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Indiana State Library

Indiana State Library

Library > Collections & Services > Collections > Rare Books & Manuscripts > Collection List Collection List

Collection # Collection Name
S1242 16th Battalion United States Marine Corps Reserve Collection
L358 325th Field Artillery Association Papers
V378 4-H
OBC82 9th Indiana Cavalry and 69th Indiana Infantry
S1 Abbott, Lyman
S2 Abernathy, Alexander
L1, OB3, folder 26 Aborn, Mary J.*
S3246 Abstract of Title, Lots 93 and 94 in Golden Hill*
V381 Account Book - 381
V382 Account Book - 382
V386 Account Book - 386
V387 Account Book - 387
V388 Account Book - 388
V389 Account Book - 389
V390 Account Book - 390
V391 Account Book - 391
V392 Account Book - 392
V393 Account Book - 393
S1482 Account Book, 1884-1886
S1481 Account Book, 1932
S2025 Acton Park Assembly
4th Floor, OB6, folder 10, OBC93, OH, OHT Adair, E. Ross
S2551 Adair, Irene
S3 Adair, Phelix
MF Adams County
MF Adams County (a)
S4 Adams, Andy
S2050 Adams, B. F.
S6 Adams, Leona V.
S7 Ade, George*
L2, OB74, V447, MF Adkinson, Harold Brown
S1950 Adult Education Association of Indiana
S3085 Advertising
S3117 Advertising Cards
S3144 Advertising Cards*
OHT Aeschliman, Samuel Sr.
V409 Aetna Cabinet Company Minutes
L254 Aftermath Club
S8 Agnew, Vesta
S9 Ainsworth, Julia*
S10 Albert, Ben
S11 Albertson, Edmund
OH, OHT Albietz, Don
S12 Aldred, William A.
S3004 Aleksa, John “Bob”
OHT Alexander, Lowene C.
S13 Alexander, Mrs. Edward
S14 Alexander, Samuel R.
S15 Alexander, William
S1645, B22, OB3, folder 16 Allen County Collection
S3053, B24, OB3, folder 20 Allen County, Fort Wayne Materials
S3245 Allen, Albert, Papers
S16 Allen, Amory K.
OH Allen, David
OHT Allen, Florence
L3 Allen, George
OHT Allen, Glen H.
OHT Allen, Mildred
S1146 Allen, R. W.,
S2408 Allen, Reverend George
S3236 Allen, Robert S.
S17 Allis, Harrison F.
S1958 Allison Coupon Company
L248 Allison Transmission Visitors' Book
L552 Almanacs, Miscellaneous Collection
L245 Altrocchi, Julia Cooley
S18 Alyea, Albert
S19 Alyea, Harry
V29 American Artists Professional League
S1504 American Chemical Society, Indiana Chapter Census
V170 American Express Company Records for Brookston
L184 American Fur Company
MF American Home Missionary
L187 American Home Missionary Society
L331 American Legion - New Albany
S1505 American Legion Collection
S2716 American Legion, Bonnie Sloan Post Membership List
4th Floor American Lung Association
S1506 American Negro Emancipation Centennial Authority Collection*
V413 American Playground Device Company
S1507 American Red Cross, Goshen Chapter Records
S20 Amos, Francis, Jr.
S21 Amos, Martha Tilson
4th Floor Amusement Company
S1147 Anderson Family Genealogy
S2024 Anderson, Albert B.
S2552 Anderson, Barbara
S22 Anderson, Caleb H. R.
S23 Anderson, Carl
V20 Anderson, Charles C.
OH, OHT Anderson, Ira J.
S24 Anderson, John
S25 Anderson, John C.
MF Anderson, Nancy E.
V279 Anderson, Peter
S26 Anderson, Ralph L.
S2947 Anderson, Ted
S2735 Andres, Joseph, Jr.
V325 Andrew, William
S27 Andrews, Edward L.
V299 Andrews, Lois
L4 Andrews, Rapin
S28 Andrews, Roscoe C.
S29 Anglemeyer, Samuel
S2781 Anonymous, Poem
S30 Apgar, David*
S31 Apperson, Edgar
V2 Applegate, Bartholomew
S2509 Applegate-Daubet Family Collection
S2861 Appleman, Harvey
S32 Arbuckle, May A.*
S2785 Architects - Terre Haute
S3257 Armes, Thomas R.
S2679 Armstrong, C. L.
S2718 Armstrong, Charles G.
V219 Armstrong, R. B.
OHT Armstrong, Verna Gray
S34 Armstrong, Winifred
OHT Arnold, Eleanor
OH, OHT Arnold, Mildred I.
S1822 Arsenal Technical High School
V1 Arthur, Christopher
MF Arthur, Joseph
OHT Arthur, Lucinda Jean
S35 Asbury, George B.
OHT Ashworth, Frank A.
S3065 Askren, Benjamin F.
S37, OH, OHT Atkins, Katherine Watson
S38 Atkinson, M. L.*
S1835 Atkinson, R.
S2486 Aubry, Paul and Grace*
V148 Auction Sales
S3230 Aughinbaugh, Henry
S2902 Augspurger, Helen
S40 Ault, Lee
V459 Aurea Legenda*
S2804 Ausich, William I.
L275 Austin, Carl E.
OHT Austin, Spencer P.
S3275, V122 Auten Women's Relief Corps, No. 14
V150 Autograph Book - Indiana State Library
S1942 Autograph Collection*
V149 Autographs - Palmer, William K.*
S2870 Autographs*
S1777 Automatic Axle Gauge Co.
SP2 Automobiles in Indiana
S41 Averill, Mills*
4th Floor AWE Series
S45 Bacon, Albion Fellows
S46 Badollet, James
S2979 Baggerly, R.M.
S48 Bagley, Nora
S49 Bahr, Max
OB2, folder 4 Bailey, Clark Bradish
S50 Bailey, Louis J.
S51 Bailiff Daniel W.
S206 Bailly Family Papers*
L5, V3, MF Bailly, Joseph*
V210 Baily Gun Company Indianapolis
4th Floor Bainbridge, Eugene
S2553 Baird, Charlotte
S52 Baird, William
S56 Baker Family Papers
S53 Baker, Charles T.
S54, B1 Baker, Conrad*
S1995 Baker, Doras J.
L6 Baker, Ida Strawn
S2646, OB1, folder 1 Baker, John Harris
S57 Baker, Sarah F.
L486 Balcom, S. Frank
L379, OBD26 Baldwin, Jacob
S58 Baldwin, Ralph E.
S59 Baldwin, Urban
S2753 Bales, Benjamin
S2797 Ball, Edmund F.
S61 Ball, Timothy H.
S2529 Ballanger, James
S1949 Ballard, C. W.
S62 Ballard, Joseph*
L7 Ballard, Mrs. Charles W.*
S2952 Balmer, Kent
S63 Balsley, Howard W.
L8 Baltzell, Robert C.
L9, B28, OBC88 Balz, Arcada*
L291 Bank Lock Boxes
S64 Bannon, Clinton E.
4th Floor, B7, OB17, OBC11 Banta, Ray
4th Floor Banta, Richard
MF Banta, Robert M.
S65 Barbour, Hugh
S66 Barbour, Lucian*
S3058 Barce, Elmore
S2032 Bardonner Family
S67 Barker, Jerry
4th Floor, OB59, OBC100 Barker, Myrtie
L10 Barker, William L.
L397, OB36 Barnard Family Collection
S70 Barnard, George Gray
V26 Barnard, Job
S68 Barnes, William B.
V22 Barnett Academy Star
L11 Barnett Family*
S2935 Barnett, Daniel Lee
OB4, folders 4, 5, 6 Barnett, Jerry
L571 Barnett, Thomas W.
S2663 Barnett, William*
4th Floor, OB3, folder 28 Barnhart, Henry Arthur
S3153, OB3, folder 28 Barnhart, Hugh A.
S71 Barnhill, John F.
S3201 Barnhisel, Cornelius
OHT Barr, Charles
L340, V3 Barr, Harold Standish
OHT Barrett, Chalotte
L234 Barry, Thomas J.
SP20 Bartel-Schuck Family Photographs
S1836 Barter, Henry C.*
L305 Bartholomew County
S1646 Bartholomew County Collection*
S1647 Bartholomew County, Columbus Papers
S72 Bartholomew, Orion A.*
S73 Barthwege, Mrs. F. S.
S74 Barton, Clara
L12, V216 Barton, Joseph*
L252, OH, OHT Barton, Walter E.
S2922 Bash, Rachel
S3298, B62, OBC28, OBD19 Basye, Thomas S.
OB68 Bates, Harvey
S77 Bates, Helen, Hammond and Orr Family Papers
S78 Bates, Joseph*
OHT Bates. Floyd
S3254 Bath to Montgomery County*
S79 Batterton, Floy
S80 Bauermeister, Victor
S2530 Baughman, Iris
S81 Baum, Daniel*
L263, OB1, folder 2, 3 Bauman, Leo
OP3 Baumann, Gustave, Woodcut Print
S75 Baur Carbonic Company
L504 Baxter Family Papers
S82 Bayard, James
S83, OB6, folder 15, OBC 86 Bayh, Birch
S3130 Bayh, Birch Evans, Sr.*
S84 Beadle, William H.
S2554 Beaman, Elisha C.
4th Floor, OBC30 Beamer, John V.
V4 Beard, John
S85 Beard, Mary R.
S86 Beard, Patrick
S87 Bearden, Barton W.
L13, OB6, folder 5, OBC51, V5 Bearss, Daniel*
L523 Beaty Family History Papers
OHT Beauchamp. John W.
L133 Beck Family Papers
S88 Beck, Bessie S.
L482 Beck, Bruce
L436 Beck, Connie
S89 Becker, Harry G.
S91, S3211 Beckett, Joe Rand
S90 Beckett, Lola*
S92 Beckwith, Frank R.
S93 Beecher, Henry Ward*
S94 Beekley, Thomas
S95 Beeler, Ida
L14 Beeler, Joseph*
S96 Beeman, Larken L.
OHT Beeson Cecil Edward
L354, V300, SP15 Beeson Family Papers
S97, S2206 Beeson, Cecil
S2943 Beeson, Scott
S2066 Beindorf, Sadie
S98 Beinhacker, Ada Perry, Mrs.*
L15, V448 Bell, Addison W.*
V215 Bell, Cornelia Soule
V6 Bell, John
S99 Bell, Mary Evans Nagley
S2798 Bell, William Bruce
S100 Bellamy, Flavius J.*
S101 Benadum, Clarence Edward
S1841 Bence Family*
S102, OHT Bender, Edward Beecher
S103 Benefiel, John K.
S1508 Benevolent Order of Colonials
S104 Benham, John S.
S105 Benjamin, Calvin
S106 Benjamin, Rial S.
S2220 Bennett, Helen, Mrs. R. C.
S107 Bennett, William H. and Sons
S108 Benton, Thomas Hart*
S109 Bereman, Sally Ann*
S110 Berkey, Jonas B.
S111 Berkey, Lennie M.
S112 Berkey, Lewis
S2487 Berkley, Lennie Martin
V23 Bernhamers, W. F.
B51, OB33 Berry, Norman B.
S1961 Bertermann Floral Company
S2166 Berthelet and Avoline
L357, V301, OHT Bettinger, Earl H.
L16 Beveridge, Albert J.*
S113, OBC120 Bevington, Elizabeth
S2294 Bicentennial, American Revolution Pledges
L519 Bicket, Josephine
V25 Bicknell, G. A.
1962 Biel, H. T.
S2485 Biel, John G.
S114 Bigelow, J. K.
L346 Bigler, Nicodemus C.
S115 Billings, Edwin L.
S116 Binford, Micajah
S2555 Bingham, Clifford H.
L286 Bi-Partisan Juvenile Court Committee
S117 Bippus, James F.
OHT Birchler, Benedict C.
S118 Birchman, Abraham
S119 Bird, R. Byron
S1837 Birds
S120 Birdsell Manufacturing Co.
V27 Birkle, John
S1509 Birth Control League of Indiana
L328 Birthright, William C.
S121 Bishop, Martha C.
S3300 Bishop, Mary
S122 Bishop, Richard E.
S1904 Black Hawk War
S123 Black, Alexander
S124 Black, Charles H.
S125 Black, Glenn
S3235 Black, James
MF Blackford County Bible Society
S1648 Blackford County Collection
S126 Blackledge, John W.
S127 Blacklidge, W. E.
S128 Blair, A. W.
S129 Blair, George
S130 Blake, James*
OHT Blank, Dana
S1779 Blanton, Ray
S131 Blasdell, John F.
MF Blassingham, Emily J.
S132 Bliss, James
OBC61, OBD1, OBE1 Bloemker, Herbert
V185 Bloomington Bank
S2896 Blount, Rev. Brazilla Marven
V123 Blue Bird Birthday Club
S2680 Blue, George W.
S1471 Bluffton, Indiana School
S133 Blythe, I. W.
S1488 Boats, W. C. Latta
OH, OHT Bobbitt, Arch N.
S2235 Bobbitt, Mrs. Franklin
L372 Bodgett, William
S137 Bodkins, Esther, Mrs. James
OHT Boggy, Cathryn Kuemmick
S3045 Bolander Family Papers
S2925 Bolin, Kevin
S138 Bolton, Nathaniel
S139 Bolton, Sarah T.
S140 Bond, John G.
S2488 Bone, Myron R.
S141 Bonham, Robert E.
L185 Bookplates
S1677 Boon, Ratliff*
S1649 Boone County Collection
S2531 Boor, W. F.
S3094 Booth, Franklin
L17, OB3 folder 30, OBC115, V449 Borden Family*
S142 Borden, M. L.
S2850 Born, Capt. Donald E.
L495 Borst, Lawrence M.
MF Boscher, Norma M.
S2308 Bosler, Raymond Thomas
S2489 Bosseron, Francis
L338 Bossom, Ethel
OB31 Boston & Indiana Land Co.
S2556 Boston, Earl
S3069, OB24, SP16 Boswell Family Papers
S143 Boswell, Charles H.
S1780 Boughey, Robert E.
S2737 Boundaries - Indiana - Lake Michigan
S1490 Boundary Papers, Indiana and Illinois
S1489 Boundary Papers, Indiana and Kentucky
S1491 Boundary Papers, Indiana and Michigan
S144 Bounell, Mrs. Emery G.
S145 Bourne, Ezra
S146 Bovard, Sarah
S1772 Bowen, Otis R.*
S147 Bowen, Otis R., Inaugural Program 1977
S148 Bowers, Claude G.
OHT Bowlby, Mr. & Mrs. Sam
S2536 Bowlus, Susan*
S149 Bowman, Benjamin
S3003 Bowman, Ernest
S150 Bowman, Heath
S151, MF Bowman, L. S.
S154 Boxell, Joseph H.*
S1510 Boy Scouts of America
OHT Boyer, Bill
S152 Boyer, John A.
S1827 Boys, Samuel E.
S153 Bozeman, Virgil Q.
S2234, MF Bracken Robert
S134 Bradburn, Esther
S135 Bradbury, Abner M.*
S3251 Braden and Jenners Families
S136 Braden, Robert F.
S3081 Bradford, Maj. Ward
S155 Bradford, William S.
V147 Bradley and Fletcher
S156 Bradley, Dr. Burr
S157 Bradshaw, William*
S2020 Brady Family Papers*
OB53, OBC33, OBD22 Brady, Cleason C.
V457 Brady, Flarence M.
S158 Braittain, John L.*
S3199, OB3, folder 29, V76 Branham Family Papers
V11 Branham, David McClure
S159, OHT Branigin, Roger D.*
V58 Bratton Brothers Funeral Home
S1826 Bratton, Carl H.
L411, B40, OB6, folder 1, OBC47 Brayton Family Papers
S161 Breitmeir, Paul
S162 Brenneman, Mrs. J. H.
S2557 Brenton, Chester
L539, 4th Floor Brick, Abraham L.
S2963 Brick, Estelle*
S2784 Bridges - Vigo County
S163 Briggs, James*
S2139 Brigham, H.
L282, S164 Brigham, Harold F.
S1823 Brigham, Rose S.
S165 Bright, Jessie D.*
S166 Bright, John and Sarah
S167 Brock, John W.
