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Harold F. Brigham Collection
4 Folders

Manuscripts & Rare Books Division
Indiana State Library

Finding Aid by: Erica Sgroi, April 2013


Biographical Note:

Harold Frederick Brigham was born in Newark, New Jersey on May 25, 1897. After graduating from Princeton University in 1921, he attended the library school at the New York Public Library, completing the program in 1922. He was married to Rose Shuler in 1921. The couple had two sons and one daughter.  He worked as a city librarian in Louisville, Kentucky before accepting a position as a Librarian with the Indiana State Library in 1942. He was very active in the community and was a member of several clubs and organizations, such as the Y.M.C.A., Indiana Library Association, Indianapolis Literacy Club, and the Rotary Club. Brigham died on March 15, 1971.


Indiana Biography Index
Information Found within Collection
“Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Marriage Index, 1885-1951.” April 22, 2013.
Who's Who and What's What in Indiana Politics: This Book Is the Story of Indiana Politics and Indiana Politicians. Indianapolis, IN: James E. Perry, 1944. 763-64. Print.

Scope and Content:

This collection consists of four file folders. The first folder contains information about the history of the Indiana State Library, which celebrated 125 years in 1950 as well as information about the purchase of a new Governor’s Mansion on North Meridian Street. The next folder consists of various correspondences regarding Mr. Brigham accepting the position as State Librarian. The third folder consists of information, letters and memos about the Russian Book Drive, organized by the Russian War Relief. There is also some information about Tuberculosis. The fourth folder consists of notes, letters and memos from 1955, concerning a meeting of the Community Chest Campaign as well as memos about charity and the Red Feather fund.

Photocopy Policy:

Manuscript material CANNOT be photocopied or digitized in its entirety. Photocopies and/or digital reproductions (i.e. scans, digital photographs) cannot exceed 25% of a COLLECTION or FOLDER within a collection. In some cases, photocopying may not be permitted due to the condition of the item. Please check with the Manuscript Librarian for possible alternatives.

Collection Inventory

Folder and Item Listing:

Folder 1.  Indiana State Library 1944-1950, Great Books Discussion Program, Governor’s Mansions

2-20-1950 “The Indiana State Library – 125 Years” Paper by Brigham before the Indianapolis Literary Club
1-17-1944 Details about “The Governor’s Mansion”
Unknown List of Indiana Governors
Unknown Governor’s Mansion Questionnaire
10-7-1946 “The Great Books Discussion Program”
Unknown Report on the Answers from the Governor’s Mansion Questionnaire

