Charles L. White Diary
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Reprocessed by: Elizabeth M. Wilkinson, May 2006

Biographical Note:

Charles L. White grew up in Elkhart, Indiana. He served as a Private in Co. E or G, Third Indiana Battalion, U. S. Army during World War I. Upon returning from France in 1919 he was stationed at Camp Devens at Ayer, Massachusetts. According to his diary he was a school teacher and hoped to pursue that career further out East after the War.

Scope and Content Note:

This collection consists of the World War I diary of Charles L. White. In it he discusses the trials of Army life in France, specifically mentioning the food, weather, and living conditions. Also included are a photocopy and a typed transcript copy of the diary, as well as a small b/w photograph of a soldier and few other miscellaneous items found in the back of the diary.

Item Listing:

Folder 1.
1918 Sept. 5-
1919 Feb. 18	Charles L. White's World War I diary
circa 1918	Black and white image of unidentified soldier
circa 1918	Black and white photo negative of two soldiers holding a ladder 
1919 Jan. 3	Paper addressed to "Dear Mother" with financial figures
Circa 1910s	French war bond advertisement
Summary of the entries in Charles L. White's diary
1918 Sept. 5	At Rolampont The Marne (France) regarding comment about army, purchases of food and 
1918 Sept. 8	Near Gondrecourt, France regarding food
1918 Sept. 9	Near Gondrecourt, France regarding weather. Describes visit to French airdrome. 
                                Discusses rumors about the war.
1918 Sept. 10	Near Gondrecourt, France regarding move toward Toul sector in Vosges Mts.  Describes 
1918 Sept. 12	At Meuse, Saint Germain regarding description of "Cossack post" at "wine joint" and glow 
                                from burning of Metz. Mentions drive toward Metz. Describes meal and French family. 
                                Speaks of American Aviation field and "Liberty Motor", and mentions scarcity of "Bosche" 
1918 Sept. 13	Mentions artillery and weather.
1918 Sept. 17	In the woods north of Vaubecourt regarding weather, food, artillery, march, Colonel 
                                Cavenaugh and Lt. Colonel Coburn. Discusses procedure for getting permission to "fall out" 
                                during march. Names guns.
1918 Sept. 18	Autographs
1918 Sept. 20	In dugout support trench near Aubreville regarding reactions to first encounter with shrapnel 
                                fire. Describes dugout.
1918 Sept. 21	Same place regarding false gas alarm and enemy fire.
1918 Sept. 24	In trench near Aubreville regarding heavy artillery fire, gas alarms, food, and French.
1918 Oct. 7	U.S. Army Hospital #3, Nubecourt Meuse describing battle, killed and wounded.
1918 Oct. 10	Evacuation Hospital,Souilly regarding trip from Hospital #3, American Red Cross, and 
                                Bosche prisoners.
1918 Oct. 17	Evacuation Hospital, #24 Mesves regarding weather
1918 Oct. 25	Mesves regarding book.
1918 Oct. 29	Mesves sur Loire regarding illness and food.
1918 Dec. 4	Near St. Aignan (Meher) regarding food.
1918 Dec. 4	"Y" Flatfoot Camp regarding German arms souvenir.
1918 Dec. 5	Y Flatfoot Camp regarding food, discussion of security of America, and changes to come.
1918 Dec. 6	Same place regarding search for overcoat in Black Companies, food, and reading material.
1918 Dec. 8	Same place regarding duties of sick soldiers.
1918 Dec. 9	Same place regarding difference between treatment of officers and men.
1918 Dec. 10	"Y" Flatfoot Camp regarding quarantine for diphtheria.
1918 Dec. 15	"Y", same place regarding reason for quarantine, food, arrest of mess officer.
1918 Dec. 16	"Y",same place regarding food and weather
1918 Dec. 17	"Y" same place regarding food and M.P.'s
1918 Dec. 21	"Y" same place regarding food, insects and rumor of evacuation.
1918 Dec. 22	Farm house near camp, Mehers regarding food. Describes furnishings. Mentions (church) 
1918 Dec. 30	Same place regarding food, illness, and hardships.
1918 Dec. 31	Same place regarding food and unjust punishments.
1919 Jan. 4	Saint Aignan regarding formation of Co. 451 "cooty baths", and preparations to leave 
                                for port.
1919 Jan. 7	Same place regarding war risk (insurance?) and food.
1919 Jan. 10	Saint Nazaire Camp #2 regarding illness and medicine, trip, food.
1919 Jan. 16	Same place regarding inspection, showers, entertainment, and eulogy for Roosevelt.
1919 Jan. 17	Same place regarding description of French boys and description of funeral service for 
                                American soldiers and graveyard.
1919 Jan. 20	On board U.S.S. Mongolia in Bay of Biscay regarding church service and attendance at 
                                movie for German prisoners. Mentions songs sung.  Speaks of preparations for boarding |      
                                ship, food and "colored soldier band", and names tunes played.
1919 Jan. 22	On board Mongolia regarding trip across the Atlantic. Gives statistics on speed and miles 
                                covered, etc. Mentions name of magazines and discusses
1919 Jan. 29	"Soldier articles".
1919 Jan. 30	S.S. Mongolia, Hoboken, N.J. regarding welcoming celebration.
1919 Feb. 3           Camp Merritt, N.J. regarding trip from Hoboken, food, K.P. duty, decootyizer", and other 
 to                            activities. Mentions seeing "bum" war movie in New York.
1919 Feb. 5	
1919 Feb. 12        Camp Devens, Ayer, Mass regarding trip from Camp Merritt, regarding activities, trip to 
 to                           Boston and Jewish Welfare Board Entertainment, statistics on prisoners taken and 
1919 Feb. 18        casualties.  He mentions he is going to Booth Tarkington's.  "Seventeen" at the Liberty 
2. Photocopy of White's diary and transcript of White's diary entries

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2 folders

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Earle D. Bragdon, 5 February 1977

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Photocopy and typed transcript

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