S3028 Brockett, Willard
OHT Brokaw, Betty
S168 Bromwell, John B.
S2802 Brooker, John
S36 Brooks and Dean Family Papers
S169 Brooks, Chauncey H.
S170 Brooks, Lewis
S171 Brooks, Nancy
L335, B10 Brookville and Metamora Hydraulic Company
S1798 Brookville, Indiana
V125, V174 Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers
S2986 Brothers and Hinkle Pharmacy
MF Brothers, Charles
MF Brouse, John Andrew
S2827, B36, OBC40 Brower, Josie Hunt Wiley
S1650 Brown County Collection
L20, V436 Brown Family Papers*
S172 Brown, Alma (Sister Mary Borromeo)
L19, V443 Brown, Austin H.*
S2532 Brown, Bartlett*
S174, MF, OHT Brown, Charles
V320 Brown, Charles R.
S175 Brown, Christopher
S2127, V248 Brown, Cora M.
S2642 Brown, D. W.
S176 Brown, Demarchus C.
S177 Brown, Franklin Elmer
S3047 Brown, Henry V.
S1960, OB6, folder 12 Brown, Ignatius*
S2207 Brown, Mary J.
S2879 Brown, Mrs. Demarchus
S178 Brown, Mrs. Herbert E.
L21, B31, OB4, folders 2, 3, OBC35, OBD11, V12 Brown, O. V.
S180 Brown, Oliver M.
S2342 Brown, Otis E.
S3124 Brown, S. A.
S2754 Brown, William Carlisle
S181 Brown, William L.*
S2942 Brown, William R.
S182 Brownell, Frank E.
S2241 Broyles, Mrs. Ralph
S183 Bruce, Daniel E.
4th Floor Bruce, Donald C.
S184 Bruce, William
S2558 Brumet, Thomas D.
OHT Brumfield, Nettie
L557, S2597 Bruner, Margaret E.
OHT Brush, Charles Francis III
S185 Brutus Family Collection*
S186 Bryant, George T.
S187 Bryant, John T.*
S2916 Buchanon, James*
S188 Buck, Ella E.
OHT Buck, John
OHT Buck, John W.
MF Buck, William S.
MF Buckley, Isaac
S1929 Bucks Addition
S189 Buis, Worth
S190 Bullock, Arietta F. Seward
S191 Bundy, Alice Ann
S3023 Bundy, J. E.
S192 Burch, Alvin B.
S193 Burch, Jesse C. and Stephen M.
L23 Burgess Family
S1756 Burgess, Hildred Lapping
L22 Burgess, John Kline
S2392 Burial Permits - Harrison County
S2824 Burnet-Binford Lumber Company
S194 Burnett, Howard R.*
L24 Burnett, Jerome C.
S195 Burnett, William
S196 Burns Family Collection*
S1370, OB5, folder 6 Burns, Paul (Mike)
OHT Burris, Gwendolyn
S197 Burris, Will S.
S3051 Buschmann, Florence
S2694 Buschmann, Frank W.
S198 Bush, Andrew
S1838 Bush, Col.
S199 Bush, E. F.
OB39 Bush, Peter
S2858 Bush, Reverend George
S2537 Business Cards*
B16, OB3, folder 2 Buskirk, Samuel H.
S1523 Butler University Alumni Association
L25, V450 Butler, Amos W.
V401 Butler, Henry
S200 Butler, John H.*
L26 Butler, Noble Chase*
S201 Butler, Ovid
L253 Butler, Rev. Joseph Gilford
L27, OBC116, OBD39 Butler, Thaddeous*
V30 Butt, William
S2732 Butzbach, Nina Pearl Gaskill
S202 Bybee, Halbert Pleasant
S203 Byers, Robert M.
OHT Byrne, Col. Ronald E. Jr.
S204 Byrne, John
S205 Byrum, Joseph I, Sr.
S1436, OB5, folders 11, 12 C. H. Black Manufacturing Company
S2519 Caffin, Mrs. E. B.
OBC3, folder 8 Cain, Mrs. W.
S207 Caldwell, David
S208 Calhoun, John C.*
S1797 California Gold Rush, Seaton Diary
S2533 Cambridge, Indiana*
S1492 Camp Koch
S1493 Camp Morton
S1524 Camp Morton, Indianapolis
L418 Campaign for State Employee Union Representation
V329 Campbell and Mercer Co.
L28 Campbell, Alfred C.
S209 Campbell, Fannie Howes*
S210 Campbell, Henry C.
S212 Campbell, James P.
S213 Campbell, Jane
L258 Campbell, John Tenbrook
S214 Campbell, Lucy
OHT Campbell, Mildred
S215 Campbell, William*
S2829 Canals - Central
S1495, OBC114 Canals, Wabash and Erie
S2659 Cannon, George*
S216 Capehart, George
S3030 Capehart, Homer C.
S3005, 4th floor, OB66, OBC10, MF Capehart, Homer Earl
S3097 Capehart, Homer, Collection on*
S1496 Capital Punishment
S218, V31 Carleton, Emma
S219 Carleton, Will
S220 Carlisle, William H.
S1964 Carlon and Hollenbeck
OHT Carmichael, Florence P.
S222 Carmichael, Hoagy*
S223 Carmichael, Jack K.
S224, S2560 Carmony, Donald F.
S225 Carney, Henry
S2683 Carney, James
S226 Carney, Pleasant
4th Floor Carpenter
V253 Carpenter, Frank G.
S227 Carr, Arthur B.
S2168 Carr, Mary Jane
OHT Carr, McCoy
L351 Carr, Michael W.
S228 Carr, Thomas*
S229 Carrington, Henry B.
S1652 Carroll County Collection
S230 Carson Collection*
S2620 Carter and McCartney
4th Floor Carter Collection
S231 Carter, Dale
S232 Carter, Enoch
S3243 Carter, Florence Adell*
S233 Carter, John D.
S234 Carter, Kathaleen Johnson
S2266 Carter, Susan Miller
S2516 Carter, Thomas Mills
S235 Carter, William
S236 Case, Onis
4th Floor Casebeer Collection
OHT Cash, John
S237, S3185 Casler and Peterson
S238 Cason, Lyle
S1653, V151 Cass County Collection
S2739 Cass County, Bethlehem Township
S239 Cassidy, Lawrence A.
S2517 Castetler, Mrs. Robert
L367 Castleman, William J.
S241 Cathcart, Charlotte
S240 Catherwood, Mary Hartwell
S242 Catlin, Hiram Wesley
S243 Cavanaugh, Rev. John
S1497 Caves, Wyandotte
OHT Caylor, Dr. Harold
L29 Cejnar Family Papers
S2676 Cemetery - Pioneer Graves (Marion County
S244 Centlivre, Herman G.
S2625 Central Correspondence College
L383, B3 Central State Hospital Clippings Collection
OBC96 Central State Hospital Pathology Building Plans
L289, S1498, V315 Central Union Telephone Co.
L200, S2209 Century Club of Indianapolis
S2656 Chabert, Peter*
S245 Chamberlain, Elisha
S246, S3103 Chamberlan, Moody*
V32 Chamberlin & Chase
S3101 Chamberlin, Milton
S247 Chambers, Smiley N.
S2622 Chamness, Joseph*
S2853 Champion, Tom
S248 Chandler, Daniel H.
S249 Chandler, Sarah Ann Quarles
S3160 Chandlery
OHT Chaney, William M.
S3305 "Channel 6 ""At the Zoo"" Videos"
S250 Chapman, John
V160 Charles Ruck Company
S251 Charles, Henry*
S252 Charlton, T. J.
S253, V33 Chase, Ira J.*
S254 Chase, William Merritt
V10 Check, William V.
L30, S255 Chenowith, John T.
L31 Chittenden Family Papers
V34 Chittenden, George M.D.
MF Chitwood, Louisa
4th Floor Christian Men Builders
L260 Christian Theological Seminary - Misc. Papers
V289 Church at Work Publishing Co.
MF Church History - American Missionary Association
L189, V454 Church History - Baptist
S2706 Church History - Baptist - Bear Creek*
S2705 Church History - Baptist - Concord Baptist Church - Hancock County
S2707 Church History - Baptist - Deer Creek
S2203 Church History - Baptist - Franklin County*
V330 Church History - Baptist - Little Cedar Grove Baptist Church
MF Church History - Baptist - Livonia Baptist Church of Campbellsville
S2864 Church History - Baptist - Logansport Baptist Assembly
S2887 Church History - Baptist - Lost River Association
MF Church History - Baptist - New Harmony Baptist Church
S3283, V163 Church History - Baptist - Pleasant Run Baptist Church
S1824 Church History - Baptist - Providence Primitive Baptist - Gibson County
S1288 Church History - Baptist - Union Baptist Church
S2263, OB5, folders 8, 9 Church History - Baptist - Vernal Baptist Church
S2715 Church History - Baptist - Village Creek Baptist Church - Fayette County
L342 Church History - Baptist - Williams Creek Baptist Church
S2695 Church History - Buriett Study Club - Converse
S2068 Church History - Catholic
S2841 Church History - Catholic - Marion County
MF Church History - Catholic - St. Joseph's Catholic Church of Jasper
MF Church History - Christian - Christian Men Builders Third Christian Church
S2779 Church History - Christian - Flora
S1865 Church History - Christian - Harrisburg
S3063 Church History - Christian - Landess Christian Church - Grant County
S2210 Church History - Christian - Monroe County
S2211 Church History - Christian - Salem
S2414 Church History - Christian - Sullivan County
V316 Church History - Christian - Union Christian Church - Johnson County
S2069 Church History - Church of Christ - Monroe County
S2886 Church History - Church of Christ - New Liberty, Gibson County
S2538 Church History - Church of God - Coal Creek Church of God - Fountain County*
S2070 Church History - Church of God - Franklin County
V305 Church History - Church of God - Mt. Zion Church of God in Christ
S2082 Church History - Disciples of Christ - 2nd Judicial District - Washington County
S2077 Church History - Disciples of Christ - Clark County
S2075 Church History - Disciples of Christ - Clinton County
S2080 Church History - Disciples of Christ - Davies County
S2072 Church History - Disciples of Christ - DeKalb County
S2076 Church History - Disciples of Christ - Fayette County
S2071 Church History - Disciples of Christ - Hancock County
V108 Church History - Disciples of Christ - Ladoga, IN
S2074 Church History - Disciples of Christ - Madison County
S2079 Church History - Disciples of Christ - Morgan County
S2081 Church History - Disciples of Christ - Salem - Washington County
S2073 Church History - Disciples of Christ - Washington County
S2078, V108 Church History - Disciples of Christ- Ladoga
L462 Church History - Episcopal - Christ Church Cathedral Parish Registers
S2761 Church History - Friends - Fall Creek
S2760 Church History - Friends - Grant County
S2756 Church History - Friends - Hamilton County Schools
S2759 Church History - Friends - Howard County
S2446 Church History - Friends - Whitewater Monthly Meeting
S2145 Church History - Hankins Union Sunday School
S2146 Church History - Jefferson County
S2147 Church History - Lutheran - Union Church - Boone County
S3013 Church History - Mennonite - Middlebury - Elkhart County
S1870 Church History - Methodist - Aldersgate United Methodist - Indianapolis
S2148 Church History - Methodist - Arcadia
V138 Church History - Methodist - Bowling Green Circuit
S1849 Church History - Methodist - Broadway Methodist Church - Indianapolis
S2149 Church History - Methodist - Centenary - Morgan County
S2288 Church History - Methodist - Central Indiana
S2150 Church History - Methodist - Coatesville
S2286 Church History - Methodist - Flat Rock Circuit
S2292 Church History - Methodist - Frankfort Circuit
S2723 Church History - Methodist - Friendship Chapel Methodist Protestant - Rush County
S2154 Church History - Methodist - Grace Church - Kokomo
S2285 Church History - Methodist - Greensburg District
L191 Church History - Methodist - Hancock County
S2290 Church History - Methodist - Indianapolis
S2291 Church History - Methodist - Indianapolis Sabbath School
S2157 Church History - Methodist - Kendallville
S2153 Church History - Methodist - Kirkland
S2281 Church History - Methodist - Lisbon Mission
S3014 Church History - Methodist - Middlebury - Elkhart County
S2287 Church History - Methodist - Mill Creek*
S2284 Church History - Methodist - Mississinewa Conference
V111 Church History - Methodist - Morgan County
S2282 Church History - Methodist - Muncie District
S2289 Church History - Methodist - Northeastern Indiana
S2280 Church History - Methodist - Northern Indiana Conference
V256 Church History - Methodist - Northwest Indiana Conference
S2152 Church History - Methodist - Pigsah - Jefferson County
S1908 Church History - Methodist - Salem Methodist Church - Hendricks County
S2668 Church History - Methodist - Shiloh - Hendricks County
S2583 Church History - Methodist - South Whitley
S2158 Church History - Methodist - St. Joseph County
S2159 Church History - Methodist - Valparaiso
S2637 Church History - Methodist - Wabash District
S2156 Church History - Methodist - Wesley Chapel - New Albany
S2160 Church History - Methodist - Williamsport
S1318 Church History - Methodist Episcopal - Gaston
S2358 Church History - Methodist Episcopal - Goshen
V109 Church History - Methodist Episcopal - Indianapolis, Meridian St.
V110 Church History - Methodist Episcopal - Laurel
S2155 Church History - Methodist Episcopal - Marion County
S2151 Church History - Methodist Episcopal - Salem - Hamilton County
S2161 Church History - Moravian - Hope
S2591 Church History - Presbyterian - 2nd Presbyterian - Indianapolis
S2481 Church History - Presbyterian - Albion
MF Church History - Presbyterian - Bedford
S2752 Church History - Presbyterian - Bloomfield
L192 Church History - Presbyterian - Brown and Cass Counties
S2482 Church History - Presbyterian - Carlisle - Sullivan County*
S2593 Church History - Presbyterian - Carroll County
S2483 Church History - Presbyterian - Clayton
S2748 Church History - Presbyterian - Evansville
L297 Church History - Presbyterian - First Presbyterian Church
S2746 Church History - Presbyterian - First Presbyterian Church - Mount Vernon
MF Church History - Presbyterian - First Presbyterian Church of Evansville
S3015 Church History - Presbyterian - Howe
S2592 Church History - Presbyterian - Indiana
S2596, Church History - Presbyterian - Indianapolis Tabernacle
S2484 Church History - Presbyterian - Little Elkhart Temperance Society
S2588 Church History - Presbyterian - Logansport
S2749 Church History - Presbyterian - Lower Wabash Valley
S2394, S2589 Church History - Presbyterian - Montpelier
S2745 Church History - Presbyterian - Portersville
S2747 Church History - Presbyterian - Princeton
S2590 Church History - Presbyterian - Rock Creek
S2744 Church History - Presbyterian - Rockport
OB5, folder 2 Church History - Presbyterian - Swan Presbyterian Church
S3039 Church History - Presbyterian - Tabernacle - Indianapolis
S2751 Church History - Presbyterian - Upper Indiana - Vincennes
S2243 Church History - Presbyterian - Washington
S2750 Church History - Presbyterian - Westminster - Terre Haute
S2743 Church History - Presbyterian - Westminster Church - Washington
S2181 Church History - Protestant Episcopal - Christ Church - Indianapolis
S2755 Church History - Protestant Episcopal - Goshen
S2182 Church History - Protestant Episcopal - Vincennes
S2708 Church History - Sabbath School Union Society
S2709 Church History - Sains Creek Church - Fayette County
S2855, MF Church History - Shakers
L190 Church History - Society of Friends
S2711 Church History - Unitarian - Indianapolis
S2713 Church History - United Brethren - Hope
OBC15 Church History - United Methodist - Indianapolis - Meridian Street
S2710 Church History - Universalist
V112 Church History - Universalist - Pendleton
S2714 Church History - Wellington Union - Broad Ripple
S3064 Church History - Wesleyan Methodist Hodson's Chapel - Grant County
S2023 Cincinnati & Ft. Wayne Railroad
L536, OB69 Circle City Sirens Collection
S3174 Circuit Court
S256 Cist, Charles
S257 Cist, Henry Martyn*
S3154 Citizens Committee For Separation of Church and State
V416 Citizens Gas & Coke Utility Copy, Hilda Meimburg Scrapbook
S3129 Citizens Gas Company
L321 Citizens Historical Association
S1511 Citizens-in-Politics
L380 Civil Air Patrol
S3111 Civil War
S2618 Civil War - Articles
S2617 Civil War - Campaigns and Battles - Corinth
S2666 Civil War - Campaigns and Battles - Morgan's Raid*
S2691 Civil War - Campaigns and Battles - Vicksburg
S2614 Civil War - Claims*
V270 Civil War - Claims, Clark County
S2615 Civil War - Diary
S3258 Civil War - Discharge*
S2616 Civil War - Documents*
S2609 Civil War - Envelopes*
S1512, OBC13, V113 Civil War - Items
P14 Civil War - Lantern Slides
S3136 Civil War - Letters
S2610 Civil War - Letters - Non-Indiana
MF Civil War - Letters and Misc. Records
S3299, OBC34, OBD23 Civil War - Maps
S2891 Civil War - Material
S2420 Civil War - Materials
S3147 Civil War - Misc. Letters
S2611 Civil War - Monuments
S2612 Civil War - Muster Rolls
L360 Civil War - Notes on Generals and Regiments
V394 Civil War - Pensioners
S3205 Civil War - Randolph County
MF Civil War - Records
S2162 Civil War - Regimental History - 13th Indiana
S2685 Civil War - Regimental History - 13th Indiana Infantry
S3049 Civil War - Regimental History - 13th Indiana Regiment
OBC14 Civil War - Regimental History - 146th Regiment, Company G
S2684 Civil War - Regimental History - 15th Infantry
S2604 Civil War - Regimental History - 16th Indiana*
S2863 Civil War - Regimental History - 19th Infantry
S2686 Civil War - Regimental History - 20th Infantry
S2425 Civil War - Regimental History - 27th Indiana
S2880 Civil War - Regimental History - 30th Indiana
S3240 Civil War - Regimental History - 32nd Indiana
S3135 Civil War - Regimental History - 34th Indiana
S1651 Civil War - Regimental History - 38th Indiana Infantry
S2606 Civil War - Regimental History - 3rd Cavalry, 45th Regiment
S2605 Civil War - Regimental History - 3rd Indiana Cavalry*
S2048 Civil War - Regimental History - 4th Indiana Cavalry
S2385 Civil War - Regimental History - 59th Indiana
MF Civil War - Regimental History - 5th Indiana Calvary
S3033 Civil War - Regimental History - 66th Indiana
S967 Civil War - Regimental History - 7th Indiana
S2518 Civil War - Regimental History - 82nd Indiana
S1932 Civil War - Regimental History - 84th Infantry
S3050 Civil War - Regimental History - 91st Indiana
S3277 Civil War - Songs
S2613 Civil War - Union Club of Indiana*
S2852 Civil War - Veterans
S3134 Civil War*
S1499 Civilian Conservation Corps Camps, Indiana
S258 Clampitt, Eli H.
