Rev. Oscar C. McCulloch papers
L363, OB6 folder 16, OBC90, OBF3
6 mss. boxes, 3 os. folders

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Processed by: Jill Costill, September 1997
Reprocessed by: Elizabeth M. Wilkinson, April 2007

Biographical Note:

Oscar Carleton McCulloch was born July 2, 1843 in Fremont, Ohio to C. G. and Hattie McCulloch. McCulloch was educated in Portage, Wisconsin, and at Eastman Business College in New York. He worked as a government clerk in Springfield, Illinois and as a salesman in Chicago before entering the Chicago Theological Seminary in 1867. He became the minister of the First Congregational Church in Sheboygan, Wisconsin in 1870. Around this time McCulloch married a woman named Alice and they subsequently had five children: Carleton, David, Agnes, Margaret, and Ruth.

McCulloch came to Indianapolis in 1877 and headed up the Plymouth Church. He moved the congregation toward a social gospel mission. He would often visit the poor in their homes or institutions, which led him to begin a study of the genetic and environmental factors affecting poverty. In particular, he studied what he called “the Tribe of Ishmael” and published a pamphlet on the subject in 1888.

He played a critical role in the evolution of charity in Indianapolis, moving to a more pro-active organized state from its earlier informal iteration. He assisted in the coordination of the Indianapolis Benevolent Society (IBS) and other local charitable organizations, which led to the creation of the Charity Organization Society (COS). McCulloch was president of the COS from 1882 until his death as well as the president of the IBS. McCulloch was also actively involved with the Board of State Charities and the Flower Mission Society. He became president of the National Council of Charities and Correction in 1891. Oscar C. McCulloch passed away on December 10, 1891.

Forbes, J. Thomas. “Oscar Carleton McCulloch.” Encyclopedia of Indianapolis. Indianapolis: IU Press, 1994.

Scope and Content Note:

This collection includes McCulloch’s diaries, clippings, papers, letters, and many materials for the Plymouth Church and McCulloch Club. The bulk of the collection consists of McCulloch’s diaries (1877-1891). The collection is grouped into letters, papers and clippings, diaries, memorial scrapbooks, and McCulloch club materials. All groups are arranged chronologically.

Item Listing:

Box 1, Folder 1Letters, 1877-1885

1877 May 17	Willard, C.A. to McCulloch, ALS, 2 p.
1879 Jan. 13	Anderson, Melville B. to McCulloch, ALS
1879 Nov. 14	Hoyt, Sheretta to McCulloch, ALS
1879 Dec. 24	McCulloch, Oscar and Alice to “Dear Friends,” ANS
1881 Feb. 20	Father [McCulloch, C. G.] to Dear Oscar, ALS
1881 Feb. 27	Father [McCulloch, C. G.] to Dear Oscar, ALS, 2 p.
1881 Mar. 9	Loring, Rev. L. to McCulloch
1881 Mar. 25	Father [McCulloch, C. G.] to McCulloch, ALS
1881 Dec. 1	Breed, William J. to McCulloch, ALS, 4 p.
1882 Dec. 28	Sinclair, R.S. to McCulloch, ALS
1882 May 8	Walker, H.H. to McCulloch, ALS
1882 June 22	Thayer, Fred A. to McCulloch, ALS
1882 Oct. 17	Father [McCulloch, C. G.] to McCulloch, ALS, 3 p.
1883 Jan. 17	Carson, Sumner to McCulloch, ANS
1883 Mar. 15	Salmon, C. P. to McCulloch, ALS, 2 p.
1884 Jan. 22	Cleole, George to McCulloch, ALS
1884 Jan. 25	Pantzer, H.D. to McCulloch, ALS
1884 Feb. 7	Eddy, N. A. to McCulloch, ALS
1884 Feb. 11	Leppoldt, A. H. to McCulloch, ALS
1884 Apr. 8	Elam, Emma L. to McCulloch, ALS
1884 Apr. 13	Father [McCulloch, C. G.] to McCulloch, ALS
1884 Aug. 17	Clarke, William Horatio to McCulloch, TLS
1847 Aug. 20	McCulloch, Oscar C., memorandum (will), ADS
1884 Aug. 24	Clarke, William Horatio to McCulloch, TLS
1884 Sept. 5	Father [McCulloch, C. G.] to McCulloch, ALS
1884 Sept. 27	Father [McCulloch, C. G.] to McCulloch, ALS, 3p.
1884 Oct. 8	Father [McCulloch, C. G.] to McCulloch, ALS, 3 p.
1884 Oct. 12	Father [McCulloch, C. G.] to McCulloch, ALS, 3p.
1884 Nov. 1	Father [McCulloch, C. G.] to McCulloch, ALS
1885 Jan. 19	Eddy, A.H. to McCulloch, ALS
1885 Jan. 23	Father [McCulloch, C. G.] to McCulloch, ALS, 2p.
1885? Apr. 8	Eddy, A.H. to McCulloch, ALS
1885 May 26	Father [McCulloch, C. G.] to McCulloch, ALS, 2p.
1885 July 11	Wandby,  W.S. to McCulloch, ANS
1885 July 18	Hibker, Harold B. to Rev. O.C. McCullough [sic], ANS
1885 July 22	McKechnie, J. to McCulloch, ALS
1885 Aug. 11	Mill, J. Harrison to McCulloch, ALS, 2p.
1885 Aug. 31	Hale, Edward E. to McCulloch, ALS
1885 Sept. 22	Tomas to McCulloch, ALS
1885 Oct. 6	Mayer, Mrs. M. to McCulloch, ANS
1885 Oct. 7	Taylor, Anna to McCulloch, ALS
1885 Oct. 9	Father [McCulloch, C. G.] to McCulloch, ALS, 3p.
1885 Dec. 24	Hartman, C.E. to McCulloch, ALS

