Hermann and Lotte Termeer Oral History
8 cassette tapes, 1 transcript

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Processed by: Jennifer Duplaga, December 2004


Biographical Note:

Hermann Termeer was born in Germany on September 5, 1911. His future wife, Lotte, was born in Hattingen an der Ruhr on May 27, 1922. As a child, Lotte was a member of the Bund Deutscher Mädchen, the female counterpart of the Hitler Youth. Both Hermann and Lotte worked for the German Sinclair Petroleum Group until its closure in 1935. Hermann served with the German army until an injury resulted in the amputation of a foot.

Scope and Content Note:

This collection contains the materials collected by Berthold Riesterer during his oral history interview with Hermann and Lotte Termeer in May 1980 on the German island of Borkum. Included in this collection are the 8 tapes of the interview, and a transcript of their conversations. All items in this collection are in German.

This interview covers various topics about life in Germany during World War II. Topics include: Crystal night, the Jews, the rise of Hitler, life on the home front, the murder at the German embassy in Paris, the army, etc.

Item Listing:
1933-1945	Transcript
1933-1935	Tape 1
1936	                Tape 2
1938	                Tape 3
1939-1940	Tape 4
1940-1941	Tape 5
1941-1943	Tape 6
1943-1944	Tape 7
1945	                Tape 8

Collection Information:

Size of Collection: 8 cassette tapes, 1 transcript
Collection Dates: 1933-1945
Provenance: Hermann and Lotte Termeer, 6 July 1981
Restrictions: This collection may only be viewed with the prior permission of Berthold Riesterer, Hermann Termeer and Lotte Termeer.
Reproduction Rights: Permission to reproduce, exhibit, or publish material in this collection must be obtained from the Manuscript Section, Indiana State Library.
Alternate formats: None
Related Holdings: S3272, Hermann and Lotte Termeer Papers
Notes: None

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