V331 Clanin, Harold A.
L32 Clapp Diary
MF Clapp, Dr. Ashabel
V240 Clark & Clark
MF Clark County
S1654 Clark County Collection
OHT Clark, Chester
S259 Clark, George Rogers
L470, OBC98, OBD25 Clark, George Rogers, Bicentennial Celebration Collection
S2180 Clark, George Rogers, Memorial
S260 Clark, H. H.
S2015 Clark, Hezlep W.
S261 Clark, Howard Walton
S1839 Clark, John G.
MF Clark, John Wesley
B5 Clark, Thomas J. and Sarah F.
S262 Clark, Walter*
V351 Clark, Watson
L33, B73, OBC59, V422, V451 Clarke, Grace Julian*
OHT Clarke, Mabel Purcell
S263 Clarksville, Indiana
S3184 Classical School for Girls
L325 Claypool Hotel
S265 Claypoole, Mary Ann*
S266 Cleveland, Grover*
L538, B71, OB65, OBC106, OBD31, OBE7 Clevenger, Cyrus R.
MF Clift, Edward L.
V57 Clinton County
S1293 Clinton County Schools
S264 Clinton, Wharton R.*
L471 Clio Club
S267 Cloe, Alan
S268 Clough, E. N. O.*
S1500 Club Eleven
S2539 Coal Creek Community and Church of God*
L447, S269, OHT Coats, Nellie M.
S270 Cobb, Alice N.
V36 Cobb, D
S1965 Coburn Coal Company, Indianapolis
S271 Coburn, Harry*
L34, V59 Coburn, John L.*
S272 Cochran, Arthur R.
L35 Cockefair, Elisha
S273 Cockrum, John B.
V13 Coffin & Cains
V37 Coffin, Charles F.
S274 Coffin, Charles W.
S275, V38 Coffin, Frank A.
S276 Coffin, Joseph
S277 Coffin, Nathan D.
S278 Coffin, Rhoda M.
4th Floor Coffins
S2423 Cogswell, Edith S.
S279 Cogswell, Stacy H.
S280 Colby, H. E.
S281 Colditz, Bernhard M.
S2959 Cole, Martha M.
P19 Coleman Family Photographs
S282, S2561 Coleman, Christopher B.
OHT, OH Coleman, Robert Davis
S1885 Coleman, Sallie, Mrs. W. H.*
L36, MF Colfax, Schuyler*
S1501 Colleges and Universities, Notre Dame
S283 Collett, J.*
L334 Collings, Warren Francis
OB6 folder 2 Collins, Commodore
S3271 Collins, George M.
S284 Collins, James A.
S286 Colton, John, Sr.
S3191 Colvin, May E.
S287 Combs and Hendren Family Collection
V39 Commons, David A.
S2377 Commons, W. S. C.
S2839 Conaway, Jason
S3122 Concannon Family
S288 Condit, Blackford
S285 Conine, Horace
S3157 Conklin, Julia S.
V321 Conley and Son General Store
S2563 Conley, Washington
S2912 Conn, C.G. Ltd.
S289 Connelley, Jesse B.
MF Conner Prairie
S290 Conner, Eugene H., M.D.
S291 Conner, William
MF Connersville
S2502 Connersville Central State Bank
V271 Connersville Ice Company
S415 Connersville Indiana Collection*
OHT Conrad, Roy
S1502 Constitutional Convention
V435 Consumers' Gas Trust Company Records
S2773 Contemporary Club of Indianapolis
L437 Conway, Grace E.
S2520 Conway, John B.
S292 Conyers, John M.
S293 Cook, Edmund Nance
S294 Cook, John
4th Floor Cook, Vesper
OHT Coolman, C. Glenn
4th Floor Cooper, Albert
S2236 Cooper, Amelia Elizabeth
OHT Cooper, Grace
S2929 Cooper, Tara
S295 Cope, J. W.
S296 Cope, Townsend*
S297 Coppock, Calvin
S1503 Copy Books
S298 Coquillard, Alexis*
OHT Coquillard, Mary
S2055 Cordes, Albert
S299 Cornstalk, Peter*
L236 Cornstock Family
S3027 Corsi, Joseph Albert, U.S.N.
OB13 Corwine, Benjamin and Juliet
4th Floor Cotner
L37, V7 Cottingham, Henry P.*
L38 Cottman, Evans W.
L39, V437 Cottman, George S.*
S300, S2698 Cotton, Fassett A.
S2698 Cotton, Fassett Allen
L259 Cotton, Louella
S2260 County Official Papers
V116, MF County Superintendent's Association*
S2026 Covington, Indiana, Funeral Notices
S301 Covington, Samuel Fulton
S2376 Cowen, Janet
S302 Cox, Carrie J., Mrs.
S303 Cox, Carroll O.
S2052 Cox, Elisha*
S304 Cox, Erma, History of Morgan County
S2027 Cox, June, Mrs.
S305 Cox, Ora B.*
OHT Cox, Ted
S306 Crabb, James*
S307 Cracraft, William
OHT Craft, Louis G.
S2028 Craft, Ruth H.
L268, V458, 4th Floor Craig, Clifford
S308 Craig, D. P.
S309 Craig, Evelyn May
OHT Craig, George N.
S310 Craig, Sam
S311 Craig, Thomas
OHT Cramer, Bruno
V223 Crane Family History
S313 Crane, George
S312 Crane, Mrs. Benjamin
S314 Cravens, Drusilla L.*
S2564 Cravey, Gerald T.
S315 Crawford, Clyde S.*
S316 Crawford, Isaac
S317 Cree, Glen M.
S318 Cregor, Gertrude, Mrs. Frank
L426, B8, OB19, V464 Cretors, Frederick Taggart, Jr.
OHT Crewes, Marie
S2772 Crider, Abraham
S319 Croan, Mary
S320 Crockett, William M.
S321 Croghan, George
S481 Croghan, William
S322 Cromer, John B.*
S323 Crooke, Elizabeth*
L18 Crosier Family*
S324 Cross, George W.*
S325 Crow, James G.
S3169 Crown Hill Cemetery
S2378 Crown Hill Cemetery Report
V214 Crown Point Insurance Ledger
S2060, V41 Crozier, James J.
S2201 Cruft, John F.*
OB12 Crull, Daniel and Magdalena
OHT Crumley, Tom
L565 Crumpacker, Shepard J.
4th Floor Cruzan, Rose Marie
L510 Culberston Family Collection
S326 Culbertson, William S.
S327, V40 Cumback, William
S1243, B75 Cumberland Road Papers
OHT Cummings, David
S2492 Cummings, Robert
S2633 Cunningham, James
OHT Cunningham, James - Oral History
L364, OBD16, V311 Cunningham, Joseph
S328 Curry, Gordon C.
S3109 Curtis Family
S3279 Curtis, Clarissa
V14 Curtis, Daniel
S329 Curtis, George William
S2029 Curtis, Glenn
OHT Curtner, Myron L.
S1281 Cutter, Milo
S3183 Dailey, Frank C.
S2031 Daily, Wilson S.
V42 Dale, Harry
S2603 Dalrymple, Joseph W.
MF, OHT Daly, Nellie
OB6, folder 9 Damon Club Charter
S3256 Daniels Family Collection
S1882, S2565, V239, OHT Daniels, Helen
S2601 Daniels, James W.
S1828, OHT Daniles, Rev. G. Earl OHT FA is finished
S2602 Danner, Mrs. A. V.
S2169 Dardenne, John A.
L40 Darlington, Frank G.*
V193 Darlington, Indiana
S332 Daugherty, Ephriam
S3238 Daughters of the American Revolution (D. A. R.) - Indiana
S1513 Daughters of the American Revolution (D. A. R.) - Cornelia Cole Fairbanks Chapter
S1514 Daughters of the American Revolution (D. A. R.) - General John Tipton Chapter
S331 Daughters of the American Revolution (D. A. R.) - Joseph Hart Chapter, Columbus
V8 Dausman, E. A.
S333 Dausman, George B.
L126 Davidson Family Papers
S334 Davidson, James D.
S335 Davidson, Samuel P.*
S336 Davies, Joseph
MF Daviess County
S2535 Davis, Charles H.*
S337 Davis, Elmer
L41, V9 Davis, Jefferson C.*
OBC25 Davis, Jim, Cartoons
S2635 Davis, John A. Jr.
S338 Davis, John G.*
S339 Davis, John Wesley*
L382 Davis, Kathryn Fletcher
OHT Davis, Michael L.
OB37 Davis, Neil P.
S340 Davis, Noah
L42 Davis, Oliver P.
S2566 Davis, Paul A.*
S341 Davis, Virgil
OHT Dawson, Ray
L43 Dawson, Richard Lew
S342 Day, Benjamin Franklin
S343 Day, Bess*
V259 Day, Dr. B. J.
S2660 Day, Tyler and Co.*
S344 Dayton, Sallie Rose
S345 Deal, James P.
S346, 4th floor Deam, Charles Clemons
B50 Dean, William F.
S347, OB78 Deane, Thomas*
S1655, MF Dearborn County Collection
S348 Dearborn, Dr. Ella K.
S2126 Deborah Lee
L230, MF Debs, Eugene V.
S1656, MF Decatur County Collection
V290 Decatur County Stock Marks
S3222 Decatur County*
S2238 Deckard, Julia
S349 DeGraw, Deanthe
L494 Deiner
S1657 Dekalb County Collection
S1968 DeKalb County*
S1658, MF Delaware County Collection
L210 Delaware County Jail Matron's Diary
S2237 Dell, Homer
S2163 Delphi Public Library
S1515 DeMolay
S2413 Denise, William*
S3255 Denkichi Shindo
S350 Dennett, George
4th Floor Dennis, David W.
L371 Denny, Caleb
S2493 Denny, Dr. John N.*
S352 Denny, James O'Hara
S353, S2567 Denny, Mary Adaline
S351 Denny, Mrs. A. F.*
S1526 Dentistry
S1993 Department of Public Instruction
S354 Depoy, J. H.
S355 Depue, Elba
S356 Deputy, William
S357 Detraz, Lucy Morerod
S2783 Dettrow, William
S358 Deubener, Walter H.
V124 Deutscher Pioneer Verein
S1943 Diaries, Waveland Indiana
S2521 Dick, Henry M.
L264 Dickerson, John Williams
S1851 Dickerson, Matthew
OHT Dickinson, Jesse Lee
S2791 Dickson, John
OHT Diener, George
S2764 Dietz, Emil
S2808 Dietz, Lula
S359 Dignam, Dorothy
S1819 Dill Family Papers*
V43 Dillard Family
L44, V43 Dillard, Fred Elwood
S1840 Dillingham, John*
L377 Dillon, John Brown
OHT Dimke, Gertrude
S360 Dinn, Arinda
OHT Dirks, Edward
S3179 Dixon, Cora A.
S361 Dixon, Frank H.
MF Dixon, H. S.
S179 Dixon, Joseph H.
S1883 Dixon, William*
S2362, MF Dixon, Williamson
S362 Doane, Clem
S2657 Dodge, Rev. A. Varick*
S2803, V284 Dodson, Caddie
S363 Dole, William P.
S2494 Doll, Anita
S364, V327 Doll, William H. H.*
S365 Donnaldson, William F.*
OHT Donnell, Harold R.
S366 Doolittle, Bessie Decker, Mrs.*
V441 Doran, G.
S367 Dorsey, K. L.
4th Floor Doty, Eva
S368 Doty, Eva Emery
S2164 Doty, Florence, Mrs.
S369 Dougherty, Hugh
S370 Douglass, Jesse C.
S371 Douglass, Sam
OHT Dowd, Alfred F.
V294 Dowling, Alexander S.
S2415, V295 Dowling, Henry M.
S372, S3158 Dowling, Thomas
V44 Downey, Alexander C. and Samuel R.*
S373 Downey, Gladys
OHT Downey, Gordon
OHT Downey, Lucille
S3295, B56 Doyle, Edward
S374 Dragoo, John
S375 Drake, Daniel
S376 Drake, James
S377 Drake, S. A.
MF Draper Manuscripts
S378 Draper, Joseph*
S379 Draper, Oliver
S380 Drapier, William H.
S381 Dreiser, Theodore*
S382 Dresser, Paul
V45 Drinkwater
V428 Druding, Edwin
S383 Drummond, David*
S1659 Dubois County Collection
S384 Dubois, Jesse Kilgour*
S385, OB81 Dubois, Youssaint*
S386 Dufek, Mrs. Alex*
L46, OB6, folder 13 DuFour Family*
S387 Dumont, Ebenezer
G60 Duncan Family Collection
V291 Duncan House Register
S388 Duncan, Henry Clay
S1527 Dunes
S389 Dunihue, Daniel R.
S390 Dunn, Caroline
L47, B59, OB46, OBC9, V46 Dunn, Jacob Piatt*
S391 Dunn, Jerry*
S2418 Dunn, Mrs. Jacob Piatt
L262 Dunn, Temple H.
S392 Dunn, Williamson*
L362, OBC7 Dunnington, Georgia
S2022 Durbin Family*
S393, B46 Durbin, Winfield Taylor*
S1969 Durham Coffee and Spice Co., Lafayette
S394 Durham, Mary*
S395 Duryea, Merle J.
L48, V47, OBD4 DuShane, James
S396 Dutton, John W.
L256, S397 Dynes, Harry
S398 Eash, John H.
S399 East, Eva Ione
S400 Eckers, Charles
S5 Eckman, Alfred
S1528 Economic Council
S401 Edens, William G.
