Leslie A. Weaver Photographs and Other Material
P29, OP4, OPQ1, OPR2
1937-2005, undated
5 ms boxes, 2 flat boxes, 3 oversized folders

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Processed by: Ruth Light, February 2007

Biographical Note:

Leslie A. Weaver was born in Lebanon, Indiana, November 19, 1920 to Noah Allen and Minnie Idonia Weaver.  He had two siblings, J. Harold Weaver and Louise Edwards (Weaver).  Weaver was a World War II veteran, and achieved the rank of Warrant Officer in the United States Air Force before his retirement in 1970.  He spent several years in Japan, from 1953 to 1955 and again in 1967 to 1968.  He was also stationed in the Philippines in 1968 and 1969.  Weaver married Isabel Gene Gentry and did not have any children.

Weaver attended Oklahoma State University and received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering in 1965.  He was a member of the Pi Tau Sigma Fraternity at Oklahoma State.  He was a licensed Professional Engineer in Indiana, and a member of both the Murat Temple and the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite.  Leslie A. Weaver passed away on July 29, 2002. 

Materials within collection.

Scope and Content Note:

This collection contains a variety of materials regarding Leslie A. Weaver’s life, particularly his military service.  It is arranged into three sections, photographs and slides, papers and records, and three-dimensional objects.  The largest part of the collection is photographs which range from military portraits to images of Iwo Jima in 1945 to time spent in Japan after World War II to family photographs.  These photographs are arranged chronologically. There are also over 1000 slides, arranged chronologically, which contain additional images from his military service and a larger variety of family images.  This collection also includes military records, membership cards and information for the various organizations to which Weaver belonged, and memorial books and items for both J. Harold and Leslie Weaver.  Finally, there are numerous pins and medals awarded to Weaver during his years of military service.

Box and Folder Listing:

Box 1.

1. World War II photographs, circa 1937-1944
2. World War II photographs, circa 1944-1945
3. World War II photographs, circa 1945-1947
4. General military and Japan photographs, 1940-1954
5. Japan photographs, circa 1953-1955
6. Japan photographs, circa 1953-1955
7. Japan photographs, circa 1953-1955
8. Japan photographs, circa 1953-1955
9. Japan, military, and graduation photographs, circa 1950-1965
10. Military, miscellaneous, and Japan photographs, circa 1955-1967
11. Japan photographs, 1967
12. Japan photographs, 1967-1968

Box 2.

1. Japan photographs, 1967-1968
2. Japan and Philippines photographs, 1967-1969
3. Philippines photographs, 1968-1969
4. Military and Philippines photographs, circa 1968-1969
5. Military and engineering-related photographs, circa 1969-1972
6. Family and engineering-related photographs, circa 1965-1975
7. Family and engineering-related photographs, 1979-1984
8. Family and engineering-related photographs, circa 1975-1990
9. Engineering-related photographs, circa 1980-1990
10. Engineering-related photographs, circa 1980-1990
11. Engineering-related and home photographs, circa 1980-1996
12. Portraits, 1996
13. Engineering-related photographs, circa 1990-2000

Box 3.

1. Home photographs, circa 1996-2002
2. Negatives, circa 1965-1970
3. Family slides, circa 1950-1961
4. Family slides, circa 1961-1975
5. Family slides, circa 1975-1996
6. Air Force slides, circa 1950-1980
7. Japan slides, 1953-1955
8. Japan slides, 1967-1968
9. Japan slides, 1967-1968
10. Japan slides, 1967-1968
11. Philippines slides, 1968-1969
12. Philippines slides, 1968-1969
13. Philippines slides, 1968-1969
14. Engineering-related slides, 1974

Box 4.

1. Personal records and identification, 1939-2002
2. Military records, 1944-1952
3. Military records, 1955
4. Military records, 1956-1964
5. Military records, 1965-2005
6. Military certificates and awards, 1942-2002
7. Oklahoma State University degree, 1965 May 23
8. Miscellaneous certificates and awards, 1943-2004
9. Miscellaneous papers and clippings, circa 1931-2005, undated
10. J. Harold Weaver memorial book, 2001

Box 5.

1. J. Harold Weaver memorial items, 2001
2. Leslie A. Weaver memorial book, 2002
3. Leslie A. Weaver memorial items, 2002

Box 6.

circa 1941-2004 Medals, pins, ribbons, and other military-related items

Box 7.

circa 1965-1970 Plaque for faithful service from Strategic Air Command, 416th Bombardment Wing

OP 4.

2003 Mar. 17 Portion of Air Force Times

OPQ 1.

1970 Dec. 1 Certificate of retirement from Air Force

OPR 2.

1952 Mar. to 1957 May 6 Statements of Personal History
1975 Aug. 1 Certification as Professional Engineer in the State of Indiana

Collection Information:

Size of Collection:

5 manuscript boxes, 2 flat boxes, 3 oversized folders (1988 items)

Collection Dates:

1937-2005, undated


Dale E. Armstrong, 30 May 2006

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