Folder 2.  1941-1944

10-14-1941 Note from the War Department for the Transfer of the Winchell Cemetery
10-16-1941 Letter to Capt. Albrecht from Christopher Coleman about Blueprints
1941 Routine for W.P.A. Books and Division of work
2-25-1942 Letter to Miss Harriet Root from Christopher Coleman about the U.S. War Information Service
2-9-1942 Letter from Miss Root to Mr. Coleman, noting that the Library has been chose for a demonstration of War Information Centers
5-25-1942 Letter to Mr. Coleman about a job offer
5-25-1942 “Expenses in connection with meeting of the Indiana Library and Historical Board”
5-27-1942 Letter from Christopher Coleman to Mr. Brigham about a job offer
5-27-1942 “Budget Expenditures for 1940-41”
6-12-1942 Letter to Mr. Coleman to confirm acceptance of job offer
6-12-1942 Newspaper Clipping from The Church Courier about Mr. Brigham accepting the job offer of State Librarian
6-19-1942 Newspaper Clipping from The Indianapolis News about Mr. Brigham
6-19-1942 Letter to Mr. Brigham to congratulate him on the new job
Unknown Newspaper clipping announcing Mr. Brigham as the new Director of the Indiana State Library
6-12-1942 Letter from Dr. Adolph Pfingst to Mr. Brigham
6-18-1942 Response to Dr. Pfingst’s letter from Mr. Brigham
6-16-1942 “Best wishes for Harold”
6-24-1942 Letter from Daniel Robinson to Rabbi Joseph Rauch about Mr. Brigham
6-19-1942 Letter and Notes from a Conference about Mr. Brigham
7-1-1942 Letter from Mr. Brigham to Mr. C.E. Smith
7-3-1941 Letter from Mr. Brigham to Rabbi Rauch
8-6-1942 Program from a dinner to honor Mr. Brigham
8-7-1942 Newspaper Clipping from The Church Courier about “Brigham Day”
8-31-1942 Letter from Sarah Jones to Mr. Brigham
9-17-1942 Newspaper Clipping about Mr. Brigham
9-14-1942 Letter to Mr. Brigham from Elwood Haines
9-18-1942 Letter from Mr. Brigham to Virgil Martin about the United War Fund
9-17-1942 Letter to Mr. Brigham from Virgil Martin
9-25-1942 Letter from Mr. Brigham to Hugh Barnhart about Air Raid Precautions
9-28-1942 Handwritten notes about W.P.A. Library Work
10-19-1942 Note from Isobel Bennet about Mr. Brigham’s leaving
10-21-1942 Response to Isobel Bennet’s note from Mr. Brigham
10-21-1942 Letter to Larry Jones from Mr. Brigham
11-25-1942 Memo to Mr. Brigham about WWII Scrapbooks
11-30-1942 “Salary Freezing Order”
12-4-1942 Resignation letter from Muriel Mercer Meyer
12-9-1942 Response from Mr. Brigham about Ms. Meyer’s resignation
12-31-1942 Letter to Magnus Kristofferson from Mr. Brigham
1942 “Resolutions in Appreciation of Harold F. Brigham”
6-28-1943 Letter to Mr. Brigham from John Sullivan of the National Housing Agency
6-20-1943 Letter to Mr. Brigham from John Sullivan of the National Housing Agency
6-2-1943 Letter from John Sullivan to the Indiana State Library Board about a war housing project
6-26-1943 Letter from Mr. Brigham to John Sullivan in response to the 6-20 letter
7-26-1943 Letter from Hugh Landon about the Indiana Committee for Victory
11-3-1943 “Indiana War History Commission”
11-1943 “Release for Sunday Star”
Unknown Memo of books shipped from Yale University Press
12-9-1943 Letter from Christopher Coleman to Dr. Louis Warren about the McCulloch Papers
12-15-1943 Letter to Mr. Brigham from Ethel McCullough
1-14-1944 Letter to Mr. Brigham from Magnus Kristofferson about a possible job opening
1-22-1944 Letter from Mr. Brigham in response to Kristofferson’s letter
1-18-1944 Letter to Mr. Brigham from Carl White about Kristofferson
1-22-1944 Letter to Carl White from Mr. Brigham
1-22-1944 Letter to William Hepburn from Mr. Brigham
1-17-1944 Letter to Mr. Brigham from Ida Wright of the Evanston Public Library
1-17-1944 Memo from Mary Oldburg from the Evanston Public Library in regards of the resignation of Ida Wright
1-22-1944 Letter to Ida Wright from Mr. Brigham about people to replace her
1-24-1944 Letter from Kristofferson to Mr. Brigham about finding a position
6-19-1944 Letter from Ruth  Hays Friend to Mr. Brigham  about the Pledge for Peace Committee
6-22-1944 Response to Ms. Friend from Mr. Brigham
7-30-1944 A tribute to William Hepburn on his retirement
8-25-1944 Letter from Harvey Hartsock to Mr. Brigham about the Constitution Day Committee
9-6-1944 Letter from Hartsock to Mr. Brigham about a principal address
8-22-1944 “Minutes of a meeting of the Executive and Advisory Committees”
11-29-1944 Memo to the Members of the NUEA Committee on Audio-Visual Aids