S402 Edgar, William
S403 Edgerton, A. P.
S1970 Edinburg Union Agricultural Society Fair
L441 Edison Family
S404 Edleman, R. J.
S405 Edmondson, Clarence
S406 Edmonston, Bazil B.
OHT Edris, John, Sr.
S1529 Education
S2039 Education - Gary College
S1563 Education - Indiana Central College
S1594 Education - Indiana University
V431 Education - Indiana University Arbutus, 1913
S1530 Education - Indiana University*
S2317 Education - Indiana University, 1918
S2303 Education - Marion College
S1531 Education - Northwest Christian College
S1533 Education - Wabash College
S1532 Education Organizations
L49 Edwards, Elijah Evan
S407 Edwards, Frank
S416 Edwards, James H.
S2167 Edwards, Marie Stuart
S410, MF Eggleston, Edward*
S408 Eggleston, Eliphalet
S409 Eggleston, George Cary
S411 Eggleston, Miles
S412 Ehrmann, Bess V.
L266, B68, OHT Eichhorn, Von A.
S413 Eickman, Charles F*
S2847 Eighth District Medical Society
S414 Eiler, Howard Alton
S3233 Eitel, Edmund
L255 Ek, Charles M.
S417 Elder, John H.
L50, V60 Elder, Romena O.
MF Elderkin, John and His Descendants
S2411 Election Returns
V117 Elections
S3114 Elections - 1811*
S2223 Elk Monthly Meeting of Anti-Slavery Friends
S1660, MF Elkhart County Collection
P31 Elkhart University Collection
S418 Elliott, Absalom and Jessie Shields
L51, OBC 91 Elliott, David L.
S2419 Elliott, Elmer S.
S2966 Elliott, Errol
S1799 Elliott, S. W.
S419 Ellis, E. W. H.
S420 Ellis, Frank
S1703 Ellis, James W.
S1800 Ellis, Sara
S2647 Ellis, Will R.
S421 Ellsworth, Annie Goodrich
S2143 Elmira Nobles Manufacturing Company
S2135 Elmore, James
S3242, B63, OBC31 Elmore, Lola
S1516 Elutherian Education Society
S422 Elvin, R. J.
MF Elvis, Robert
L52, OB1 folder 6, OBC118, V452 Embree, Lucius*
S423 Emmert, James A.
S424 Emmert, P. J.
S2831 Emrich Furniture Company
S2883 Engels, Robert
S425 Engle, Calvin Stratton
L410 Engle, Capt. Edmund
S426 Engle, James S.
V318 Englehart, Gordan
S2412 English Family
L53, V209 English, Henry K.*
S427 English, William H.
S1945 Enos B. Heiny*
S2445 Enos, R. C.*
L324, S1534 Envelops*
S2033 Enyart, Martha
S428 Epstein, Joel
S429 Ernhart, Irene
S430 Erskine, H. W. E.
S3262 Ervin, Howard G.
S3261 Ervin, Marie
S3263 Ervin, Thomas W.
S431 Erwin, Thomas W.
L459, S432 Esarey, Logan
L54 Escott, Thomas H.
S2035 Esmeier, Elizabeth
S433 Essington, James G.
S434 Estabrook, A. H.
S435 Estes, Hulda*
S2034 Estes, Lewis A.
L278 Et Cetera Club
S436 Etter, Minnie
V213 Eubank, Leobo
V383 Eugene, IN
S3100, V396 Eureka Lodge
S1535, V274, V314 European War - 1914-1918*
L392 European War - Bartholomew County
V118 European War - Ford Expedition
S2003 Eva
S2430 Evans, Edgar H.
OHT Evans, Errol
V166 Evans, Francis Marion
S437 Evans, George*
S438 Evans, Henry Bloomfield
S439 Evans, Robert
S440 Evans, Robert M.*
S441 Evans, Robley D.*
OHT, OH Evans, William P.
S1517 Evansville Stamp Club
S1804 Evansville, Indiana
S3239 Everitt, William Davis
S442 Evermann, Barton Warren
L295 Everson, Ray D.
S444 Ewbank Family Papers
S443 Ewbank, Louis B.
L323, S447, OBC41, V48 Ewing Family Collection
S1825, MF Ewing, George W.
OBC20 Ewing, Mary L.
S446 Ewing, W. D.
S1971 Ewing, William C.
S2844 Ewing, William G.
S2897, V307 Expression Club
S445 Eyanson, Thomas E., Woolen Mill
S448 Eyerly, S. G.
S1972 Fairbanks Indiana
S42 Fairbanks, Charles W.*
OHT Faith, Edward
V229 Falmouth General Store
OHT Farley, Minnie Marie Shering
S1518 Farm Bureau Co-op Association
MF Farmer, Eli P.
S2851 Farmer, James
S43, S2523 Farmer, James E.
S2036 Farmer, James E.*
S2011 Farmers' Mutual Indemnifying Compact
S44 Farnham, John H.
S451 Farquhar, Nora and Carrie
S452 Farrow, Francis M. and William H.
S453 Farver, Isaac
MF Farver, J. L.
S2934 Fatheree, Christopher
S454 Faucett, Eva
S449 Fauntleroy, R. H.*
OHT Faut, Roy
V152 Fayette and Fountain County
S1661, MF Fayette County Collection
MF Fayette County Historical Society
S450 Fearnley, C.
OHT Fedewa, Arthur J.
OHT Fedewa, Marie
S455 Feick, Frederick L.
L55, V236, OHT Feightner, Harold C.
S456 Feld, Raymond J.
OHT Fenn, Bert
V233 Fenner, Richard
S457 Ferguson, James
S3071 Ferguson, John*
S2311 Ferguson, Orval
S3016 Ferguson, Rev. John
S458 Ferguson, Roy E.
S3116 Ferran, J. W.*
S459 Ferris, Ezra*
S3073 Ferris-Scovell-Northam Family
S460 Fertig, Walter
S3196 Fields, Vincentius
S461 Fifer, Joseph*
S1520 Fifth Day Evening Club
MF Filson, John
S462 Finch, Hampden G.
S1863 Finch, Sharron
S1884 Finney, Mrs. Lester E.
S1963 Fischer Piano
S463 Fischer, Karl W.
S2250 Fiscus, Imogene W.
S464 Fishback, William P.
S465 Fisher, Carl
S466 Fisher, Ernestine
OHT Fisher, Fannie
L270 Fisher, Helen E.
S330 Fisher, Margaret Trusler
S467 Fisher, Russell V.
V267 Fitch, Dr. Graham
S2636 Fitch, Dr. Graham N.*
S1803 Fitch, Earl E.
S468 Fitzhugh, George
OHT Fitzpatrick, R. N.
S1536 Flags
S469, S3207 Flaningam, Mary Jane Lilly
S470 Flanner, Janet
S471 Fleming, Bertha A.
OHT Fleming, Betty
S2037, OHT Fleming, Charles F.
S3090, OHT Fleming, Charles F.*
S472 Fleming, Roscoe B.
S3107 Fletcher Savings and Trust Company
V49 Fletcher, Butler, and Yandes
S473 Fletcher, Calvin*
L193 Flexible Work Week Committee
S2569 Flinn, John M.
S1538 Floods
S1539 Flora, Orchids of Indiana
L424, V465 Florence Riddick Boys
S1662 Floyd County Collection
S2655 Floyd, Benjamin*
S3038 Fludder, Henry
S1519 Flying Squadron Foundation
S2977 Fogle, James S.
L251, OBC16 Fogleman Family Papers
S2524 Fohl, Robert R. Sr.
OHT Foland, John A.
OHT Foley, Evajeane Alberta
S1543 Folklore
S475 Follett, C. W.*
S476 Folop, Albert
S477 Folsom, Mary
S478 Foote, Andrew*
S3167 Foote, John Calvin
MF Foote, Marcelle K.
4th Floor Ford
L432, OB35 Ford, Helen M. Ford
S479 Forsyth, T.
V323 Forsyth, William
S1878 Fort Harrison
S2907 Fort Wayne and Southern Railroad
S2240 Fort Wayne Christian Endeavor Union
S480 Fort Wayne Electric Co.
S1540 Forts
S3151 Fortune, William
S2762 Forward, Inc.
S482 Foss, Hugh R.
S1541 Foster Hall
S483 Foster, Alexander
S485 Foster, Charles
MF Foster, John Walters
L56, V421 Foulke, William Dudley
S1542 Foundations Fellowship
V245 Fountain County Account Book
S1663 Fountain County Collection
S2522, V328 Fountain Park Chautauqua
L478 Fox Theater
L247, V462 Francis, Bishop Joseph
V61 Francis, Frederick David, M.D.
S1544 Franklin College
S1664, V153 Franklin County Collection
MF Franklin County Historical Society
S2144 Franklin County Negro Register
V237 Franklin Institute
S2251, S2478 Franklin Public Library
S3192 Franklin Township School
OHT Franklin, Bessie
L337 Frantz, Rev. George A.
S486, OBC55 Frary, John C.
S487 Frayne, Edward Doyle
S2988 Frazier, Jane
MF Free Labor Advocate Wayne County
S1545 Freedom Train
S488 Freeland, Marceil
S489 Freeland, William
S490 Freeman, William
V50 Freez, F.
S1556 French and Indian War
S2911 French Relief Fund
B44, OBC57 Frentz
S2800 Frenzel, Harriet Stanhope Greathouse
OHT Frick, Helen McCaffery
L57 Friermood, Elisabeth Hamilton
S2429 Frietzshe, Ella E.
S3187 Frink, Samuel C.
S2776 Frisz, Clara
S491 Fritschle, Lucy
S492 Fruits, Noah
S493, V77 Fullenwider, J. Newton
S1973 Fuller and Currens
S494 Fuller, Lois
S1665 Fulton County Collection
OHT Fultz, Jim
S2525 Funk, Arville
V78 Funk, J. P.
L271 Funk, Mrs. Claude Douglass - 3rd Battery Field Artillery
S3202 Furbay, Caroline
S495 Furnas, John*
S496 Furniss, S. A.
V35 Gaar, Samuel
S497 Gaither, Perry
S3249 Galey, Samuel F.
S3248 Galey, William B.
L272, V233 Gall, Albert
S498 Gallagher, Hugh D.
S499 Gallatin, Albert
OHT Galvin, Randall
S500 Galways, William B.
S1521 Gamma Beta Chi Sorority
L546 Gapen-Moore Family Papers
OHT Gappen, Elizabeth
S2810 Garber, Mrs. M.C.
S2920 Gardner, Andrew*
OHT Gardner, Dorothy
S2249 Gardner, Fannie
S501, V79 Gardner, Joseph
OHT Gardner, William W.
S503 Garr, John Wesley
S2038 Garr, John Wesley, M.D.
S504 Garretson, J.
S1801 Garrett, Indiana*
OHT Garrett, Jessie
S2495 Garrett, Paul
S502 Garrison, Josiah
V15 Garver, John J.
OHT Gary Indiana
S3025 Gasaway, Thomas R.
S505 Gaskins, Bernice E.
S506 Gates, Ralph
4th Floor, OHT, OH Gates, Ralph F.*
OHT Gaunt, Lawrence C.
S507 Gavet, John*
S2822 Gavin, James
L206, SP13 Gaynor, Lucille Lipps
OHT Geisler, Rudolph
OHT Gemmecke, Dr. Richard H.
S1522 General Federation of Women's Clubs
S508 General Railroad Ticket (The)
S509 Genung, David*
S1974 George, Dr.
S2913 Gerig, Norman L.
S3217 German Soldiers
S2359 Germans*
V249 Geschichte
S1666 Gibson County Collection
S510 Gibson, John*
MF Giddings, Joshua
L332 Giddings, Joshua R.
V282 Gifford, William Howell Dr.
S511 Giggy, Christian
S512 Gilbert, Curtis*
S513 Gilbert, J. B.
S2594 Gilbreath, Eramus C.
S2386, OHT Gill, George
OHT Gill, Urith Dailey
S514, OB67 Gilleland Family Collection*
S515 Gilliland Electric Manufacturing Company
V16 Gilliland, Ezra T.
OHT Gingery, Walter G.
L423 Girl's Athletic Association
OHT Gise, Mrs. Grover Daniel (Emma Ambrose)
S516 Gladden Family Collection
S1546 Glass
OHT Glass, Berniece H. and Marjorie H. Montgomery
OBC18 Glazier, Daniel, Tribute
S2978 Glick, Solomon M.
S2928 Glick, William C.
S517 Glidewell, Kenneth R.*
S518 Glover, Joseph*
S519 Godfroy, Clarence James
S2242 Godfroy, Francis
S2496 Godown, Capt. John M.
S520 Gohres, Helen
S1975 Goldfield-Lincoln Mining Co.
S521 Goldman, J. H.
S522 Goldthwaite, Alice
S523 Goltry, Jehiel W.
L59 Good, Lara P.
S524 Good, Vella
OHT Goodlander, Sherman
S2570 Goodman, Charles
OHT Goodman, Sarah Wolf
S1886 Goodwill Industries
S2176 Goodwin, C. L.
S525 Goodwin, John P.
P10 Goodwin, Lt. Col.
MF Gooldy, Walter R.
S526 Gorby, S. S.
S3113 Gordon, George F.
S527 Gordon, Julia L. Dumont
S528 Gorman, George W.
S2041 Gosset Family*
OHT Gouckenour, Lena
S529 Goudy, C.
S2306, B4, OB6, folder 18, OBC8 Gough, Charles T.
S530 Gough, John B.
S1547 Governor's Commission on Unemployment Relief
S2387 Governors Portraits
S1821, B48 Governor's Voluntary Action Program Collection
S531 Gowdy, John Kennedy
S532 Grady, A.
S2252 Graham, E. Pearl
S2598 Graham, John A.
V175 Grand Army of the Republic (G. A. R.)
OBC19 Grand Army of the Republic (G. A. R.) - Certificate
S2909 Grand Army of the Republic (G. A. R.) - Crawfordsville Post
MF Grand Army of the Republic (G. A. R.) - Post No. 2 - Elkhart, IN
V317 Grand Army of the Republic (G. A. R.) - Scrapbook
L201, S1941, V127, V175 Grand Army of the Republic (G. A. R.) - Thomas and Johnson Posts
S1667 Grant County Collection
4th Floor Graves Collection
S533 Graves, Alfred
L378 Graves, L. B.
L540, B74 Gray, Claude M.
S2875 Gray, Dr. John M.
S534 Gray, William H.
S536 Graydon, Dr. Robert G.
S535 Graydon, Ellen
S537 Great Britain, Military Papers*
S538 Greathouse, Harriet Stanhope
MF Greeley, Horace
S2627, OB1, folder 9, 10 Green, Edna May
S2624 Green, Grace M.
S3297, OBC27 Greene Family Papers
S539 Greene, Israel
S540 Greene, James
L508 Greene, Marion
S2388 Greenlee, Mrs. Pleas
S1944 Greenough, Walter
S1783 Greentree Golf Club
S3112 Gregg, James M.
S541 Gresham, Walter Q.*
MF Griest, Alva C.
L45, OB20, OBC17 Griffin, Dan
L60 Griffin, Daniel F.
S543 Griffin, Joseph
S1802 Griffith, Benjamin H.*
S544 Griffith, Fred
S545 Griffith, H. C.
S546 Griffith, John L.
S2183 Griffiths, Barton
S3231 Griffths, Leona Helen
S547 Grigsby, Nimrod
S548 Grissom, Virgil (Gus)*
S542 Grist, Alva C.
S549 Griswold, Bert G.
S3285, OB11 Griswold, James and Malinda
V173 Grocer and Butcher Clerk Association
S550 Grose, William*
S551 Grout, C. S.
S552 Grove, O. R.
L61, V423 Grow, Lottie Lyons
S2253 Grubb, J. D.
S554 Grubbs, Daniel W.*
S553 Grubbs, George W.
S555 Gruber, Wilbur T.*
S3021 Gruelle, Richard B.
S556 Gude, Alfred
S557 Guilbert, E. S.
S2817 Gunn, Cyrus L.
S3280 Gunn, John T.
S2931 Gunter, Jeffrey
S2758 Gurney, Joseph John
S2407 Guston, Dr. Levi
OHT Guthrie, Dick
S1887 Guthrie, James M.
