Civil War Lantern Slides
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Processed by: Marcia Caudell, 1999

Scope and Content Note:

This collection includes 106 Lantern Slides of Civil War history. The collection begins with a photograph of President Abraham Lincoln's inauguration on March 4, 1861. The second slide is a color map of the United States showing free and slave states, and marking seceded states. There are 12 slides about the bombardment of Fort Sumter by the Confederates. 27 slides are of the battle of Shiloh on April 6 and 7, 1862. These include maps showing the positions of both armies during the two-day siege. There are single slides of various Civil War battles and events, including the Grand Review of Union Troops at the close of the war. The collection includes 55 portraits of prominent Union and Confederate military officers, as well as politicians of the time.

Item Listing:

1. President Lincoln's inauguration
2. Map of the US, 1861 - color slide
3. Map of Charleston Harbor
4. Sea Battery of Ft Moultrie, from a photograph taken before the war
5. Major Anderson's men crossing in boats to Ft. Sumter, from a war-time sketch
6. Ft. Sumter Garrison, watching the firing of the "Sea of the West" steamer
7. Map of Charleston Harbor, April 1861
8. Ft. Sumter before the first bombardment, from "Harper's Weekly" March 23, 1861
9. Confederate floating battery in action at the west end of Sullivan's Island
10. Confederate mortar battery on Morris Island, from a photograph
11. Secretary of the Treasury, John A. Dix's order: "If any one attempts to haul down the American
                flag, shoot him on the spot".
12. Bombardment of Ft. Sumter, 1861, from a painting
13. The bombardment of Ft. Sumter, from "Harper's Weekly" April 27, 1861
14. Photograph of Barbette guns - effects of raking from Ft. Moultrie and the ruins of casements near
                the sally port and the flag-staff
15. The New York Seventh, marching down Broadway, April 19, 1861
16. Battle of Bull Run, 1861, from a painting
17. Map of Kentucky and Tennessee showing positions of both armies in the morning, February 6, 1862
18. Map of Ft. Donelson, February 13-16, 1862
19. An encounter of close range on a river.
20. Map of the region of flotilla operation - Shiloh
21. Map of Kentucky and Tennessee
22. Map of the field of Shiloh, showing positions of both armies at about six AM, April 6, 1862
23. Crump's landing, from a photograph taken in 1884
24. Confederate charge on Prentiss's camp
25. Map of Shiloh, showing positions of both armies in the morning April 6, 1862
26. Wallace, W. H. L., Brigadier General
27. The "Hornets' Nest" Shiloh, showing W. H. L. Wallace's line
28. Soldiers in the "Hornets' Nest", Shiloh
29. Gibson's brigade charging at the "Hornets' Nest", Shiloh
30. Troops at the "Hornets' Nest", Shiloh
31. Bridge over Snake Creek, from a photograph taken in 1884
32. Federal troops checking Confederate advance on the evening of the first day at Shiloh
33. Bivouac of federal troops at Shiloh on Sunday night
34. Buell's federal troops debarking at Pittsburg Landing, Shiloh
35. Map of Shiloh, showing positions of both armies in the evening April 6,1862
36. Battle of Shiloh, from a painting
37. Wounded on the way to the landing and an ammunitions wagon going tothe front
38. Map of Shiloh, showing positions of both armies in the morning April 7,1862
39. Scene in a Union field hospital
40. Pittsburg Landing, from a photograph taken a few days after the Battle of Shiloh
41. Pittsburg Landing viewed from a ferry landing, from a photograph taken in 1885
42. The landing at Savannah, nine miles north of Pittsburg Landing
43. Two scenes of Shiloh, the new Shiloh Church and Shiloh Spring
44. Capture of New Orleans
45. Battle of Malvern Hill
46. Map of Kentucky and Tennessee, showing positions of both armies, September 5, 1862
47. Battle of Fredericksburg
48. Battle of Murfreesboro - capture of rebel flag
49. Battle of the Wilderness, 1864
50. A "Louisiana Pelican", soldier
51. Raising the Stars and Stripes at Ft. Sumter in 1865
52. The Grand Review of Union Troops at the close of the war - cracked
53. Adams, Charles Francis, US Minister to England, 1861-1868
54. Anderson, Robert, Major in command of Ft. Sumter during Confederate attack
55. Andrew, John A., Governor of Massachusetts and an organizer of the first Colored Regiment
56. Ashmun, George of Massachusetts
57. Bates, Edward, US Attorney General
58. Beauregard, P. G. T., Brigadier General, Confederate Army
59. Bee, Bernard E., Brigadier General, Confederate Army
60. Bell, John, President of the Constitutional Union Party
61. Benjamin, Judah P., Attorney General, Secretary of War, and Secretary of State for the Confederacy
62. Black, Jeremiah S., US Attorney General and Secretary of State
63. Blair, Francis P. Jr., US Major General
64. Blair, Montgomery, US Postmaster General
65. Breckenridge, John C., Major General and Secretary of State for the Confederacy
66. Brown, John, abolitionist
67. Buchanan, James, 15th President of the United States
68. Cameron, Simon, US Secretary of War
69. Salmon P. Chase, US Secretary of State, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
70. Cobb, Howell, US Secretary of Treasury under President Buchanan, and Major General,
                Confederate Army
71. Crawford, Martin J., Confederate Commissioner
72. Curtis, George William, editor of "Harper's Weekly"
73. Davis, Jefferson, President of the Confederate States of America
74. Dix, John A., US Major General
75. Douglas, Stephen A., US Senator
76. Everett, Edward, US Senator, Governor of Massachusetts, spoke at Gettysburg
77. Forsyth, John, Confederate Commissioner
78. Grant, Ulysses S., US General and 18 President of the United States
79. Grant, Ulysses S., US General and 18 President of the United States
80. Griffin, Charles, US Major General
81. Hamlin, Hannibal, US Vice President under Lincoln
82. Holt, Joseph, US Secretary of War
83. Jackson, Thomas J. "Stonewall", Lieutenant General, Confederate Army
84. Jackson, Thomas J. "Stonewall", Lieutenant General, Confederate Army, pen sketch, near Ball's
                Bluff, 1861
85. Johnson, Andrew, 17th President of the United States
86. Johnson, Herschel V., Candidate for Vice President under Stephen Douglas, Confederate Senator
87. Lane, Joseph, Candidate for Vice President of the United States, 1860
88. Lincoln, Abraham, 16th President of the United States
89. Longstreet, James, General, Confederate Army
90. Mason, James M., Confederate Diplomat
91. McClellan, George B., US Major General
92. McDowell, Irvin, US Major General
93. Memminger, Christopher G., Confederate Secretary of the Treasury
94. Pickens, Francis W., Governor of South Carolina, - ordered the firing on Ft. Sumter
95. Reagan, John H., Confederate Post Master General
96. Rhett, Robert Barnwell, Chairman of the Confederate Committee of Foreign Affairs, called
                the "Father of Secession"
97. Ricketts, James B., US Major General
98. Roman, Andre' B., Confederate Commissioner
99. Scott, Winfield, US Lieutenant General
100. Seward, William, US Secretary of State
101. Slidell, John, Confederate Diplomat
102. Stanton, Edwin M., US Secretary of War, 1862-1868
103. Toombs, Robert A., Confederate Secretary of State, Brigadier General
104. Welles, Gideon, US Secretary of Navy
105. Wise, Henry A., Brigadier General, Confederate Army
106. Yancy, William L., Confederate Commissioner to England and France

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