Folder 3.  1945-1952

1-11-1945 Handwritten note to Mr. Brigham from Edith Willkie
1-1945 Material in the Library Catalog by Wendell Willkie
1-16-1945 Letter to Mrs. Willkie from Mr. Brigham, about a donation to an exhibit
2-7-1945 Letter from L.C. Larson to Richard Sealock about the Seventh War loan committee
3-13-1945 Directory of State Library Personnel
4-5-1945 Letter from Helen Rogers to Mr. Brigham about Ms. Rogers article about to be published
4-7-1945 Response to Ms. Rogers letter and article by Mr. Brigham
5-25-1945 Letter from Harold Sander about experiences in France
7-27-1945 Letter from Helen Rogers to Mr. Brigham about an article
8-1-1945 Response to Ms. Rogers letter from Mr. Brigham
7-26-1945 Letter from Ms. Rogers to Hazel Benjamin about an offer of help
1945 Article published by Ms. Rogers, “The Special Library in the State Welfare Agency”
8-7-1945 Letter to Mr. Brigham from Kenneth Shaffer about a Russian Book Drive
8-9-1945 Letter to Kenneth Shaffer from Martha Swindler about Mr. Brigham being out of the office
Unknown Handwritten notes
Unknown Information about the Russian War Relief and the Book Drive
4-27-1945 Letter about the Book Drive
6-1945 Memo from the Russian War Relief
8-2-1945 Letter to Lillian Harris from Mr. Brigham about the book drive
8-2-1945 Letter from Mr. Brigham to Carl Milam
8-11-1945 Letter to Mr. Brigham from H.M. Lydenberg about the Russian book drive
8-13-1945 Letter from Martha Swindler to Lydenberg about Mr. Brigham being out of the office
8-10-1945 Letter to Mr. Brigham from Florence Leech Simmons about the book drive
8-8-1945 Letter to Florence Leech Simmons from Mr. Brigham about the book drive
8-3-1945 Letter to Mr. Brigham from Ms. Simmons about serving on a committee
8-27-1945 Letter to Mr. Lydenberg from Mr. Brigham about assisting Russian friends
1-4-1946 Letter to Mr. Brigham from M. A, Auerbach from the Indiana Tuberculosis Association
5-1942 Information about Tuberculosis
Unknown Information about Disinfected school books of Tuberculosis
Unknown Pamphlet about “How to Kill TB Germs”
1-8-1946 Letter from Mr. Brigham to M.A. Auerbach, thanking him for the pamphlets about TB
4-2-1946 “War Assets Administration” about libraries
10-7-1946 “The Great Books Discussion Program” by Mr. Brigham
7-30-1947 Letter from Mr. Brigham to Joe Woodyard Varner about the purchase of Japanese and German surrender documents
6-25-1947 Letter to Gov. Ralph Gates from Joe Woodyard Varner about the Governor’s participation in veteran affairs
7-28-1947 Letter from Gov. Gates to Varner, letter sent to Mr. Brigham
8-14-1947 Letter to Mr. Brigham from Van Varner about surrender documents
10-22-1947 Letter to the State Library from Eve Gilman from the D.A.R.
7-6-1948 Letter to Harold Sander from Ralph Dunbar about the Federal Radio Education Committee
5-17-1948 Letter to Mr. Brigham from John Studebaker about the library depository
6-25-1948 Letter to Mr. Brigham from Gertrude Broderick, a follow up to Studebaker’s letter
7-1-1948 Letter from Harold Sander to Ms. Broderick about setting up a deposit for radio materials
2-2-1949 Letter to Mr. Brigham from Hattie Caraway about compiling a mailing list
2-19-1949 Response to Ms. Caraway’s letter
2-18-1949 Letter from Hal to Mr. Brigham about adding names to the mailing list
6-23-1949 Letter from Leora Armstrong to Mr. Brigham, thanking him for crowning the Queen of the festival
6-24-1949 Letter to Mr. Brigham from Ewing Baskette about an open position at the library
5-4-1952 Letter to Mr. Brigham from England
4-16-1952 Letter to Mr. Brigham from England
4-22-1952 Letter from Mr. Brigham to Dr. J. McIntyre about microfilming documents
10-15-1952 Letter to Mr. Brigham
Unknown Small card
Unknown Photograph of a man sitting on a roof

Folder 4.  1955

6-13-1955 Letter from Mr. Brigham to Floyd Wallace
7-13-1955 List of names
7-14-1955 Letter to Mr. Brigham and William Schloss from Harry Wade
7-30-1955 Report sent to Mr. Brigham about the Indianapolis Morris Plan
9-1955 Appeal to State Employees, to prove they are good citizens
10-10-1955 News Article from The Indianapolis Star
1955 Memo to all state employees from Gov. George Craig about charity
1955 Pamphlet about the Red Feather fund campaign
1955 Pamphlet about charity and the Red Feather Campaign
Unknown Handwritten Letter to Mr. Brigham from J. Scott Williams
3-26-1967 Handwritten note from Mr. Brigham to Caroline

Collection Information:

Size of Collection: 4 folders
Collection Dates: 1941-1955
Provenance:  Caroline Dunn, March 1, 1986
Access: The Collection is Open for Research Use
Restrictions:  None
Reproduction Rights: Permission to reproduce, exhibit, or publish material in this collection must be obtained from the Manuscript and Rare Books Division, Indiana State Library.
Language: Materials are entirely in: English
Alternate Formats: 
Related Holdings: L282, S2139, OHT
Collection Notes: 

MA BA 6-13-2013