4th Floor Guthrie, Wayne
OHT Guy, Ida
OHT Guy, Roscoe D.
S558 Guyon, Dorothy M.
OHT Haartje, Albert L.
V80 Haburn, Joseph
S559 Hackett, Emma
MF Hackleman, Elijah
S560 Hackney, Melissa*
S561 Haddon, William R.
L405 Hadley Family
S1953 Hadley, Paul*
S562 Hadley, Simon B.
S563 Haerle, Rudolph K.
S2389 Hagerstown, Indiana, Mining Company*
OHT Haines, Edwin L.
S564 Haines, Rev. Matthias L.
S565 Haines, Robert B.
S566 Haldeman, J. S.
S567, MF Haldimand, Frederick
S568 Halford, E. W.
OHT Hall, Ann Louise
S569 Hall, Archibald McClelland
S570 Hall, Eliza Jane
MF Hall, Heben
S2670 Hall, Laura Clarinda Bammerlin
S571 Hall, Ruth
S572 Hall, Salmon
S573 Hall, Samuel
V81 Hallenbeck, Benjamin W., M.D.
S1668, S2497 Hamilton County Collection
L62, OBC49, OBD13, V446 Hamilton Family Papers
MF Hamilton, Allen
S2801 Hamilton, Dorothy
S574 Hamilton, Everett
S2862 Hamilton, Henry
S575 Hamilton, James M.
S576 Hamilton, John
S580 Hamilton, Mary
MF Hamilton, Mendal L.
S577 Hamilton, Robert
S1976 Hamilton, Robert, Hamilton Harrow
MF Hamilton, Samuel
S2736 Hamman, Josiah H.
L232 Hammond Indiana - Schools
S579 Hampden, John*
S581 Hamtranck, John Francis
S2390 Hancock & English Club
S1669 Hancock County Collection
OHT Handley, Harold W.
S582 Handley, Harold W., Memorial Service
S2042 Hanger, John Howard
OHT Hanks, Craig
S578 Hanlin, James C.
S583 Hanly, James Frank*
S2499 Hanna, Agnes McCulloch
L318 Hanna, H. H.
S584 Hannah, Samuel
V17 Hansen, G. C. & F. A
S585 Hapgood, Powers
S586 Harden, Vactor T.
L280 Hardin, Max Carter
S588 Harding, Florence K., Mrs. Warren G.*
MF Harding, George C.
S587 Harding, Stephen S.
S589 Hardy, Eliza A.
S2043 Hardy, James, Mr. and Mrs.
S606, OH Harked, Rupert Vance*
L238 Harlan, Denver C.
OBC4 Harlan, George
S590 Harlan, Jacob
L407 Harley, William
S591 Harlow, Alvin F.
S592 Harmar, Col. Josiah
S593 Harnett, Cornelius*
S594 Harney, Will Wallace
S602 Harold, Mrs. F. W.*
L90, OB71 Harper Family Papers*
S595 Harper, Ida H.*
S2526 Harrell, Mrs. Emerson
L415 Harrell, Russell
S603 Harriman, Samuel K.
S596 Harris, Addison C.*
S3054 Harris, Mrs. Joey
S597 Harris, William
S1670, MF Harrison County Collection*
OBC5, MF Harrison Trail Newspaper Clippings
L63, B35, OB5 Harrison, Benjamin
MF Harrison, Benjamin Home
S1178, V333 Harrison, Benjamin, Collection on (Russell Benjamin Harrison)
S2721 Harrison, Christopher*
S3220 Harrison, Dr. Thomas*
S599 Harrison, Mary Lord*
V82, MF Harrison, Merritt
L505 Harrison, Phoebe Jane
S55 Harrison, President Benjamin Home Collection
MF Harrison, William H. Presidential Papers
S600, MF Harrison, William Henry*
V412 Harrod, Capt. William
S2901 Harrod, Mildred Dixon
S3060 Harrod, William
L284 Harrods, Mrs. Adolph
S604 Hart, James M.
S605 Hart, John
S2254 Hartig, James P.
OHT Hartke, Vance
L273, S607 Hartley, Harry D.
S1866 Hartman, John W.
S2923 Hartman, Mark
S2728 Hartsville Creamery Company
L186, 4th Floor Harvey, Ralph
L385, OBC3 Has Selman, Watson J.
L531 Hasse, Ric
L385, OBC3 Hasselman, Watson J.
S608 Hatch, F. Faith
OB7 Hatfield Family Papers
S609 Hathaway, Amos*
S2814 Haub, Joseph Edward
S610 Haughton, William
S611 Hausdorfer, Mrs. Richard
S612, V444 Hawk, Aletha Grace
S60 Hawkes, James W.
S1854 Hawkins, Hubert*
OHT Hawkins, Patricia A.
L64 Hawley, Ransom*
S614 Hayes, Ezra
S613 Hayes, Mrs. D. H.
S615 Hayes, Nancy and Joseph
4th Floor Hayes, Philip
S616 Hayes, Rutherford B.*
S617 Haymond, Claude J.
S618 Hayne, Coe
S3290 Haynes Automobile Company Records
S2599 Haynes, Louis
S1820 Hays, John
S3148, OBC63, 4th Floor, MF, 4th Fl Cage Hays, Will H.
S2187 Hayward, Elizabeth
S619 Hazel Family
S622 Hazelrigg, Charles
S621 Hazeltine, Ross J.
S622 Hazzard, Miriam
V83 Heacock, Morris
S1830 Head, George
S1807 Heaton and Wade Family Papers*
L65, V439 Hecker, Edward J.
S623 Hedde, Wilhemina G.
OHT Hedge, Julia
S3268 Hedges, Beatrice
OHT Hedrick, Charles Lowell
S625 Hedrick, Mrs. West
S624 Heffley, Florence Emerson
S626, OB72 Heineken Family Papers
S627 Heinzerling, Thais
S628 Heinzle, Fred G.
MF Hellen, Herbert L.
MF Heller Family
L220 Heller, Herbert
S630 Heller, Herbert L.
S629 Heller, Richard D., Jr.
V84 Helm, H. N., M.D.
4th Floor Helmer Collection
S631, L556, Range 52 Helmer, Dorothy G.
L132, V84 Helms, Hamet N.
S2395 Henderson
S632 Henderson, Edward
S633 Henderson, J. O.
MF Hendricks County Account Book
S1671, MF Hendricks County Collection
MF Hendricks County General Store
S1889 Hendricks County Newspaper clippings
S2089 Hendricks County, Washington Township Library
S634, OBC69 Hendricks, Abram W.*
S635, B20, OBC74, OBD5 Hendricks, Thomas A.*
S636, S47 Hendricks, William*
4th Floor Henley Family Manuscripts
S2255 Henninger, Winifred L.
L211, S1672 Henry County (Miscellaneous Records)
S1672, MF Henry County Collection
S2221 Henry County Historical Society
L67 Henry, David W.
S2898 Henry, George*
S637 Henry, Mary E.
S638 Henry, Patrick*
S639 Henry, William Elmer
4th Floor Herbig Family Collection
OHT Herman, Louise
L373 Hermann's Sons, Cherusker Lodge
L267 Hermsen, John - Vietnam War Protest
S641 Heron, Alexander
S642 Heron, Kate
S640 Herring, Paul
S643 Herrod, William*
S645 Herron, George
S3137 Herron, Walter
S646 Herschell, William
L68 Hershey, Jeve
S2265 Herzog, Fritz
S3252 Hesser, Leon F.
S2185 Hester, George Knight
MF Hester, Mathias Addison
V87 Hetherington, A. M., M.D.
S647 Hetherington, John P.
OHT Heyne, Robert
S2476 Heywood, Florence
MF Hiatt, Elmer
V18 Hiatt, Joel
S2918 Hiatt, Nathan
L228 Hibben
L69 Hibben Family
S648 Hickenlooper, A.
S649 Hickman, Josiah M.
S3264 Hickman, Wilfred
S651 Hicks Family Collection*
S650 Hicks, Benjamin*
S652 Hicks, Harlan E.
S653 Hide, John
S2222 Hiestand, Joseph E.
S654 Higgins, Helen Boyd
S655 Higgins, William W.*
OB77 Hildebrant, Ruth
S2571 Hill Camden L.
S656 Hill, Aaron
B49, OB30 Hill, Daniel F.
S657 Hill, Herbert
S658 Hill, James
S659 Hilleke, Sister John Francis
S660 Hillis, Bernice Haynes
S2186 Hillis, Mrs. Lafayette*
4th Floor Himelick, Ralph
L70 Hines, Cyrus C.
S661 Hines, Hiram*
S2098 Hinkle, Roger B.
L413 Hinshaw
S662 Hinsley, Ray
S1888 Hise, Albert E.
L71, V51 Hiss, William H.
P17 Historic Documents and Sites Lantern Slides
L224 Historic Landmark Foundation - Woodstock, IN
S2435 History of Paris Indiana
S2767 History Teachers Association of Indiana
S2296 Hite, Mary Faye
S663 Hitt, George C.
S664 Hoagland, Merica Evans
S665 Hodges, Rebecca Traill
S666 Hodgin, Cyrus W.
OHT Hoeppner, Virgil
L420 Hoese, Bill Ingalls
S2040, V293 Hoffman and Schloper
S667 Hoffman, B. B.*
S3180 Holbert, Isabell
S2256 Holcomb, T. C.
L72 Holcombe, John Walker
S668, V85 Holiman, Willis
MF Holland, James
OHT Hollarh, Phillip
S669 Hollenbeck, C. E.
S670 Holliday, John H.*
V287 Hollingsworth & Bartlett General Store
S671 Hollingsworth, Hannah*
S672 Hollingsworth, Helen
S673 Hollingsworth, Joseph
S674 Holloway, S.
S644 Holloway, William R.
S675 Hollowell, Arcas E.
S676 Holman, Jesse Lynch*
S2044 Holman, Joseph*
L73 Holman, William Steele
OHT Holmes, Jack
V86 Holstein, Charles L.
OBC 39 Holsworth, Floyd E.
S2930 Holt, Charles
OHT Homer, Indiana
S677 Homsher, Charles Wesley
S2527 Honaker, Mrs. Donald L.
S678 Honeywell, Enoch
S679 Hood, Zeralda
S680 Hook, John
S2720 Hoosier Cabinet Company
S3289 Hoosier Salon Patrons Association Publications
S2868 Hoosier Society of Florida, Inc.
S2878 Hoover, David
OHT Hoover, Jesse
S2170, OHT Hoover, Robert A.
MF Hope Star Journal
OBC79 Hope, Indiana - Plat Maps
S2572 Hopkins, Henry*
S2644 Hoppe, A. F.
S1867 Hopper, Abram B.
OHT Hopper, Floyd
L463, OBE5, OBF1 Hopper, Floyd D.
S681, OHT Hopper, Hazel W.*
S682, B2, OBD2 Horan, Micheal E.*
S2944 Horn, Kathy
L327 Horne Collection
S3009 Horner, William
S683 Horney, Wayne
S1829 Horse Thief Detective Association, Newton and Valley Mills
L202 Horse Thief Detective Organization
L544 Horseman, Millicent Guthrie
S684 Horseman, Millicent, Mrs.
S2248 Hosier, Scott
OHT Hoskins, Earl
S1548 Hotels
S2097, V246 Hottenstein, Charles A.
S2171 Hougham, Ruth Trout
L74 Houston, Gus
S685 Hovarter, Nancy
S686 Hovey, Alvin P.
L75 Hovey, Edmund*
S688 How, Sarah
S1673 Howard County Collection
V139 Howard County Orphans Home Material
OHT Howard Steamboat Museum, Inc.
S687 Howard, Don
L76 Howard, Donald D.
OHT Howard, Mrs. James, and Tom Krasean
S689 Howard, Tilghman A.*
S690 Howard, William L.
L77 Howe, Francis*
OHT Howe, James C.
S691 Howe, Rose
S2948 Howey, Ross A.
S2641 Howlett Family
OHT Hubbard, Josephine Jackson
L78 Hubbard, Robert C.
S692 Hubbart, Ira and Albert
S693 Hubbell, Maria
S3276 Huber Family Genealogy
S1868 Huddleston, Fannie*
OHT Huddleston, Henry
S694 Huddleston, Samuel B.
MF Hudnut Campaign
S695, S2888, 4th floor, OHT Hudnut, Rev. William H. III*
S696 Hudson, Helen
L481, V430 Hudson, Hubert
S2634 Hudson, James
S697 Hudspeth, Anne
S698 Huff, John
S3032 Huff, Oliver N., M.D.
S699 Hughes, Daniel
S221 Hughes, Marguerite Cravens
S700 Hull, John H.
S701 Hull, William*
S3253 Hulley, William H.*
S702 Humphreys, Samuel
S703 Humphries, John*
S2247 Hunsberger, Charles
MF Hunt, Amiel
S2573 Hunt, William R.
S1674, MF Huntington County Collection
L198 Huntington, Jeffrey L.
S704 Huntzinger, Jennie C., Mrs. Everett
OB2, folder 5 Hurley, Hiram
S705 Hurst, William
S706 Hurt, Fred C.
V67 Hurty, Josiah
OHT Husted, Ralph W.
S2689 Huston, William Riley
S707 Hutchinson, David Dr.*
S2574 Hutchinson, Josiah
S2894 Hutchison, Isaiah
S708 Hutson, Claude Costlow
L452, OB49 Hutton, Gilbert
S709 Hynes, William D.*
4th Floor I. T. A.
S1557 Improved Order of Red Men
S2669 Independent Order of Odd Fellows - Lodge # 169, Oxford, Indiana
L422 Independent Order of Odd Fellows - Reserve Lodge #102 Montezuma, IN
S1558 Independent Order of Odd Fellows*
S2577, OB22 Indian - Madison County*
S2587 Indian - Miami Tribe Rations
S1559 Indian History
S1560 Indian History - Delawares
S2542, OB2, folder 2, OBC66 Indian History - Miami
S1561 Indian History - Potawatomi
S2202, OB2, folder 1, OBD6, OBE2 Indian History - Treaties
L203 Indiana Academy of Science
S3200 Indiana Artists Club Publications
S2045 Indiana Arts Commission
S2226 Indiana as a Manufacturing State
L526, S3210 Indiana Association of Accredited Flower Show Judges
S3156 Indiana Association of Workers of the Blind, Inc.
S2030 Indiana Attorney General's Office Collection
S1484 Indiana Authors Autograph Collection
S3214 Indiana Authors*
L409 Indiana Autographs*
V405 Indiana Aviation Scrapbooks
S1773 Indiana Battle Flag Commission
S2528 Indiana Bicentennial Commission
S3221 Indiana Building Specifications and Estimates*
4th Floor Indiana Business and Professional Woman’s Clubs
S1562 Indiana Centennial Commission
V28 Indiana Chamber of Commerce
MF Indiana Cities - Various
S3079 Indiana Civil Defense
S1564 Indiana Civil Liberties Union
V202 Indiana Club
B30 Indiana Company Papers
OBC36 Indiana Constitution, Collection on
L430 Indiana Council of Women
S3138 Indiana County Histories*
L457 Indiana Democratic Editors Association: Dick Heller Jr.
S3178 Indiana Department of Conservation
S2046 Indiana Department of Natural Resources
V120 Indiana Department of Public Instruction
S2402 Indiana Division of Labor
L497 Indiana Extension Homemakers - Hancock County
L496 Indiana Extension Homemakers - Lawrence County
L330 Indiana Extension Homemakers Association
S1565 Indiana Farm Bureau
L498, S1566 Indiana Federation of Art Clubs
4th Floor Indiana Federation of Clubs
S1567 Indiana Federation of Clubs - 7th District History Reports
S1568 Indiana Federation of Music Clubs - 8th District
4th Floor Indiana Federation of Social Work Clubs
L427 Indiana Film Council
L499 Indiana Forum
4th Floor Indiana Garden Club
L241, OBE8 Indiana General Assembly
B54 Indiana Geological Report Map, 1882
L440 Indiana Governor's Conference on Libraries
S1569 Indiana Historical Bureau
S2227 Indiana Historical Bureau Collection
S1570 Indiana Historical Commission
S1571 Indiana Historical Society
4th Floor Indiana Home Economics Association
S3219 Indiana Horse Thief Detective Union
S1573 Indiana Hospital Association
S1574 Indiana Jewish Community Relations Council, Indianapolis
S2051 Indiana Legion Minute Book
L195 Indiana Legislative Bureau
S2500 Indiana Legislature
S1575 Indiana Library Association
S1576 Indiana Library Trustee's Association
V404, MF Indiana Lincoln Foundation
S1577 Indiana Lincoln League
S1578 Indiana Lincoln Memorial Association
L365, V313 Indiana Lincoln Union
S2345 Indiana Manufacturing Company
S1572 Indiana Memorials Collection
L473 Indiana Mirror Company
S1579 Indiana Museum Society, Inc.
