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Revised: June 2003

Biographical Note:

John Johnson owned a brick making company in Castleton, Indiana. He served as secretary of the Keystone Lodge of the Free and Accepted Order of Masons from the 1870s to 1890s. He died in 1905.

Scope and Content Note:

The collection consists of records from 1853-1933, though the bulk of the materials cover 1880-1900. The first two folders consist mainly of papers related to the Keystone Lodge and contain minutes, reports, and financial documents. These two folders also contain some Johnson family papers as well, including receipts, estate papers, and family correspondence. The third folder contains mostly Albert Johnson, son of John Johnson, family correspondence and papers. The final folder consists principally of miscellaneous Masonic related papers, with a few undated family papers mixed in.

Folder and Item Listing:

Folder 1.  July 25, 1853 to Feb. 23, 1899
1853, July 25		Notice to builders and contractors.
                                                Proposals for four new schoolhouses in Lawrence Twp., Marion County 
                                                specifications about the work and the proposals.
1853                        Inventory of personal property.
1854, Jan.  31	Record of bills, receipts on notes.
1854, Feb. 12	Inventory and appraisal by Jonah F. Lernor and Ozo Bates.
		Inventory and appraisal of goods, etc. description of kind and
                                quality of goods of the personal estate of Robert Johnson— 
1854		Inventory sales.
1857, Aug. 15	Isaac N. Brown sold to Robert Johnson the Allisonville Mills  
1863, June 6	Hall of Keystone Lodge #237 Brother Frank King G.S. list of members of the
                                lodge by D.R. Leever; secretary on back, description of the Lodge Hall.
1866, Dec. 17	Hall of Keystone Lodge of F. and A. Mason #251 Lodge payment.
1870, Dec. 31	Secretary’s Report of money received by the lodge.
1871, Jan. 3	Receipt for a headstone bought by John Johnson from William H. Kendall for 
                                W.W. Wallace.
1871, Jan. 6	Inventory on Lodge books.
1874, Mar. 16	To John Johnson, esq. from F.W. Hamilton reviewers appointed.
1874, June 6	Bond of the Secretary John S. Morgan gave $200.
1874, June 6	P A Leever made Treasurer of the Lodge. Bond of the Treasurers. he and John
                                Liserrett gave $700 to the lodge.
1874 Sept. 10	To secretary of Keystone Lodge #251 F. & AM from J. Carroll Brent, Secretary 
                                of Washington contingent subscription of funds to finish the Washington Monument, 
                                an appeal for funds.
1875, June	Circular #2; J. Allen Mason and Company Foreign Postage and Revenue Stamps, Stamp 
                                albums etc. distributed among the Philatelic fraternity.
1875, Sept. 15	To Mr. Johnson from H. R. Story’s, recommend Wm. Collins as a teacher.
1877, Jan. 12	To uncle & brother from C. P. Melderum.
1877, May 8	Reduced fare rates to delegates to the Grand Lodge F. and A. Masons.  John M. Bramwell 
                                Grand Secretary.
1878, Feb.23	Stock certificate letter of John A. Bais by John Johnson, in Keystone Lodge #251 F 
                                and A Masons, and John H. Smith. Aug 18, 1883 receipt for dues on back of page.
1878, Feb 23	Stock Certificate letter of John A. Bais by John Johnson in the Keystone Lodge 
                                #251 F. & AM and John H. Smith 
1880, May 1	I.O.U. from John Johnson to the Thames Loan & Trust Company.
1880, May 24	Mortgage of John Johnson on real estate in Marion County, Indiana the Thames 
                                Loan & Trust Company of Norwich, Connecticut.
1880, Aug. 16        I.O.U. payable to James M. Llewellyn for $500 
1880, Nov. 20	Minutes of the Keystone Lodge #250 of Free and Accepted Mason list of Officers 
                                and members
1880	                Democratic ticket of Charleston County.
1881, Feb. 25	Receipt of payment to the Franklin Insurance Company on the Lodge Building.
1881	                Union Republican Ticket.
1881 		Credit on dues, statement of dues due October 22.
1882, May 1	John Johnson’s Release of Mortgage.
1882, Nov. 27	Note made good to the Lodge by Smith, Nesbit and Johnson.
1882, Dec.	Death Statement of John W. Hunter by the Lodge.
1883, Feb. 28	Royal Insurance Company policy – insures the Keystone Lodge #251 against fire.
