C. L. Armstrong Letter
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Processed by: Jennifer Duplaga, March 2005

Biographical Note:

 No information is available about C.L. Armstrong

 Harrison H. Dodd was a member of the Order of American Knights, a group that was dedicated to sabotaging the Union’s efforts against the South.  In 1864, Dodd’s home was raided.  Soldiers found weapons and other incriminating evidence.  He was arrested and was later executed for his acts against the Union.  Dodd and the other conspirators were found guilty, but they decided to fight the conviction and took the matter to the Supreme Court.  In the case Ex parte Milligan, Supreme Court ruled in favor of Dodd and the other men, on the grounds that a United States citizen, with no background in the military, cannot be tried in a military court.

 Sources: Rehnquist, William.  Civil Liberty and the Civil War: The Indianapolis Treason Trials.  Indiana University Law School.  10 March 2005 <http://www.law.indiana.edu/ilj/v72/no4/rehnquis.html>.

 Scope and Content Note:

This collection contains a letter from C.L. Armstrong to his father.  In it, he describes the arrest of H.H. Dodd of the Order of American Knights in Indianapolis and his incarceration in an iron cage at the soldiers’ home.  He also talk about life in Indianapolis, the war, his home, and his desire to have him wife come home from visiting her parents.

Item Listing:

4 Sept. 1864

ALS to Father from C.L. Armstrong

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