V201 Indiana Music Teacher's Association
S1979 Indiana Napkins
4th Floor Indiana Nutrition Campaign
L419 Indiana Oral History Roundtable
S3131 Indiana Port Commission
L196, S1581 Indiana Public Welfare
S1582 Indiana Publicity Bureau
4th Floor Indiana Republican Editorial Association
V199 Indiana Republican State Central Committee
S2967 Indiana Roadside Council
S2859 Indiana Sanitary Commission
S2575 Indiana Sanitary Commission - Civil War*
L455 Indiana Scholarship Fund for the Aspen Music School
V114 Indiana School for the Deaf
L209, MF Indiana Sesquicentennial Manuscript Project
L205 Indiana Society for Mental Hygiene
S1583 Indiana Society of Chicago
S2067 Indiana Soldiers' and Seamen's' Home Association*
S1584 Indiana State Bar Association
S2889 Indiana State Board of Health
S1585 Indiana State Chamber of Commerce
S1586 Indiana State Civic Union
L207 Indiana State Conference on Social Work Mental Health
S1619 Indiana State Employees Association
S1980 Indiana State Fair
S1580 Indiana State Fair, 1852
L290, S2246,V186, V260 Indiana State Grange
S3209 Indiana State Juvenile Officer's Association
S1587 Indiana State Legislators Club
S3234 Indiana State Library 125th Anniversary
L197, S2765, L127, OBC111, OBD36, OBE3, V127 Indiana State Library Collection
L445 Indiana State Library Staff Association
S2230 Indiana State Medical Association
S2849 Indiana State Medical Association Centennial
S1951, V115 Indiana State Museum
S1589 Indiana State Office Building
L465 Indiana State Police
S2137 Indiana State Prisons
L403, V283 Indiana State Soldiers and Sailors Home
V278 Indiana State Teachers Association
S2740 Indiana State Teachers Association - Mathematics Section
S1590 Indiana State Teacher's Association - School Librarian's Minutes, 1928 - 1939
MF Indiana State University
4th Floor, OB4 folders 7, 8 Indiana Tax Payers Association - Cost of Government
S1591, V200 Indiana Teachers' and Young People's Reading Circle
S1592 Indiana Territory Census, 1815
OBC37 Indiana Territory Laws
S1981 Indiana Territory Sesquicentennial
MF Indiana Township Trustees Association
S2968, B55 Indiana Trade Licenses
S1593 Indiana Union Board
4th Floor Indiana War History Commission
4th Floor Indiana Weavers Guild
4th Floor Indiana World Organization of China Painters
S1595 Indiana Writers
S2380 Indiana, Bloomington & Western Railway Co.
S1919 Indianapolis - German House
L542, OB70, OBC110 Indianapolis - Scarborough Peace Games
S1984 Indianapolis - Schools - Shortridge
S3317, V468 Indianapolis Aero Club
S1982 Indianapolis and Greenfield Rapid Transit Co.
4th Floor Indianapolis Arrow Club
S2140 Indianapolis Arsenal
S2514 Indianapolis Athletic Club
4th Floor Indianapolis B. P. W.
S1596 Indianapolis Bar Association
S3166 Indianapolis Belting and Supply Company
S1881 Indianapolis Brewing Company
S3006 Indianapolis Business 1880's
S2540 Indianapolis Business Cards*
V268 Indianapolis Businesses- Pandell Florists
S2703 Indianapolis Businesses*
S1588 Indianapolis Businesses, 1880 - 1894
S1978 Indianapolis Businesses, 1880-1885
S1795 Indianapolis Businesses, 1889-1915
S2229 Indianapolis Centennial Celebration Committee
L322 Indianapolis Centennial Committee
V191 Indianapolis Chain and Stamping Company
S1439 Indianapolis Civil War Roundtable
S2763 Indianapolis Common Council
4th Floor Indianapolis Council of Women
L414 Indianapolis Crossroads and Culture
S1597 Indianapolis Draft Project
S1598 Indianapolis Dramatic Society
V188 Indianapolis German Literary Club
S2674 Indianapolis Hardware Store*
S1796 Indianapolis Journal
S3017 Indianapolis Library Club
S1871 Indianapolis Light Artillery*
4th Floor Indianapolis Matinee Musicale
S1983 Indianapolis Mechanical Institute
S2422 Indianapolis Memorial Park
L451 Indianapolis Model Cities Program
L456, V408 Indianapolis Municipal Airport
L433 Indianapolis Musicians Local No. 3
S2215 Indianapolis Patriotic Gardeners' Association
V399 Indianapolis Plat Maps
S3132 Indianapolis Police Department
L529 Indianapolis Press Club
S2869, V303 Indianapolis Project
SP10 Indianapolis Railways Photo Album
V208 Indianapolis Rolling Mill
S2961 Indianapolis School of Practical Nursing
4th Floor Indianapolis Sesquicentennial Org.
V326 Indianapolis Sketching Club
S2258 Indianapolis Socialer Turnverein
L520, V417 Indianapolis Theaters
S1681 Indianapolis to Madison, Ohio Road Survey
P27 Indianapolis Track Elevation Photo Album
V398 Indianapolis Union Railway Company
L487 Indianapolis USO Council
L406 Indianapolis YMCA
B6 Indianapolis, Peru & Chicago Railway Timetable
S2742 Indians - Census - Miami
S2741 Indians - Miami - Emigration
S2364 Industrial listings for Noblesville Indiana
S1599 Industries
4th Floor Ingalls Family
4th Floor, B70, OB63, OBC104, OBD30, OBE6, OBF2 Ingalls Stone Company
S2232 Ingalls, Mrs. Robert
4th Floor Ingalls, Osie Alice McDowell
V88 Ingels, John
MF Inglehart, John E.
S1890 Ingles, Richard T.
OHT Inman, James
V89 Insley, William H.
S1600 Institution for the Blind
S2233 Institutions, Charities
S3146 Insurance Advertising Cards*
L474 Inter Nos Club
S3188 Internal Revenue License
OBC78 International Printing Pressmen and Assistants' Union of North America charter
V203 Irvington Athenaeum
S2173 Irvington*
4th Floor ITU
S1872 Izor, Ellen*
L390 J. D. Adams and Co.
S39 J. H. Aufderheide & Co.
4th Floor, B68, OB61, OBC102, OBD28 Jackson, Amos Wade
S710, OBD18 Jackson, Chic
S711 Jackson, E. A.
S712 Jackson, Edward*
S2904 Jackson, Mary M.
S3301 Jackson, Mildred
OB2, folder 9 Jackson, Nathan
S1985 Jackson, S. M.
S713 Jackson, Thomas
L475 Jacobs, Andrew
S714 Jacobs, Andrew, Jr.
OHT Jacobs, Enda
L527 Jacoby, B.
S3244 Jamison Family*
S3056 Japan
S715 Jaqua, Mrs. George W.
MF Jarrell, F. P.
S1675, MF Jasper County Collection
S1676, MF Jay County Collection
S2396 Jay, Allen
S716 Jayne, Seely
S2397, S2811, V230, MF Jefferson County
MF Jeffersonville Public Library
L204 Jeffersonville, Madison, and Indianapolis Railroad
S2905 Jeger, Rodney
S717 Jehs, Randall
S718 Jenckes, Daniel
MF Jenckes, Isabella
OB1, folder 12 Jenckes, Joseph
OHT Jenckes, Virginia
L374 Jenckes, Virginia Ellis
OB50 Jenison, Rufus*
S720 Jenkinson, Isaac*
S719 Jenner, William E.*
S1678, MF Jennings County Collection
L79 Jennings, Jonathan, Collection on
S2165 Jessup, Lewis B.
L489 Jewell, Virgil
S721 Johns, Mary A.
S1679 Johnson County Collection
S3029 Johnson County, Dog Tax Receipt Book, 1954
S722 Johnson, Andrew J.
S724 Johnson, Bess Sellers
S725 Johnson, C. B.
S2271 Johnson, Carroll A., Mrs.
V415 Johnson, Everette R.
S727 Johnson, Frederick*
S728 Johnson, Gabriel
S729 Johnson, Harriet Eitel
S730 Johnson, Henry U.
S2142 Johnson, Henry Underwood
S731 Johnson, Howard
S723, OB6, folder 8 Johnson, Jeremiah*
S733 Johnson, Jesse S.
L399, OBC58, OBC4, folder 22 Johnson, Jesse T.
L283 Johnson, John
V62, Johnson, Lawrence Albert
P26, OP2 Johnson, Lucile
S2272 Johnson, Mary Anne
S735 Johnson, Mary E.
S726 Johnson, Mrs. Cyril
S736 Johnson, Overton
S737 Johnson, Robert Underwood
S2498 Johnson, Sarah Ann Hampton
S738 Johnson, William E.*
S2188 Johnson, William H. H.
S739 Johnson, William R.
V19 Johnson, Worrick
S3228 Johnson, Zenas Crossman
S3102 Johnston Family
S3128 Johnston Mill
S2463 Johnston, Beatrice J.*
OB52 Johnston, Benjamin
S740 Johnston, Franklin
OHT Johnston, Irene
S1986 Johnston, J. T.
S741; S2731 Johnston, James*
S3011 Johnston, John
L555, OB80 Johnston, Margaret Afflis
OHT Johntry, Jerry
OHT Jolly, Darrell
S742 Jones, Charles
V52 Jones, H. W., M.D.
S1987 Jones, James A.
S743, V90 Jones, John
S2189 Jones, John Hewitt*
L86 Jones, William F.
S744 Jones, William H.*
V266 Jordan, David A.
S745 Jordan, Dulcinea M.
S2190 Jordan, Ephraim*
OBC 85 Jordan, Gilmore
OHT Jordan, Medrith
S746 Jordan, Walter K.
L524 Joseph, Edna
S747 Joseph, Jonathon*
S1537 Journal of a House Fly
S748 Judah, Samuel
S749 Judkins, William H.*
L81, OB4, folder 1, OBC64, V53, MF Julian, George W.
S750 Julian, Laura G.
L479 Julian, Rene Morton
S751 Kabel, Philip*
OHT Kaeser, William
S2490 Kahn, Adolph
S752 Kalley, Ella Hartwig
L501 Kamm, Bertha
S753 Kanter, David Morris
OHT Kasle, Daniel
L281 Katherine Merrill Graydon Club
S1891 Kaufman, Mary Alexander
S2312 Keach, James L.
S754 Keegan, Enoch W.
S755 Keeler, Teresa
S756 Keen, William C.
S757 Keene, Brayton L.*
S758 Keeney, Ellen
S759 Keeney, Esther Shively
S760 Keesling, Peter*
S2882 Keith, Aaron V.
OBC43 Keith, Eli
S761 Keith, George*
V54 Keith, Willis B.
S762 Kellar, William
S763 Kellenberger, Peter B.
L285, S764, B53, V258 Keller, Samuel J.
S2273 Kelley, Clara S.
S765 Kelley, Darwin
L506 Kellum
OHT Kelly, Duane
S766 Kelly, Mae*
S767 Kelly, Moses Y.
OHT Kelly, Samuel T.
S3035 Kelsey, Dandridge E.
S768 Kem, Marietta, Mrs. Frank
S769, S3190 Kemper, Gen. William Harrison*
S1988 Kendallville Fair
S2274 Kensinger, Keith Arnold
S1952 Kepner, Mildred
S770 Kerksis, Sydney, C.
S2398 Kern, David and Barbara M.
S771 Kern, John W.*
OHT Kern, John Worth, Jr.
S1892 Kersey, Thomas N.
S2275 Kestner, Ima A.
L82, S772 Ketcham, Jacob*
V55 Ketcham, Jane Merrill
S2469 Ketcham, John L.*
S773 Ketcham, Susan M.
V56 Kettleborough, Charles
S774 Keye, Dr. P. H.*
OHT Kidd, Lillian May
S775 Kidwell, R. M.
S2640, OBD21 Kiefer, Louis
L412 Kiel Family
S776 Kimball, D. T., Jr.*
OB2, folder 8 Kimberlin, Oliviah
S2361 Kimberling, Zerilla
S777 Kimberling, Zerilla L.
S778 King, Elias
V280 King, Elijah
S3041 King, Harriet
OHT King, Katherine
L83 King, Lewis
OHT King, Wayne
S779 Kingsbury, Glenn C.
S780 Kinkaid, Allie
OHT Kinman, Eliza
S781 Kinnard, George L.*
S782 Kinney, H. E.
S783 Kinnick, Mary E.
S784 Kinzer, Jacob
S785 Kiphart-Teepell
S786 Kipp Brothers Company
S787 Kiracofe, J. Harold
S3061 Kirkhoff, Christian Family Papers
S2363 Kirkpatrick Family*
S3018 Kiser, Preston, Letters
S2276 Kiser, Walter H.
S788 Kittle, Walker*
S789 Kitzinger, George A.
S1433 Kizer, Elias
S3127 Klaiber, Elmer V.
L396 Kleinknight, Luster
S2823 Klepinger, Viola
L344, S1434, V21 Kling, Flora Gardiner
S3152 Klinge, Alice
S1435 Knefler, Frederick*
L522 Knight, Edward H.
S1437 Knight, Lenore Livingston
S1601 Knights of the Golden Circle
S3232 Kniptash, Vernon
S1438 Knobe, Louis W.
S1330, OBC117 Knollenberg, Bernhard
S3292 Knott, Kay
L84 Knotts, Arman F.
OHT Knotts, Eugene
MF Knox County
OB3, folder 17 Knox County - Election Returns
OB3, folder 18 Knox County - War Dept. Correspondence
S2719 Kokomo Natural Gas and Oil Company
S1327 Konkle, Burton Alva
S1328 Konley, Jeanette Vaughn
S1682 Kosciusko County Collection
S2513 Kramer, Sidney F.
S2401 Krasean, Tom
S1329 Kregelo, Blake & Co.
L85 Kresge, Floyd Leslie
S790 Krohmer, Christian
L80 Krout, Mary Hanna
S791 Kruger, Anna E.
S2608 Krull, Frederick*
S3206 Krull, Mary Jane
S2543 Ku Klux Klan - Parke County*
S1550 Ku Klux Klan - Elwood, IN
S792, B60, OB48, OBC92 Kuhn, Charles
S1487 Kuhn, Loeb, and Company
S2890 Kumagai, K.
S1874 Kumatsu, Ringo
S2277 Kuns, Mrs. George*
S793 Kunz, George F.
OHT Kwolek, Grace
L312, V429, OHT Kyle, Robert K.
S2987 Labertew, Dumin
OHT Lacey, Christine
L277 Lacey, Edmund
V297 LaCroix, John D.
L87, V74 LaCroix, Marcelle D.
S795 Lacy, Mrs. Roy
L222 Lafayette and Wild Cat Gravel Road Company Records
S794 Lafayette, de Marquis
S796 Lafuze, Maurice
S2403 Lafuze, Samuel
S1683 Lagrange County Collection
S2405 Lake County - Delinquent Tax Lists*
OB1, folder 4 Lake County - General Land Office Warranty Deeds
L551, B161; V252 Lake County Collection
S2404 Lake County, Indiana
S2455 Lake, Daniel
S797 Lake, Nimrod, E.
S798 Lakin Family Collection
4th Floor Lamb, Mial E.
S799 Lambert, Sue
OB40 Land Grants, 1855-1860
S2131 Land Patents*
S3293, OB38 Land Sales Deeds
B21, OBC80 Landers, Taylor*
S3204 Landgraf, Dorothy
4th Floor Landgrebe, Earl F.