Box 1, Folder 2Letters, 1886-1924

1886 Mar. 23	Rappaport. Phil to McCulloch, ALS, 4 p.
1886 Mar. 24	[McCulloch, C. G.] to McCulloch, ALS, 3p.
1886 Apr. 11	Father [McCulloch, C. G.] to McCulloch, ALS
1886 Apt. 13	Chearlton, T. J. to McCulloch, ALS
1887 Mar. 19	Stone, D.E. to McCulloch, ANS
1887 Mar. 28	Moler, Emma Dora to McCulloch, ALS, 6p.
1888 Mar. 31	Charles S. Lewis to McCulloch, ALS, 3p.
1888 May 7	Friends to McCulloch, ANS
1888 May 8	Moler, Emma D. to Mr. + Mrs. McCulloch, ANS
1888 Dec. 24	Dye, Charity to My Dear Friends, ANS
1890 Apr. 6	The Big Elm to Friends, ALS, 4p.
1891 Apr. 5	Hufford, Lois G. to McCulloch, ALS, 3p.
1891 June 24	[McCulloch], Oscar to Dr. Runnels, ALS, copy
1891 July 4	McCulloch, Oscar to Scott, ALS
1891 Oct. 26	McCulloch, Oscar to Dear Friend, ALS
1910 June	Bowman, P. W. to HMS, ANS
1910 June 27	[Enclosure] Eliza A. Blaker to P.W. Bowman
1910 Oct. 5	Blaker, Eliza A. to P.W. Bowman, TNS
1910 Nov. 9	Nicholson, ? to The McCulloch Club, ANS
1912 Feb. 5	Stackhouse, H. M. to Friends, ANS
1914 May 7	Parker, Mrs. Kate F. to Dr. Carleton B. McCulloch, TLS
1914 May 11	Parker, Kate F. to Mrs. Runnels
1918 Aug. 7	Butler, Amos W. to Agnes McCulloch Hanna, TLS
1918 Aug. 7	Amos W. Butler to Miss Margaret McCulloch, TLS
1919 Feb. 27	Fitt, Rev. Frank to Mrs. Runnels, TNS
1924 Mar. 15	McCulloch, Dr. Carleton B. to Mrs. O. S. Runnels (Mother), TNS

Box and Folder Listing:

Box 1Papers and Clippings, 1868-1916

3. Papers and clippings, 1868, 1875-1878
4. Clippings and papers, 1879
5. Clippings and papers, 1880
6. Clippings and papers, 1881-1883
7. Clippings and papers, 1884
8. Clippings and papers, 1885
9. Papers and clippings, 1886
10. Papers and clippings, 1887
11. Papers and clippings, 1888
12. Papers, clippings, and ribbon, 1889, 1880s
13. Papers and clipping, 1890
14. Papers and clippings, 1891
15. Memorials, 1891
16. Clippings and papers, 1892
17. Clippings and papers, 1911-1916
18. Plymouth Church booklets, 1860, 1890-1891

Box 2Diaries, 1877-1880

1. Diary, 1877
2. Diary, 1878
3. Diary, 1879
4. Diary, 1880

Box 3Diaries, 1881-1884

Diary and scrapbook, 1881-1883

1. Diary and scrapbook, 1883
2. Part of 1883 diary
3. Diary and scrapbook, 1884

Box 4Diaries, 1885-1887

1. Diary and scrapbook, 1885
2. Diary, 1886
3. Diary, 1887

Box 5Diaries, 1888-1890

1. Diary, 1888
2. Diary, 1889
3. Diary, 1890

Box 6Diary, memorials, and minutes,1891-1914

1. Diary, 1891
2. McCulloch memorial scrapbook, 1891
3. McCulloch memorial scrapbook, 1891-1909
4. McCulloch Club, 1896
5. McCulloch Club minutes, 1909-1914

OB6, folder 16.

1885 May 5 Appointment of Rev. Oscar C. McCulloch as delegate to National Conference of Charities and Correction, ADS, 1 p.
1889 Feb. 28 Clipping from the Christian Register.
1889 Aug. 8 Clipping from the Christian Register, p. 513-514
1889 Dec. 19 "The New Born Christ," news clipping.
circa 1889 Clipping from the Christian Register, p. 327-328
circa 1889 Clipping from the Christian Register, p. 493-494

OBC 90.

1890 Clipping discussing Oscar C. McCulloch and his work, 1p.
circa 1890s "Plymouth Church," broadside

OBF 3.

1888 The Tribe of Ishmael diagram.

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