1883, Mar. 21	Receipts of payment to Williams and Kistner by the Lodge.
1883, Mar. 24	Payments to N. Sigmund and Wm. H. Smith.
1883, Apr. 2	Check for payments of Grand Lodge dues in full.
1883, June 27	Receipt of payments to J A Nesbit by the Lodge.
1883, June 27	Receipt of payments to S Kleffer by the Lodge.
1883, July 21	Order of payment to L. M. Sigman. 
1883, July 23	Receipt of John H. Smith for dues.
1883, Sept. 1	Masonic Mutual Life Association Insurance for Masons   
1883, Oct. 3	The City vote for Mayor, Clerk, Treasurer and Assessor.
1883		Lodge orders drawn on Treasurer by the Secretary.
1883		Bills credited to dues, petitions for 1883.
1883	               1881-1883 petitions and collection of dues totals, list of those     
                                who paid in 1883.
1884		Grand Lodge of Indiana – Report booklet
1884, Jan. 12	Secretary’s Report
1884, Jan. 12 [encl] Charge of unmasonic conduct against Walter Vance
1884, Jan. 12         Treasurer report
1884, Feb. 16	Inventory of the personal estate of George G. Johnson by John Johnson.
1884, Feb. 25	Account of the sale of personal property of Robert Johnson, Sr., by John Johnson.
1884, Feb. 25	Orders by the Lodge-paid in full.
1884, Feb. 27	Account of the sale of personal property of George G. Johnson.
1884, Nov. 20        Receipt for gloves and veiling
1884, Dec. 6	Minutes of a lodge meeting
1884	                Secretary’s Report.
1884		Expenditures of Keystone Lodge #251.
1884	   	Receipts of Keystone Lodge #251.
1884		83 and 84 dues.
1885, Mar. 14	Check for Grand Lodge dues by Grand Secretary.
1885, Aug. 1	Notations
1885, Sept. 23	By-Laws of Keystone Lodge #251 
1885, Dec. 1	Poet Laureate, Masonic Poems; Bob Morris – Poet Teacher of Masons.
1885, Dec. 9	Receipt from Hasselman – Journal Company
1885, Dec. 31	Secretary’s Report
1885		Paid on according to Records; Disbursements money paid in     
                                according to records totals.
1885 		Receipts & Disbursements made by. 
1886, Mar. 1	Recommendation for brother Jackson Lynne to be worthy for charity to the different lodges 
                                of the State of Indiana, a member of Laurel Lodge #447 F & A.
1886, Dec. 11	Minutes of Lodge meeting, Election of Officers.
1887, Feb. 12	Secretary’s receipt.
1887, Mar. 12	Lodge Order of payment.
1887, Mar. 19	Grand Lodge F. & A. Masons, Indiana receipt
1887, Apr. 12	A charge of immoral & unmasonic conduct against brother James F. Ellen while intoxicated 
                                he gave the signs, grips & password of the Master Mason in front of a non-mason.
1887, Apr.	Charge against Brother James F. Ellen
1887, Sept. 6	Check to Nancy C. Johnson, by John H. Smith, J. A. Nesbit & John Johnson.
1887, Oct. 1           Secretary’s receipt for Henry Magsain
1887, Dec. 31        Secretary’s receipt for Henry Magsain
1887, Dec. 31        Secretary’s receipt for Henry Magsain 
1888, Feb. 6	Recapitulation statement, 1887.
1888		State Elections (Party Showings).
1888		Prohibition Ticket for President, V.P. Election & State  
188?	                Inventory form sheet.
188?		Inventory and Appraisement of Personal Real estate.
188?		An account of sale of personal property.
Folder 2.  Feb. 20, 1890 to Nov. 25, 1919
1890, Dec. 12	Statement for 1890 by Masonic Mutual Life Association.
1890, Dec.20	The Masonic Temple Edition of The Graphic; Engraved picture of the Masonic Temple, 
1890, Dec. 31	Secretary’s Report for 1890.
1890                       Partial balance sheet from John J. Johnson & Co., Brick Makers
1890		The Graphic advertising for this popular Illustrated Weekly Design for Columbus 
                                Exposition on the Lake Front, Chicago; Chief Justice Melville W. Field, U S Supreme
                                Court order the form for the Masonic Temple Edition of the Graphic. 
1891, Jan. 14	Mortgage of Camden A. and Maud Johnson’s property to William H. English.
