembly  will convene for Organizational Day of the 2011 Session on Tuesday, November 16, 2010.  The Senate will convene at 1:00p.m. and the House at 1:30 p.m.  Indiana citizens can stay informed and keep track of your legislators, current issues and laws. 

Friday Fast Facts

The U.S. Census Bureau released the dataset American’s Families and Living Arrangements: 2010 this week, which shows American men and women are waiting longer to marry.  See the press release here. Last week, the Census Bureau released the report Fertility of American Women: 2008 which shows Nearly 1 in 3 Unmarried Women Who Give Birth Cohabit, as stated by its press release.


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State Health Department Offers Advice on Upcoming Flu Season

ISDH: Influenza Prevention The Indiana State Department of Health advises Hoosiers to Prepare, Plan and Prevent  the Influenza Virus.  After last year’s H1N1 epidemic, many people were left unprepared, ill-informed and afraid of the influenza. The first step in preparation is to increase knowledge about the influenza virus and know whether it is a pandemic or not. You can avoid the flu by practicing good health habits such as washing your hands frequently, covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze and staying home when you’re sick. See the Indiana Department of Health’s Influenza website for more tips. If you need to find out where you can get vaccinated, the Google Flu Shot locator offers a searchable map showing where clinics are throughout the State. Preparation, Planning and Prevention can help you and your family stay safe during this year’s flu season. 

Promote Benefits of Recycling on November 15th

America Recycles DayNovember 15th is America Recycles Day! Since 1997, this has been a nationally recognized day dedicated to promoting recycling in your community. The America Recycles Day website has great tips to organize an event or participate in one. They also have information on media resources, toolkits and outside links. Another great place to visit is the EPA site on recycling. There they outline the benefits to recycling as well as the actual process that a product goes through when it’s recycled. They also have information on reducing and reusing, composting and other things that you can do to help. Kids can visit Recycle City from the EPA. It’s full of games, facts and activities that allow kids to learn the benefits of recycling and the best ways to do it. Celebrate America Recycles Day 2010 by doing your part and learning how you can help take care of the environment!

Help Patrons "Get Smart" About Antibiotics

1st & Green: Environmental ChallengeAmerica Falls Back to Standard TimeThe Centers for Disease Control  has designated November 15-21st as Get Smart about Antibiotics Week. Many people think that antibiotics are the cure-all for all common ailments and diseases such as the cold or flu. In fact, antibiotics kill bacteria, not viruses. Many people believe so strongly in the power of antibiotics that they go to the doctor expecting to get a prescription and often times they do. In order to save time from lengthy explanations about antibiotics, some doctors will go ahead and prescribe the antibiotic at the disservice to the patient. Taking antibiotics when they are not really needed can cause more harm than good. Widespread inappropriate use of antibiotics is fueling an increase in drug-resistant bacteria. In order to combat this growing problem, the Indiana State Department of Health  has an online  and PDF fact sheet to provide information about antibiotics and its appropriate use. The Centers for Disease Control also has brochures and posters to help spread the word about antibiotics. With flu season approaching, now is the time to get smart about taking antibiotics and protect your health. 

CDC Raises Diabetes Awareness throughout November

November is National Diabetes MonthNovember is Diabetes Awareness Month. According to the CDC, one in ten American adults currently has Diabetes. When someone is diabetic, their blood glucose levels are above normal. Their body either doesn’t make enough insulin or can’t use its own insulin the way it’s supposed to. There are three primary types of Diabetes: Type I, Type II and Gestational Diabetes. Gestational diabetics are women who become diabetic while pregnant. Type I Diabetes usually strikes at an early age – it was previously known as Juvenile-onset – and those who have it rely on daily injections of insulin or a pump. There is no known cause or way to prevent this form. Type II Diabetes accounts for 90% to 95% of all Diabetes cases. While it is not always preventable, there are many factors involved in its onset. These include obesity, old age, family history, impaired glucose metabolism or even race/ethnicity. For more information on each type, see this fact sheet from the CDC. Diabetes Awareness Month focuses on Diabetes prevention and management. This year’s campaign goal is to make people aware of the impact family history has on Type II and Gestational Diabetes. The National Diabetes Education Program from the CDC has a great site full of information for contributing to the campaign – they have sample activities, suggestions for working with the media and even campaign materials. They also have a great site on the basics of the disease. Finally, you may be interested in visiting the American Diabetes Association website. They have lots of great tips on living with the disease, food & fitness and a good general overview.

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