Hermann and Lotte Termeer Collection
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Processed by: Jennifer Duplaga, December 2004


Biographical Note:

Hermann Termeer was born in Germany on September 5, 1911. His future wife, Lotte, was born in Hattingen an der Ruhr on May 27, 1922. As a child, Lotte was a member of the Bund Deutscher Mädchen, the female counterpart of the Hitler Youth. Both Hermann and Lotte worked for the German Sinclair Petroleum Group until its closure in 1935. Hermann served with the German army until an injury resulted in the amputation of a foot.

Scope and Content Note:

This collection contains materials regarding Hermann and Lotte Termeer. Included in this collection is timeline of personal data about Hermann Termeer, a letter and postcard to Klara Riesterer of the Lebensmittelamt from Erich Riesterer, a service award won by Hermann Termeer from the Sinclair Corp. There are also several photographs, including several portraits of the Termeers, the workers of the German Sinclair Group, and 1 photograph of soldiers in the field.

This collection also contains materials related to the Second World War, including newspaper articles about the “Jewish problem”, the murder at the German embassy in Paris, and the Polish government. There are also copies of Hermann Termeer’s Iron Cross certificate and his certificate for war wounds. There are several political advertisements (copies) for both Hindenburg and Hitler, a personal account by Hermann Termeer about his life during the war years, an eyewitness account of the occupation of Hattingen, and two hand drawn maps of the German march into Paris and of battle fought.

Folder Listing:
Folder 1.
1911-1944	Listing of personal data about Hermann Termeer, with dog tag 
26 July 1916	ASN to Klara Riesterer from Erich with a postcard of [Erich Riesterer] at the Lebensmittelamt
30 June 1935	5 years of service award from Sinclair Corp. (copy)
19 Aug. 1935	Congratulatory letter from the president of the Consolidated Corporation (copy)
30 Sept. 1938	Newspaper clipping (copy) “Die Münchener Entscheidung” [Munich’s decision]
7 Oct. 1938	Newspaper clipping (copy) “Schluβ mit den Moralpredigten” [Stop with the moral sermons]
7-8 Oct. 1938	Newspaper clipping (copy) “Einmarsch in die restlichen Gebiete” [Invasion into the remaining areas]
10 Oct. [1938]	Newspaper clipping (copy) “Gefesselt, geprügelt, getreten” [Tied up, beaten, stepped on]
8 Nov. 1938	Newspaper clipping (copy) “Revolverüberfall in der deutschen Botschaft in Paris” [Revolver holdup at the German embassy in Paris]
9 Nov. 1938	Newspaper clipping (copy) “Die strafe folgt auf dem Fuβe” [Punishment follows on foot]
11 Nov. 1938	Newspaper clipping (copy) “Die deutsche Regierung wird legal, aber hart antworten” [The German government becomes legal, but hard answers]
12 Nov. 1938	Newspaper clipping (copy) “Wiederherstellung des Straβenbildes” [Rehabilitation of the street scene]
13 Nov. 1938	Newspaper clipping (copy) “Die Judenfrage wird dem Volksempfinden entsprechend gelöst” [According to popular opinion, the Jewish question has been solved]
14 Nov. 1938	Newspaper clipping (copy) “Weitere Säubergung” [Further cleansing]
14 Nov. 1938	Newspaper clipping (copy) “Das kulturelle Leben der Juden” [The cultural life of the Jews]
15 Nov. 1938	Newspaper clipping (copy) “Gegen jede jüdische Einwanderung” [Against any Jewish immigration]
17 Nov. 1938	Newspaper clipping (copy) “Die polnische Regierung drängt auf Juden auswanderung” [Polish government presses for Jewish emigration]
18 Nov. 1938	Newspaper clipping (copy) “Welt-Verträge zwischen England und…” [World pact between England and…]
20 Nov. 1938	Newspaper clipping (copy) “Keiner will sie haben” [No one wants them]
29 July 1941	Certificate for receiving an Iron Cross, 2nd class (copy)
29 July 1941	Certificate for war wounds (copy)
Folder 2.
1945	Eyewitness account of capture and occupation of Hattingen am Ruhr
n.d.	Political advertisement for the re-election of Hindenburg
n.d.	Political advertisement for the election of Adolph Hitler
n.d.	Political advertisement for the election of Adolph Hitler
n.d.	Hand drawn map of the German march into Paris
n.d.	Hand drawn map of battles
n.d.	Personal account of experiences during war years (incomplete) by Hermann Termeer
n.d.	Photograph, Hermann Termeer in his uniform
n.d.	Lotte Termeer at age 17 in her Bund Deutscher Mädchen uniform
n.d.	Hermann Termeer with other soldiers
n.d.	Hermann Termeer and other soldiers on the battlefield
n.d.	Engagement party for Hermann Termeer and Lotte.
n.d.	Postcard featuring workers of the German branch of the Sinclair Petroleum GmbH
n.d.	Color photograph of Lotte Termeer
n.d.	Color photograph of Hermann Termeer

Collection Information:

Size of Collection: 2 folders
Collection Dates: 1911-1945
Provenance: Hermann and Lotte Termeer, 6 July 1981
Restrictions: This collection may only be viewed with the prior permission of Bertholdt Riesterer, Hermann Termeer and Lotte Termeer.
Reproduction Rights: Permission to reproduce, exhibit, or publish material in this collection must be obtained from the Manuscript Section, Indiana State Library.
Alternate formats: None
Related Holdings: Hermann and Lotte Termeer Oral History
Notes: None

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