1891, Jan. 24	Brother Wm. H. Spahr Charged with unmasonic conduct.
1891, Feb. 7	Proceedings at the 69th annual meeting of the Grand Lodge. 
1891, Feb. 7	Recapitulation statement 1890.
1891, Feb. 28	Summons to a Lodge meeting.
1891, July 1 	Secretary Annual report of the amount of cash received.
1891, Aug. 15	Letter from William H. Robert, Secretary of Millersville lodge #126.
1891, Oct. 9	Letter from G. L. Zink, Secretary of Attica Lodge #337.
1891, Oct. 10	Letter from G. L. Zink, Secretary of Attica Lodge #337.
1891, Dec. 9	Postcard ad for Masonic Mutual Life Association to Millersville Lodge #126
1891, Dec. 10	Postcard ad for Mason Mutual Life Association to Keystone Lodge # 251.
1891, Dec. 31	Secretary’s report.
1892, Jan. 1	Amendment to Article 12 of the Bylaws.
1892, Jan. 16	Annual Statement of money-Treasure report.
1892. Feb. 1          Advertisement for model of Chicago Masonic Temple.
1892, Feb. 6          Flyer promoting the Masonic Temple Circular from Sec. J.W. Dinsdale
1892, Feb. 12	Letter from Masonic Temple Novelty Company of Chicago an ornamental novelty of 
                                the Masonic Temple.
1892, Feb. 8	Recapitulation statement 1891 signed by William H. Smythe.
1892, Feb. 10	Letter from R. S. Osburn, Secretary of Waynetown Lodge #302 about reducing expenses.
1892, Nov. 7	From brother Benjamin W. Heaton of the Cubbage & Forrey Company, Montana.
1892, Dec. 3	Minutes to the Lodge meeting, receipt of dues.
1892		From Keifer, Richardson & McCausland advertising their Keifer’s Minute Book for 
                                A. F. & A. M. Lodges.
1893, June 5	The ownership of 40 acres of land in the N. W. corner of section 36- in 17-4 E in 
                                Marion County Indiana since Jan. 14, 1891 abstract of title.
1894, Jan. 1 	Dues.
1894, Jan. 27	To D. M. Herrin payment for services as Secretary.
1894, Feb. 22	Recapitulation statement 1893.
1894, Feb. 24	Minutes to a Lodge meeting.
1894, July	Due.
1894, Aug. 17	To John Johnson from Wm Spahr Indianapolis Horse Exchange.
1894, Sept.15	Charges against brother Wm H. English non-payment of dues.
1894, Sept.15	Minutes to a Lodge Meeting
1894, Dec. 31	Total collected in 1894.
1894		Notes
1895, Jan. 1	List of dues owed.
1898, Feb. 2	To John Johnson from A.W.T. Lyle, MD. 
		Samuel T Beaver, Administrator of the Estate of Thomas Esker.
189?		Form for Lodge Minutes
189?		German American Insurance Co. of New York Stationery.
189?		Postcard subscription form to the “Graphic”
189? 		Check of the Capital National Bank, Indianapolis.
1905, Mar. 30	The heirs of John Johnson (deceased) agreement to the division of his estate.
190?		Check of the Indiana Trust Co., Indianapolis.
1910, May 18	Announcement of the birth of Charlotte Johnson to Mr. & Mrs. Hugh E Johnson 
                                announced to Messrs. Albert & Edwin Johnson.
1911, Dec. 31	The 13th Annual Report of the American Central Life Insurance Company for 1911
1913, Oct. 4	To Messrs. Edwin and Albert Johnson announce the birth of Alberta Johnson to Mr. & 
                                Mrs. Hugh E. Johnson.
1914, May 23	To Albert Johnson from Taylor & Mason – Real Estate, Exchange, Loan & Insurance 
                                calling card, about a property exchange.
1914, Oct. 15	Postcard to Albert Johnson from C.W. Parsley.  Postcard shows Emrichville Bridge, 
                                Indianapolis, Ind.
1914, Nov. 17	In Memories – Robert Johnson, the mourning of the Mason for R. Johnson a short 
                                biographical sketch of the man.
1914, Dec. 29	Invitation to the annual banquet, and installment of officers, Millersville Lodge #126 to 
                                Albert M. Johnson.	  
1914, Dec. 31	To Stockholders in the National Underwriting Co. from Everett Wagner, President.
