Montgomery County Teacher's Examination Record Book
1 volume

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Processed by: Elizabeth M. Wilkinson, 2003

Organizational Note:

Examinations for teachers in Indiana had occurred since 1824 but there were no statewide standards. The first step to uniformity in teacher examinations in Indiana took place in 1865 with the specifications of what applicants should be tested on and the lengths of licenses were fixed. There were four grades of licenses issued, six, twelve, eighteen, and twenty-four months up until 1883 when the eighteen month license was dropped and the six month license was changed to a trial license. Testing and licensing of teachers was performed in each county and directed by the County Superintendent.

Scope and Content Note:

The collection consists of one volume dating from 1894 through 1907 and details the examination results for individuals taking the teacher examination in Montgomery County, Indiana. The record book lists the individuals name, post office address, age (in most cases), length of their last license, number of months they have taught, number of days attendance at County Institute, number of educational journals taken, their test scores, length of new license to be issued or whether they failed the examination.

Item Listing:

One bound volume of teacher's examination results.

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