S800, 4th Floor Cage - Range 35, MF Landis, Frederick
S801 Lane, Amos*
S802 Lane, George W.*
S803 Lane, Joanna M.
S804 Lane, Joseph
V189 Lanesville Mutual Aid Society
S805 Langsdale, George J.
S2771 Language
S2903 L'Anguille Valley Historical Association
OHT Lantz, Wilbur C.
S2084 LaPorte County Collection
S2406 LaPorte Indiana
L417 Larson, Dorothea Falls
S806 Lasecki, Mary Mrs.
L127, OB3, folder 12, 13, 14, OBC76, OBD10, V91, MF Lasselle Collection*
V68 Lathrop, Ezra
S807 LaTour, Onya
L88 Lauck, Anthony J.
MF Lauderdale, Mrs. Lee
S808 Lauferty, Lilian
S2881 Laughlin, Portia Cooper
S2910 Laughlin, R. B.
S809 Laurk, Patterson Fletcher
S810 Law, John
S3278 Lawlis, Chelsea
S2085, V155, MF Lawrence County Collection*
S811 Lawrence, Ellis*
S812 Lawrence, John A.
L231, V312 Lawrence, Marjorie E.
V72 Lawrenceburg General Store
S813 Lawrie, Alexander
OHT Lawton, Frank
S814 Lawton, Henry Ware
V121 Lawyers Cooperative Publishing Company*
V275 Layman Daybook
V276 Layman T. D.
S2701 Layman, D.W.
L242 Leach, Joshua
OHT League of Women Voters of Indianapolis
L89 Leak, Roscoe R.
S3250 Leavell, Francis Marion
V224 Ledger
S816 Lee, Arthetta R.
MF Lee, Harry O.
S818 Lee, Jesse and Lucy
S819 Lee, Josie
S820 Lee, Max
S817 Lee, Mrs. Charles E.
S2950 Lee, Todd A.
S2832 Leech, John William
L249 Legislative Calendar
S2409, S2812 Legislature
L287 Legislature Bureau
S1604 Legislature Door Card for the Senate, 1903*
S2830 Legislature*
S1603 Legislature, 1883*
MF Lehmanowsky, John J.
S2278 Lehrman, Jennie W.
V64, S1006, OBC4, folder 16 Leich, August
S2876 Lemmon, Walter S.
S821 Lemon, John H.
OHT Lennon, Paul A., Ronald Spencer, and Ted Wyman
S3198 Lentz, William Carr
S3121 Leonard Neuerburg Brick Manufacturer
S822 Leonard, Charlotte
S2270 Leonard, Jaqua*
S2681 Leos, J. O.
S823 Lesh, U. S.
S824 Leslie, Harry G.
S2576 Leslie, Harry Guyer
4th Floor, S2049, B67, OB60, OBC101 Leslie, Walter W.
S825 Lesuer, Charles A.*
OHT Lett, Hugh
S826 Levell, Robert O.
S827 Levering, H. A. S.
S828 Levering, William H.
S829 Lewark Garage
OHT Lewis, Byron R.
S830 Lewis, Harry F.
S2807 Lewis, James B.
S860 Lewis, John
MF Lewis, John L.
S831 Lewis, Joseph Wood
S861 Lewis, Joshua
S832 Lewis, Levin B.
S833, OHT Lewis, Olive Beldon
S834 Lewis, Whitsel
S2544 Lewis, William
S2219 Libraries - Marion County
S1605 Libraries*
S1606 Library Art Club of Indiana
S2738 Lieber, Carl
S2826 Lieber, Carl H.
S3089 Lieber, Herman P.
L91, V63, MF Lieber, Richard
S835 Lieber, William
MF Lilly Library
S3225 Lilly, Burl
S3197 Lilly, Josiah K.
S836 Lilly, Josiah K., Jr.
B13 Lincoln Assassination, New York Herald
S3120 Lincoln Memorial
S1170, B25, OB3, folder 21, OBC83 Lincoln, Abraham, Collection of Autographs*
S1607 Lincoln, Nancy Hanks Memorial*
S837 Lind, Ed
V403 Lindbergh, Charles A.
S1893 Lindley, Della
S838 Lindsay, Helen B.
S839 Lindsay, William M.
S840 Lingo, Silas Adam
S2216 Link, Flora
OHT Lions Club of Gary
S1608 Literary Societies
S1609 Literary Thresher
OHT Littell, Todd and Donald
S841 Livsey, Joseph H.
L92 Lloyd, Pearl
S842 Lochry, Archibald
S843 Locke, Harvey J.
L435 Lockenour, Georgia Eva
S844 Lockenour, Georgia*
S845 Lockridge, Ross, Jr.*
S846 Lockridge, Simpson
S847 Lockwood, Bertha G.
S848 Lockwood, Rachel R.
S850 Logan, John A.
S2924 Logan, Kevin Mitchell
S3164 Logan, Mrs. John A.
S3309, V192 Logansport and Marion Turnpike Company Papers
S1621 Logo, Mooresville
S2581 Lomax Family
S851 Lomax, Dr. Claude*
4th Floor Long Collection
L472 Long, Col. John Dudley
S2217 Long, Dr. John H.
S1989 Long, Frank B.
S2279 Long, G. R.
S2621 Long, Josephine, Mrs. William G.
S2965 Long, Judith
V424 Longwood Post Office Records
S1894 Loomis, Mrs. Robert
OHT Loomis, Robert
S853 Loucks, Mrs. C. E.
S2503 Loveland, Henry Clay
S854 Lowden, Leone
V65 Lowe, Blanche Beal
S3287 Lowe, William
S855 Lowes, Mary C.
S856 Lowes, William R.
OHT Loyal, Margaret
S857 Ludlow, Lewis
S858 Ludlow, Ross*
S2218 Lull, Robert*
S3260 Lunsford, J.M.
L93 Luten, Daniel B.
L94 Luther, James H.
S2245 Lybins, Mrs. W. H.
S859 Lydy, Alexander
L521 Lynch Corporation
4th Floor Lynn
S2399 Lynn, Robert and Mary
OHT Lyons, Adler
V332 M. Griffin & Company
MF MacDonald
L292 MacDougall, Eva
S1406 Mace, Benjamin*
S915 Mace, W. H.
S2956 Macrae, I*
V75 Macy, David
S1991 Macy, Ezra
MF Macy, Martha Maira
S916 Macy, William
OHT Madden, Ray J.
OHT Maddox, Charles M.
S2086 Madison County Collection
S3070 Madison County Home Economics Club
S2846 Madison County Medical Society
L431 Magazine Club
S917 Magee, Benjamin F.
S2191 Mahan, Leonard H.
S918 Mahan, William E.
S919 Mahin, Milton
S920 Maidlow
S921 Maine, John
S1644 Major, Charles*
S922 Malan, Clement T.
S923 Malone, Wesley
OHT Maloney, William
S2302 Manhattan Fire Insurance Co.*
S1610 Manion Forum
S924 Manion, Clarence
S925 Mann, John L.
S2244 Manneu, Eunice P.
S926 Manny, Carter H.
S927 Manson, Mahlon Dickerson*
S1992 Mansur Scrapbook
V100 Manter, F.
S2690 Maple, Dr. James B.
S929 Maresko, Mrs. James
S2672 Marion County - Court House
S2379 Marion County - Franklin and Perry Townships
V206 Marion County - Irvington
S2673 Marion County - Teachers' Lyceum
V187 Marion County Agriculture Society
S2200 Marion County Bible Society*
4th Floor Marion County Birth Returns
L453 Marion County Coordinators of Integrated Education
V400 Marion County General Hospital
S1898 Marion County Superior Court
S2534, 4th Floor Marion County, Wayne Township
S930 Mariottini, Loretta B.
S904 Maris, Aaron
L99, OB5, folder 4, OBC38 Markle, Abraham
V285 Markle, Mable
S2545 Marquis, James
S1946 Marsh, Harry B.
S905 Marsh, Henry C.
S2087, MF Marshall County Collection
4th Floor cage Marshall, Charles B.
S2192 Marshall, George B.
S906 Marshall, George K.
B26, OB3, folder 23 Marshall, Joseph Glass
L100, OB3, folder 9, 10, OBC73, OBD9, V95 Marshall, Thomas Riley
S2088, MF Martin County Collection*
V334, V417 Martin, Florence J.
S1633 Martin, Rufus
OB28 Martin, Shadrache
4th Floor Martindale Collection
S907 Martindale, Elijah
S908 Martling, George H.
L389 Mary Lavinia Robinson Lane
L310, V242 Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center Records
P28 Mason, Claude, Photo Album
4th Floor Mason, Miriam Evangeline
S1880 Mason, Samuel
S909 Massie, Levi D.*
S910, V71 Masson, Nellie*
L103 Masteller, Clara
S911 Masten, Mathias
L102, V419 Masters, Frank S.
S1994 Mathes, Carl
S928 Mathes, Charles*
S913 Matthew, Hiram
L104, S2884 Matthew, William H.
S931 Matthews, Claude*
S912 Maughn, William H.
S3162 May, Col. A.
S2933 Mayberry, Mark A.
L402 Mayer, Cornelius
S932 Mayhew, Royal
S1899 Mayhill, Thomas
S933 Mays, James G.
S2198 Maze, Mrs.Matthew
V244 McAdams, Ralph E.
S862 McAvoy, Thomas Timothy
V99 McBride, Charles
L288,OB6, folder 3, OBC48, V251, V288 McBride, Robert W.
S2400 McBroom, John Milton
S1895 McCabe, John*
S863 McCarthy, Joseph F.
L507 McCartney
V66 McCarty
S1762 McCarty Family*
S864 McCarty, Nicholas
S865 McClelland, John
S2628 McClung, Thomas N.*
V69 McClure, J. S.
S881 McClure, William S.*
S882 McCole, George M.*
S867 McCollough, Ethel
S868 McCormack, Jack
4th Floor McCormick
S1875 McCormick, David
S869 McCormick, David I.
S870 McCormick, Howard
L95 McCormick, Jack
S2838 McCoy, Isaac
MF McCoy, John
S871 McCoy, John*
S872 McCoy, William
L298, L96, MF McCray, Warren T.
V273 McCrea, Henry
S2114 McCrea, John*
S873 McCulloch, Carl
S874, S1896 McCulloch, Hugh*
L363, OB6, folder 16, OBC90, OBF3 McCulloch, Rev. Oscar C.
S876 McCullough, Jacob S.
S875 McCutchan, William*
OHT McCutcheon, Evelyn, Mrs. John T.
S883 McCutcheon, George Barr
S1551 McCutcheon, George Barr*
S884, B61, OBC24 McCutcheon, John T.
S3115 McD. Berry, John
S2053 McDade, Thomas
S2757 McDaniel, Ethel
S877 McDaniel, Irene
S878 McDonald, Daniel*
L97 McDonald, Donald
S879 McDonald, James A.
S3172 McDonald, Joseph E.*
OHT McDougall, Gilmond
S880 McDowell, Jennie
S3026 McDowell, Lottie
S2734 McDowell, Samuel
S3031 McEvoy, John William
S2410 McFarlan Hotel - Connersville
V94 McGan, Thomas J.
S885 McGill, Mrs. K. L.*
S886 McGowen, John
S887 McGraw, John S.
S888 McGregor, John*
S3091 McGrew, Joel W.*
S889 McGuire, Josiah*
S3186 McHenry, Mrs. John Hardin
S1555 McIntire, Beth
S1897 McIntire, William T. B.
S890 McIntosh, General Lachlan
S891 McIntyre, J. W.
S892 McIntyre, Robert
S893 McKenzie, Don C.
S1990 McKiernan, Mary E.
S894 McKoewn, William J.
S895 McLaughlin, Greenly H.*
S2504 McLaughlin, James
S2054 Mclaughlin, Mary
L98, MF McLaughlin, Mary Godown, Mrs. H. C.
S2699 McLean, Helen Belle*
S896 McLean, John
S2267 McLellan, David
S897 McMahan, Maude
S898 McMaster, Gilbert
S899 McMillan, Isaac Newton
S900 McMillan, V. D.
S1876 McMurray Family
4th Floor, OBC2 McNabney, Roy F.
OHT McNarney, Mrs. Michael (Alice)
S901 McNeely, James H.
S2825 McNett, Marie*
S902 McNutt, Paul V., Collection on
L293 McNutt, Paul V., for President in 1940 Club Papers
S903 McPhetridge, Lannes
S1877 McWhirter, Felix Marcus
4th Floor Medical and Dental Service Inc.
S1623 Medicine
V97 Meek & Brothers
S1928, 4th Floor Meek Family Papers*
S934 Meeker, Ferol
S2056 Meikel, Florence
V416 Meimburg, Hilda
S935 Meiser, M. D.
S936 Meister, Ed
S937 Mellett, John C.*
S938 Mellinger, Arthur S.
MF Menard, Pierre
MF Mendenall, John
L105 Menger, Cornelius H.
S939 Menger, Jean
S1624, B29, OBC89 Menus, 1978 - 1979
S940 Merk, Clarence, Jr. and Runden, Ed
MF Merom Improvements
S941 Merrick, Charles S.*
L106 Merrill, Col. Samuel
S942 Merritt, William
S943 Merry, Lena
S944 Mertens, Neva M.
S945 Mertz, John W.
S3163 Messick, Prudence
S964 Messler Family Letters
V70 Metropolitan Literary Institute
S947 Meyer, Ernest
OB51, OBC29, OBD20 Meyer, Ernst
4th Floor cage Meyer, James H.
OHT Meyers, George Walter
S2546 Miami County
S2678 Miami County, Jackson Township
S1622 Miami National Reserve - Maps
S2645 Michaels, Peter
S3008 Michigan City 1844
S2505 Michigan City Historical Society
V304 Mid-City Salt Company
S2382 Midland Railway Co.
S948 Miessner, W. Otto
S949 Milam, Carl H.
S950 Milburn, John V.*
S951 Milburn, Richard M.
S952 Miles, Albert Raymond
MF Miles, John
S953 Miles, John L.
L361, V310 Military Order of the Loyal Legion
S1626 Militia, Brookville*
L515 Miller
S954 Miller, Abraham*
S2369 Miller, Burke M.
S955 Miller, Clementine
S2346 Miller, Frances
S957 Miller, Ida Mae
S962 Miller, Isaac*
S956 Miller, James
S958 Miller, Joaquin
S963 Miller, John
MF Miller, Marion Clinton
S959 Miller, Milford M.
S2972 Miller, Minos L.
L476 Miller, Oscar G.
MF Miller, Reuben
OHT Miller, Rev. James
S2806 Miller, Robert and Alexander
OHT Miller, Ross A.
S2955 Miller, Samuel
S960, V102 Miller, Samuel N.
S961 Miller, Sebastian S.
S964 Miller, William C.
L108, OBC60, V101 Miller, William Henry Harrison
S1900 Miller, Willis H.
S965 Miller, Willis K.
S966 Millholland, C. B.
L460 Millholland, Raymond
OHT Millis, Frank
OHT Milliser, Jay and Margaret
S2305 Mills, Edwin S.
S2047 Mills, Grant and Miami Counties
MF Millville, Riley and Milton Turnpike Company
S968, V103 Milroy, Gen. Robert Houston
S969 Minton, Sherman*
S1485 Miscellaneous Autograph Collection*
S3195 Miscellaneous*
OHT Miser, Charles
S1611 Mishawaka Women's Club
S970 Mishler, J. E.
S2506 Mitchell Family
4th Floor cage Mitchell, Edward A.
S2199 Mitchell, William
S971 Mitten, Arthur J.
S972 Mize, Troyles
L109 Moberly, Stephen
S1879 Mobley, Lotus N.
S973, 4th floor Mock, Albert
S2874 Model Cities, Indianapolis
S2193 Modesitt, Charles B.
S2860 Moehlmann, Alfred William Frederick
L188 Moelmann, Rev. William
S974 Monahan, James L.
L296 Monday Club Indianapolis
L393, 4th Floor Cage Money, Indiana
L317 Monon Railroad
L101 Monon Railroad Company
S2090, MF Monroe County Collection
S1612 Monroe County Conference of Social Forces Constitution*
S2174 Monroe, George
S975 Monroe, W. G.