1914, Aug. 16	To brother Albert from Hugh E. Johnson about insurance against fire; H. E. J. is moving 
                                to Winona Lake, Indiana to work in the College of Agriculture.
1915, Nov. 23	To Ed & Albert from Clara E. Hunter in San Diego Calif. 1915, Dec. 19	
                                Christmas greeting to Albert and Ed. from Corinne Johnson Swan.
1916, Nov. 9	Postcard to Albert, calendar of the Broad Ripple Lodge #643 F.& A. M.
1918, Mar. 27	Form 1040 A Individual Income Tax return for 1917 of Albert M. Johnson.
1918, Apr. 11	Application for Gold Bond of Albert M. Johnson.
1918, Dec. 16	To sister Mrs. J. E. Hunter from sister Theodosia about coming for the holidays
1919, Nov. 25	To Ira E. Johnson from Farmers Insurance Association 	 
191?		Fletcher Savings & Trust Co. of Indianapolis check?
191?		Invitation to Banquet and Installation of officers Millersville Lodge
191?		Indiana National Bank check.
191?		Merchants National Bank check.
Folder 3.  Dec.29, 1922 to Nov. 29, 1933
1922, Dec. 29	To Edd & Albert from niece Charlotte Johnson in saving her money for college.
1924, Apr. 25	Dog Tax receipt for a male scotch collie owned by Albert M. Johnson.
1925, Apr. 21	To Ed Hunter from Jansen about the killing of his dog by E. Hunter; a threat against his life; 
                                a business transaction about eggs.
1925, Dec. 3	Dedication and Consecration of the Masonic Temple, Millersville Lodge #126 program.
1925		To A.M. & I. E. Johnson from Ira Myles about their Florida trips miles from Indpls, to Miami.  
                                Jacksonville stopover, William J Bryant Sunday School for Tourists, Miami Beach signed 
                                his pledge not to use liquor, Seminole Indian Village, orange, grapefruit groves, coconut 
                                trees, banana tree, Biscayne Bay, flying machines with boat’s instead of wheels 
                                (amphibious planes), Carl Fisher’s addition, white sand, sand burrs, goat milk, price of land, 
                                stores, tourist trade, garages, liquor consumption, St. John’s river Bridge (Toll in Jacksonville. 
                                Look out mountain – rocks, battle-scarred trees).
1927, June 6	To Albert Johnson from Wm H Swintz the dates of the degrees received from the lodge and 
                                also John D. Stanmier’s
1928, Jan. 6	Receipt for dues to the Order of the Eastern Star by Albert Johnson to Secretary Ethel M. 
1928, Jan. 6	Renewal for safety deposit box for Albert Johnson.
1928, Feb. 4	To A.M. & I.E. Johnson from Ira Myles trips to Chattanooga, Tenn. the highest bridge in 
                                the U.S. spans the Ky. River, Tenn. River Valley Ford Hotel, Longest left bridge in U S spans 
                                the Tenn. River. The “General” old wood burning locomotive (1858), Civil War record of the 
                                engine, Battle Fields & Civil War Guns. Ft. Oglethorpe, Look - out mountain 
                                (the women threw up).
1928, June 14	Uncle Albert from Charlotte Johnson, begins at Business College drew a picture of Uncle
                                Albert feeing pigs.
1928, Oct. 1	To Ed Johnson from Watkins dealer Samuel Kassen (postcard).
1928, Nov. 29	To A. M. Johnson from Calvin W. Prather Lodge #717 – Harry
		Grover, Sec. calendar for December 1928, committee & officers 
1928, Dec. 14	Albert M. Johnson membership card for 1929 of the Prather Council # 100 R. & SB
1928, Dec. 15	Receipt from Ethel M Roberts, Sec. of Order of Eastern Star (Millersville).
		to A. M. for dues paid.
1928 		Lawrence Township Republic Ticket
1928		For Gold Bonds of 1928
1929, Feb. 7	From Farmers Mutual Insurance Co. to AMJ 8th Annual Report for 1928
1929, Apr. 4	From Sedwick Commission Co. to PMJ. (Livestock Commission Salesmen), sale sheet 
                                for livestock.	
1929, Oct. 16	To AMJ from S E Fish about electric lights & an electric motor for pumping water
1929, Oct. 29	Sale sheet for AMJ from Sedwick Community Co.
1929,		To A M Johnson from The Richman Brother Co. Sales pitch for Richman Brother Co. 
