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  1. Summer Reading Program for Financial Literacy
  2. A pest-free summer
  3. Statistics/Economic Glossary 
  4. Wellness Resources
  5. Starting a Business or Non-profit Entity

Wellness Resources

Do you find that you are more focused on your community’s health during the summer? If not, it’s a good time to plan your own regular check-ups and to review what you need to know about wellness in your community. The Wellness Council of Indiana maintains a list Free Resources for community health and Wellness Data Resources to help data users find the latest statistical information on community health. One of its featured statistical resources, the UDS Mapper, can help map the health centers within your community. You can use the maps and data already available to you or you can upload your own data. Use the Tutorials and Resources page for additional assistance.

Starting a Business or
Non-profit Entity

Starting a Business

Are your patrons interested in starting a new business or a non-profit in their community? The Indiana Secretary of State’s Office has a Business Services Division that can help. The Entrepreneur's Guide to Starting A Business in Indiana website serves as an introduction to organizing an Indiana business, explaining the differences between a formal and informal business associations with details about forming and naming entities within those two categories such as a general partnership agreement, a Limited Liability Company (LLC), or Nonprofit corporation. The Business Services website contains the forms your patrons will need for filing with the state. Forms can also be obtained by visiting the office, requesting by mail or phone, or having them faxed.

Also helpful is the Your Business Starts Here! website, which offers a Business Startup Toolkit with 12 chapters of information organized for easier reading. See especially Chapter 2 - Choosing a Structure - For Profit Formal Associations, Chapter 4 - Selecting a Business Name, and Chapter 9 - Qualifying as a Minority and Women's Business. These websites also describe the ongoing responsibilities of business owners and provide links to additional resources like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Indiana Chamber of Commerce. Get busy and stay busy with Indiana business!

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Summer Reading Program for Financial Literacy

There is still time left to participate in the Indiana Secretary of State Summer Reading Program. Secretary of State Connie Lawson believes Hoosiers can start thinking and learning about financial literacy at any age. The purpose of this reading program is to help elementary age students learn about smart money management skills and apply them to their own lives. Secretary Lawson has chosen several books and activities associated with the program topics, "What is Money,"Saving and Spending," and "Making Money." The lists of books and activities are found on the Bookmarks.  There are two levels of books available: Beginner/Moderate and Moderate/Advanced.  Students should use appropriate bookmarks for their reading level.

Click for Books for beginner to moderate readers

Click for Books for moderate to advanced readers

Click for Activities checklist for all participants & submission form 

Students should use the Bookmarks and Activity lists to track the books and activities completed.   To complete the program, students are required to read the assigned number of books and complete one craft for each topic.  Upon completing all three topics, students are encouraged to submit information showing they completed the program. 

The students must submit the following by August 1, 2014:

Students who complete the reading program and activities above will receive an Honorary Secretary of State certificate signed by Secretary Lawson and a piggy bank. All submission documents can be submitted to Kelly Griese at, or by mail at 302 West Washington Street, Room E-111, Indianapolis, IN 46204.  Please see the website for full details, and for questions, please contact Kelly Griese at 

A pest-free summer

Keep your home free of summer pests without pesticides

Summer temperatures can be pleasant, but the warm weather is also attractive to insects and rodents.

This is the time of year when ants, roaches, mice and other pests make their way into your home, especially if they find the right living conditions. All they really need to get comfortable is water, food and a place where they can hide or reproduce

You can fight these pests without pesticides if you follow these suggestions:

Restrict access to food sources

  • Tightly close any food packaging, like boxes and bags of cookies, chips, cereals or candy, so that ants or roaches can’t get in.
  • Store items such as flour, sugar, rice or pasta in airtight bags or plastic containers.
  • Clean any food spills or stains off the countertop, floor, and other areas throughout the kitchen.
  • Do not let crumbs sit in pet dishes, as this can attract cockroaches, ants or rodent
  • Remember to take out the kitchen trash frequently, preferably every night.

Limit access to sources of water or liquids

  • Try not to leave water drops or other liquids in the kitchen or anywhere else around the house. Roaches can’t live more than a week without water.
  • Wash and dry your dishes immediately after each meal.
  • Repair leaky faucets or pipes in the bathroom, kitchen, backyard and any other area of the house.
  • When gardening or watering plants, don’t leave puddles or excess water. Standing water encourages mosquito reproduction.
  • Open the bathroom window after bathing to clear out the steam; these tiny drops are drinking sources for cockroaches and other insects.

Limit entry access to your home

  • Seal cracks around pipes, doors and windows to stop insects from getting inside.
    Repair holes or tears on screen doors and windows.
  • Close off the spaces underneath doors.
  • Before coming home from a shopping trip, make sure there are no roaches hiding inside bags or grocery boxes.
  • Throw away or recycle unwanted boxes or wrappers.
  • Put mouse traps inside and outside the home in areas where children or pets can’t access.

Read this note in Spanish

This information is brought to you as a courtesy of the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) via the blog.

Statistics/Economics Glossary

Are you aware that the IBR’s StatsIndiana has a Glossary of Terms Frequently Used in Economic and Demographic Data? It contains definitions for stats terms commonly used in articles, reports, and news releases. There, you’ll find the meanings for Baby Boom, Baby Bust, and Base Map along with poverty threshold, mean-median-average, and centroid. It’s useful for those pesky concepts you might see all the time but don’t quite understand or have never taken the time to look up. Please share with your co-workers and patrons.

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