World War I Leisure Time Lantern Slides
circa 1918
1 mss. box

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Processed by: Susan King, January 2001

Scope and Content Note:

This collection consists of 72 Lantern Slides. The slides depict the efforts of various service organizations to entertain soldiers and sailors, both in America and overseas, during World War I. Organizations include the YMCA, Knights of Columbus, Jewish Welfare Board, American Library Association, and Salvation Army.

All but slide numbers 71 and 72 were produced by the Novelty Slide Company, 209 West 48i Street, New York, NY. These slides are marked with numbers that correspond to those in the listing below. Number 71 was produced by Perfection Slide Company, 79-83 Fifth Avenue, New York. The producer of number 72 is unknown.

Item Listing:

1.	Sailors watching a boxing match
2.	Sailors listening to a gramophone
3.	Servicemen getting drinks
4.	Supplies carried into YMCA shelter
5.	YMCA workers outside shelter
6.	YMCA worker wearing gas mask
7.	Soldiers passing YMCA shelter
8.	Soldiers in a hospital
9.	Soldiers gathered around YMCA trucks
10.	* Woman helping soldier for YMCA
11.	People in a lounge
12.	People around a fireplace
13.	Soldiers and women
14.	* Two women serving food to soldier
15.	Child in a bed
16.	* Soldiers and women enjoying tea
17.	Women preparing sandwiches
18.	Women at Bridgeport Industrial Girls War Service Camp
19.	Women on a lawn
20.	Women and children
21.	Soldiers in a library
22.	Soldiers in a library
23.	Soldiers at the Knights of Columbus building
24.	Three Knights of Columbus workers(?)
25.	* Eating in the field
26.	Soldiers and trucks
27.	Two soldiers with Knights of Columbus truck
28.	* Three Knights of Columbus workers(?)
29.	Gathering of Allied servicemen
30.	Military band
31.	People outside a building
32.	Jewish recreation center
33.	Sing along
34.	* Boating with Jewish Welfare Board
35.	People at an outdoor gathering
36.	Concert at Jewish center
37.	* Soldiers at the J.B.W.W. Jewish center
38.	Soldiers at a banquet
39.	Patchogue branch of the Jewish Welfare Board
40.	Soldiers at a religious service
41.	War Camp Community Service Center
42.	War Camp Community Service Center taxi service
43.	* Servicemen relaxing
44.	Servicemen relaxing
45.	Soldiers reading
46.	Two sailors reading
47.	* Servicemen at a War Camp Community Service Center
48.	Army buglers
49.	Woman entertaining servicemen
50.	Sailors and women at a party
51.	* Exterior of ALA('?) Camp Library
52.	Soldiers at Camp Library
53.	Soldiers at Camp Library
54.	Soldiers at a bookmobile
55.	Soldiers reading in library
56.	Soldiers reading in tent library
57.	Men moving bags of books(?)
58.	* Wounded soldiers reading
59.	Women delivering books to wounded in hospital
60.	Man among piles of books
61.	Portrait of unknown soldier
62.	Helmeted female Salvation Army worker with gas mask
63.	Soldiers outside a Salvation Army hut
64.	* Woman serving coffee to soldiers in a hut
65.	 Woman with baked pies
66.	 Soldiers eating pies		
67.           War Service truck
68.	 Women mending uniforms
69.	 Woman rolling out pie dough
70.	 * Helmeted woman holding tub of donuts

71. ALA ad for books, includes illustration of a soldier reading to a blinded soldier "Wanted 500,000 books
       for  American soldiers in Germany and France. Take fresh fiction to the public library for shipment
       overseas in the tonnage of the American Library Association"

72.  Ruins of Arras Town Hall (labeled F9)

Collection Information:

Size of Collection:

1 manuscript box (72 slides)

Collection Dates:

circa 1918



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