                                spring & summer advertising.
1930, Mar. 5	To AMJ from J N Gullefer Sec. of Farmers Mutual Insurance Co. 
		Duplicate insurance policy against fire I lightning.
1930, May 25	Receipt for .038 to Albert M Johnson from J N Gullefer, Sec.
1930, July 29	Receipt for $10.00 for 2 months electric service to A M Johnson from S.E. Fish, monthly 
                                statements of receipts of payments for electric service.
1932, Oct. 31	Receipt for dues to Eastern Star, Millersville Chapter # 300 paid by Albert Johnson to 
                                Ethel M Roberts, Sec.
1933, Apr. 23	To A M Johnson in Methodist Hospital, Indpls. From Becky (his niece) eye trouble.
1933, Nov. 29	To A M J. from Charles King about furniture.
Folder 4.  Miscellaneous undated papers
undated                  Keifer, Richolson & McCausland, publishers, Howard, Kansas.
undated		Memorandum of Taxes & Improvements; John Johnson.
undated		Birth & Death dates of John & Nancy Johnson, Richard Johnson.
undated		Proceedings for non-payment of dues notice keystone Lodge #257 F & A Mason. 
undated		Inventory of John Johnson property.
undated		Cyrus Ellingwood’s grocery list an inventory of property.
undated		Numbers & figures
undated		Article XII on Lodge dues (J. A. Nesbit )
undated		Part of the Minutes from a Lodge meeting, conduct charge on Wm H Spahn, John Johnson, 
undated		Carding card for Wm H Connett, Republican for the Legislation from Marion Co.
undated		Election votes for Lodge officers 12-20-? Cancelling his order for the American agriculture 
undated		Drawing showing roads & personal property near Castleton, Ind.	
undated		A letter & envelope
undated		Dues received list
undated		Masonic Temple Novelty Co., Manufacturers of Artistic Metal Novelties, Chicago.
undated		Amount of money received when inventory was taken
undated		Petition of Mr. Perry L Johnson for initiation into the Lodge 5 on the petition paid by Bro 
                                J. H Smith for 1st Degree.
undated		The Mystic Order of the Golden Fleece - advertisement for this play for Secret Society to 
                                 raise money. A Burlesque time limit, production, cash.  The Pettibone Bros. M F Co.
undated		Recommendation for Lodge membership C B Wadsworth.
undated		In the Knight Errant lodge paper the - Pettibone Co. again on top about their problems.
undated		A sworn oath of the lodge to not reveal secret signs, passwords or quips & aid all loyal
                                Democrats, and oppose the war of abolition.
undated		Bills allowed; money receipts for the lodge 
undated		Receipts as dues cash.
undated		Charge of unmasonic conduct against James F. Ellis 4-12-1887
undated		The form letter upon the death of a brother Mason.
undated		The land & property around Castleton.
undated		Principal and Interest of the account of Robert Johnson
undated		Appraisal of a real estate in Marion County by Oliver P Korpter & Joseph L Fisher.
undated		To Sec. of Keystone Lodge from American Publishing Co.
undated		“History of Free Masonry” by J.W.S. Mitchell, M.D.; membership of the Craft.
undated		Minutes to a Lodge Meeting
undated		Extracts from list #36 of supplies for Masonic Blue Lodge - Jewelry, etc.
undated		Customers List. Progress Laundry Co.
undated		Masonic Furniture - The M.C. Lilley & Co., Columbus, Ohio.
undated		Reduction of dues from $3.00 to $200
undated		A graphic picture of a person alone at night in the woods
undated		John W. Negley – candidate for Trustee Republican - platform
undated		Inventory sale of personal property.
undated		Real Estate belonging to Richard Johnson, deceased parcel #2 pages 8 and 9 
                                deeded to him 2/26/1858.
undated		The Laureate Edition - Brother Rob Morris poems.
		A list of the works in the book 
undated		400 page book of Masonic codes & poems.
undated		Petition for a Dispensation to form a new chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star.
undated		Right of Way grant – the New Long Distance Telephone Co. granting permission to 
                                each telephone poles & lines on the property of Albert M Johnson. 
undated		List of the roll of the Workmen
undated		$4 a year dues.
undated		Check – National City Bank
undated		Envelope from Sheriff Marion Co.
undated		Proceedings for non-payment of dues.   Keystone Lodge #257, F & A Masons.

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