Indiana Authors Autograph Collection
1 folder

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Processed by: Jennifer Duplaga, March 2005

Scope and Content Note:

This collection contains items autographs collected by the Indiana State Library.  Autographs include Heath Bowman, Zona Gale, Albert Bushnell Hart, Frederick Landis, Booth Tarkington, Ethel Arnold Tilden and Helen Keller.  Items are arranged alphabetically.

Item Listing: 

8 Dec. 1909

Irving Bacheller

9 May 1926

Albion Fellows Bacon

26 Oct. 1933

Fannie Burgheim Blumberg

15 Nov. 1927

Claude Bowers

20 Dec. 1927

Claude Bowers

3 Mar. 1939

Heath Bowman

1 Aug. 1934

Margaret E. Bruner

17 Oct. 1955

William Lowe Bryan

8 Dec. 1919

William Cockrum

4 Sept. 1929

Will Cuppy

25 June 1909

Julie Henderson Devering

Dec. 1912

Zona Gale

18 Apr. 1938

Ellen D. Graydon


Edward E. Hall

16 Sept. [1935]

Bertita Harding

23 Jan. 1932

Albert Bushnell Hart


William Herschell

6 Dec. 1927

B.V. Hubbard

29 Oct. 1934

Grace Thompson


Helen Keller

5 May 1927

Frederick Landis

13 Apr. 1932

Frederick Landis

2[5] Feb 1934

Frederick Landis

Apr. 1881

Hamilton W. Mabie

7 June 1911

George B. McCutcheon

3 Nov. 1924

Don McKenzie

31 May 1933

Douglas McMurtie

9 June 1933

Douglas McMurtie

Sept. 1908

Weir Mitchell

25 Nov. 1925

Weir Mitchell

19 Aug. 1927

Frank C. Nelson

12 Jan. 1879

Eli Perkins

29 Mar. 1940

Barton Rees Pogue

25 Feb. 1929

E.A. Richardson


James Whitcomb Riley


E.A. Stering


Miriam Mason Swain

14 Jan. 1939

Booth Tarkington

May 1933

Ethel Arnold Tilden


Ethel Arnold Tilden

28 Nov. 1895

Charles Dudley Warner



2 Dec. 1926

Charles R. Williams

12 Mar. 1890

A. Woodson

[13 Mar 1890]

Constance Fenimore Woolson

Collection Information:

Size of Collection: 1 folder
Collection Dates: 1881-1955
Provenance: Unknown
Restrictions: None
Reproduction Rights: Permission to reproduce, exhibit, or publish material in this collection must be obtained from the Manuscript Section, Indiana State Library.
Alternate formats: None
Related Holdings: None
Notes: None

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Manuscript materials CANNOT be photocopied or digitized in their entirety. Photocopies and/or digital images cannot exceed 25% of a collection or a folder within a collection. In some cases, photocopying may not be permitted due to the condition of the item. Check with a Manuscript Librarian for other options.