S3203 Montgomery County
S2693 Montgomery County - School house
S2091 Montgomery County Collection
V195 Montgomery County Jenner & Sargeant Daybook
V411 Montgomery County Teachers Exam Book
L503 Montoye, Betty
S976 Mood, Ruth Wade
V463 Mooman, Earl E.
S3150 Moon, M. L.
S977 Moon, Senora C.
S978 Moore, Alexander M.
4th Floor Moore, Edith
S979 Moore, Gertrude P.*
S980 Moore, Nancy
OHT Moore, Richard Hoyt, Sr.
L110, V96 Moore, Samuel
S982 Moores, Charles W., Jr.
S981 Moores, Charles W., Sr.
S2347 Mooresville Public Library
L111 Moorman, F. H.
S983 Moorman, F. M.
S1901 Moorseville*
V269 Moral Literary & Physical Improvement Association
OHT Mordecai, Ben
S1324 Moreau, Jerry*
S2427 Moreland, David, Jr.
S3215 Morello, John Anthony
S1552 Morford, Nona J.
S2093 Morgan County Collection
OB26 Morgan, Daniel
S984 Morgan, Valentine
S985 Morganstern, Carolyn
S3208 Moriarity, William John
4th Floor Morlan
S986 Morlan, Albert
S1902 Morlan, Mrs. W. M.
S987 Morris, Alida E.
S990 Morris, Col. Thomas
S989 Morris, Harvey
S988 Morris, Margaret Eliza Vance
OB10 Morris, Samuel and Sarah
SP 9 Morris, Tim, Photograph Collection
OHT Morris, Walton O.
B9 Morrison, Ezekial
S992 Morrison, Millard C.
S2971 Morrison, Ralph
S2194 Morrison, Samuel
S991 Morrison, Thomas
S993 Mortlan, Amelda Keister
S1947 Mortland, Margaret
L112 Morton, Blanche Liffick
L113, 4th Floor Cage, OB5 folder 14, OBC44, OBD12, V438 Morton, Oliver P.
S994 Moss, J. L.
S995 Moss, Lemuel
S1627 Motor Vehicles
S2061 Mount Holyoke Club of Indiana
S996, OB3, folder 19 Mount, James A.*
V324 Mountz, Fannie Jean
S997, B14, OB2 folder 13 Mowrey, Walter Levi
S2309 Mullen, Brother Andrew
MF Mullikin, William F.
S999 Mullin, James P.
S3096 Mun, Rev. J. Edward
S3175 Muncie Normal Institute
S3308 Muncie, Smithfield, and Windsor Turnpike Company Papers
S1613, V171 Municipal League of Indiana
S2953 Munoz, Hector
L114 Munson, David
S1067, OB6, folder 17 Murdock, Stanley H.
S2062, OBC67 Murphy, Lewis J.
S1000 Murphy, Mrs. Hershel E.
S1001, OHT Murphy, Thelma
L513 Murphy, Thelma M.
S1002 Murr, J. Bruce
S2630 Murray, Meta Abramson
S1553 Murray's Pills
S2940 Murrello, Anthony
S1628 Music
S1629 Musicians
S1003, V104 Musselman, Janice
S1614 Mutual Life Association, Galesburg, Illinois
S1004 Myer, Ephriam
S2057 Myer, Mrs. Ernest
S2974 Myers, Benjamin H.*
OHT Myers, Charles W.
OB47 Myers, Jacob Family Papers
S1005 Myers, John D.
S3281 Myers, Samuel Family Papers and Genealogy
OHT Myers, Walter D.
L115, OB2, folder 11, OHT, OH Myers, Walter D., Sr.
S1996 Myres, Henry
S1008 Nail, William*
S1007 Nash, Norman B.
S3311 National American Woman Suffrage Association
S1903 National Council for the Encouragement of Patriotism
S3224 National Library Week*
S3170 National Malleable and Steel Castings Company
S2957 National Press Association
S1630 National Recovery Administration
S3007 National Road 1842-1844
L227, V190, V456 Nature Study Club of Indiana
S1009, MF Naylor, Isaac*
S2348 Neeley, Ken
S2768 Neel's (sic) Neil's Creek Anti-Slavery Society - Jefferson County
S2310 Neely, Norman J.
S2619 Nehr, Irvin Warner
S2600, OB56 Nelson Family Papers
OHT Nelson, George Andrew
S2638 New Castle Cemetery Association
S3125 New Garden Monthly Meeting*
V397 New Liberty Coal Company
S2945 New Middleton Grade School
L483 New Richmond Historical Society
L299, 4th Floor Cage New, Harry S.*
OHT New, Jack
OB5, folder 15, OBC45 New, John C.
S1011 New, Mrs. John C.
V93 Newcomb, Ezra Butler Rev.
S1843 Newhouse, Milton
S1939 Newkirk Family
S1013 Newland, John
S1014 Newman, William*
V402 News clippings
L326 News clippings Highway Scandal
S1015 Newsom, Vida
S1631 Newspaper Clippings
S1016 Niblack, William E.
S3302, B64 Nichols Family Genealogy
S1017 Nichols, George
S1554 Nicholson, Edward W.
S1018, V243 Nicholson, Merideth*
L320, OHT Nicholson, Roberta West
L116 Niles, John B.
S2197 Nipp, John Sr.
S2426 Nitterbach, Charles
S2919 Nixon, James
OHT Nixon, Marian
4th Floor NLAPW
L107, 4th Floor Cage Noble and Davidson Families Papers
S3068 Noble County
S2722 Noble County Detective Associations
V384 Noble Street Realty Company
S1019 Noble, James*
L117 Noble, Lazarus
L118, 4th Floor Cage Noble, Noah*
S2301 Noe, Kenneth
S2562 Nolan, Jeannette Covert
S2313 Noland, Stephen
S1020 Noland, Stephen C.
B52, OB34 Norris Family Collection
L434 Norris, Fred
S2578 Norris, Roy
S2349 North Central High School
L58 North End Garden Club
L119, OB3, folder 11 North, John
S2315 North, Paul
S2314 Northern Indiana Historical Society*
S2421 Northwest Territory - Deed of Cession
S1632 Northwest Territory*
S1022 Norton, J. C.
S1023 Nottingham, Nick
V225 O. P. Morton Club
S3048 O'Bannon, Press J.
L428 O'Bannon/Bayh Clippings
OHT O'Brien, Herbert S.
S1024 O'Connor, Dixie*
S1025 O'Dell, DeForest
S1026 O'Dell, John
S2316 O'Donnell, Dr.
S2000 Oerry's Pharmacy, Indianapolis
L443 Office of Indian Affairs
S2129 Officer, Joseph G.
OB43 Ogden, Ephraim
S1028 Ogg, Adams Lee*
L239, 4th Floor O'Hair, Mary Cleason Brady
S2092 Ohio County Collection
OHT Ohio River Memories
S3067 Ohio Valley Wine
S1615 Old Bachelors Club
S1029 Olds, William C.
S1030 Olin, Frank
L301 Olin, Frank W.
S3177 Olive Branch Lodge, Degree of Rebekah
S1032 Oliver Family Papers
S1031 Oliver, John W.*
S2058 O'Neal, Thomas*
S1027 O'Neel, Edwin V.
S3074 Operation Desert Storm
S3075 Operation Desert Storm (a)
S3076 Operation Desert Storm (b)
S3077 Operation Desert Storm (c)
S3078 Operation Desert Storm (d)
4th Floor Oral History Tapes
S2095, MF Orange County Collection
S1997 Orange County Wood Products Co.
MF Ordnance Record Book (C.S.A.)
OHT Oren, Wilson C.
1 folder Organizations
S2895 Orphan Trains
OHT Orr, Josie
OHT Orten, Richard Scott
S1033 Orth, Godlove S.*
S1712 Osborn, Arthur W.
S1300 Osborne, Harry
S2433 Osborne, Mrs. William*
L120 Osgatharp, Harland L.
L461 Osgood, Eliza (Bessie)
L121, S3082, V92 Osgood, Howard G., M.D.
OHT Ostheimer, Harry C.
S2172 Ostrom, Agnes Hinkle
S1034, V105 Ott, John*
V220 Otwell Lodge #728 I.O.O.F.
L243, OBD33, V227 Overlease, William R.
S1035 Overman, Nathan
S1713 Overman, Nathan R.
S2096 Owen County Collection
S1714 Owen, David Dale*
S1036 Owen, Richard
MF Owen, Robert
L122, 4th Floor Cage, OB3, folders 24, 25 Owen, Robert Dale*
S1037 Owen, William U*
V106 Owens, Lewis
V284 Oxford, IN McClure Working Men's Institute
S1012 Pabody Family Papers
L491 Paddock, Harriet
S1715 Paige, Nathaniel
V140 Palmer House
V142 Palmer, Daniel
S1716 Palmer, Frances
S1998 Palmer, Lewis F.
OHT Pantzer, Katherine F.
4th Floor Pantzer, Kurt
L304, S1312, S1684, B34, OB5, folder 3 Parke County Collection
L123 Parker, Benjamin S.
L394 Parker, Chester
OHT Parker, Hazel
S1039 Parker, J. W.
S2195 Parker, Katharine, Mrs. Albert G.
S1040 Parker, Samuel W.
S2816 Parlor Club, Lafayette, IN
S1041 Parrish, Dr. Rebecca
S1905 Parrott, Don
S1717 Parry, D. M.
S2766 Patents
B57, OBC22 Patents, Collection of
S1955 Patrick Family*
S2639 Patrick, Dr. Septer
S2132 Patrons of Husbandry
MF Patterson, Thomas
S1718 Patton, John
S1719 Patton, Martha
S1720 Paul, John Peter*
S1042 Payne, Carl and Rose
S1721 Paynes, Mary C.
S2134 Payrolls
S1043 Payton, Allen J.
OHT Pea, Charles
L477 Peace Games (tentative title)
S2938 Peacock, Steve
S1044 Pearce, George W.
S1045 Pearce, James E.
S1722 Pearce, Lucinda
OHT Pearson, Esther
S1794 Pearson, Nancy E.*
S1046 Peck, Ethel, Mrs.*
S2962 Peck, H.W.
V107 Peck, Sarah C.
S1047 Peck, Sarah Caroline
S1048 Peddle, Juliet
S1049 Peden & Russell Company
MF Pelley, William Dudley
S1050 Pelley, William Dudley*
S1999 Peltz, John E.
L376, S1051, V319, MF Pence, George
MF Penwell, John N.
V395 Peoples Trust Bank
S3123 Pepper, A. C.*
S1723 Pepper, Abel C.
S1052 Pering and Carter Family Papers*
S1053 Perkins, Alice
OHT Perkins, Harry Brown
L366, OHT Perkins, Rodney
L307, OHT Perkins, Rodney C.
S1685 Perry County Collection
S1055 Perry, Fred
S1056 Perry, Leonard
S1724 Perry, Margaret A., Mrs.
S1906 Perry, Nelson
V410 Perry, Oran
S1054 Pershing, Henry A.
S1057 Pershing, M. W.
S2885 Peru, IN
S2261 Peters, Anita
OB5, folder 7 Peters, Horace R.
S1725 Peters, Orpha Maud
S2954 Peterson, Don W.
L357 Pettinger, Earl H.
S2001 Pettis Dry Goods Co, Indianapolis
S1058, OBC62 Pettit, John Upfold
L356, S1785, B43, OB6, folder 7, OBC54 Petty, G. Harvey
S2259 Phemister, Benjamin
OHT Phend, George W.
S1726 Philips, R. L.
V263 Phillips, A. H.
S2632 Phillips, Dr. Andrew H.
L124 Phillips, Paul C.
S1059 Phillips, Viola B.
S1060 Phillips, Warren Edmund, Sr.
S2769 Phipps, Richard
4th Floor Phonograph Records (for Barnhart)
L261 Photograph Collection
S3046 Pi Beta Phi Scrapbook
S1727 Pickard, Madge E.
L449 Picket
S1061 Pickett, Charles G.
S1062 Pierce, Corydon P.*
S1063 Pierce, Franklin*
S1064 Pierce, Gilbert Ashville
V143 Pierce, H.D. Mrs.
S1728 Pierce, Jane*
L353, OBC75 Pierce-Krull Family Papers
4th Floor Pierre, Edward
S2649 Pierson, Darrol
S1038 Pierson, Margaret B.
MF Pike County
S2021 Pike Township Road Tax List
OHT Pinkus, Craig E
S2133 Pioneer Life before 1830
S1065 Pittenger, Lemuel Arthur
V380, OB54 Plainfield High School FFA Collection
S2212 Planning, City-Laws
OHT Platzer, George
S2717 Pleasant, James K.*
S1480 Plessinger, James B.*
S1066 Plowman, Edna Lee
S1729 Plummer, Mary Elizabeth*
S2002 "Poem, ""Literary Curiosity"""
S1907 Poetry
S3098 Poetry (a)
S2899 Poets' Corner
L400 Poets' Study Club of Terre Haute
OHT Poggi, Gregory
MF Pogue Family
S3010 Pogue, George
S1948 Poland, Jennie*
S1486 Political Figures Autograph Collection*
L219, B155; B79; V234 Political Material - Greenback Party Platform
L345, B39, OB5, folder 17, OBC46 Political Parties, Democratic, 1933 to 1945
L212, V98 Polk Sanitary Milk Company
S1730 Polk, Josiah F.*
L333 Polke, William
L438, V426 Polley, Frederick
S3055 Pontious Family
OB2, folder 6 Pool, Hezekiah
L213 Poplar Ridge Horse Thief and Detective Company
S2819 Population Movements
S1686, MF Porter County Collection
S2559 Porter Family Civil War Letters
S3142 Porter Family*
L125, V157 Porter, Albert Gallatin*
S1068 Porter, Cole*
OHT Porter, Dr. E. A.
S1731 Porter, Fitz John*
S1069 Porter, Gene Stratton*
S2004 Porter, S. F.
S1070 Porter, William
L535, 4th Floor Cage - Range 36, OB6 folder 14, OBC94, V427. MF Porter-Griffin Collection
L347 Portfolio Club
S1687, V194, MF Posey County Collection
S1071 Posey, Mary*
S1072 Posey, Thomas*
S2136 Postal Service - U.S.
S2626 Postal Service Magazine
S3141 Potawatomi Indians*
V141 Pouch, Joe D.*
S1073 Powell, John J.
S1074 Power, Richard L.
S2436 Powers, Deborah Stanley
B19 Powers, Lauretta J.
V158 Pratt and Faber Court Dockets
L128, S1846 Pratt, Daniel D.*
S3040 Pratt, Martha Elsie
S1075 Pratt, Mary
S1076 Pratt, Netta Shawley
S1077 Prendergast, J. M.
S1078 Pressey, Peter*
OHT Pressler, Warren S.
S1079 Pressly, James A.
S1080 Preston, Margaret
L129, V144 Preston, Nathaniel*
S1934 Prible, John J.
S1081 Price, Ben
S3088 Price, Dr. M. J.
S1549 Price, Lyman H.
S1083 Price, Phillip
S2196 Price, William
S2579 Price, William G. W.*
L130 Prichet, John
S1732 Prichett, James M.
S1084, OB1, folder 7 Prince, William*
S2350 Princeton Public Library
S2431 Printy, Bob*
S1085 Pritchard, Francis Olney
OB3, folder 8 Pritchard, Ruth
S2702 Proceedings of Investigation by Special Committee of the Common Council of the City of Indianapolis
S1087 Proffit, George W.
V177 Programs
S2700 Programs - Scrapbook
4th Floor, B66, OB58, OBC99, OBD27 Prohibition Party of Indiana
S3307 Project Tonic Papers
S2432 Proley, Mrs. A. P.
L269, V461 Protsman, Clyde
S1088 Prout, John
S2370 Pruess, Mrs. Elmer
S1921 Prunks, D. H.
V445 Psi Iota Xi Minute Books
S2138 Public Welfare
S2580 Pugh, Josiah*
S1089 Pulaski, General Casimir
S3126 Pusey, Frank N.
S1688 Putnam County Collection*
S1733 Pyle, Gladys P.
L467 Quaker Meeting Records
S3273 Quick, Clifford W.
S1090 Quick, F. E.
S1091 Quigg, James
S1092 Rabb, Kate Milner
S1094 Radspinner, Mrs. Jacob
S2094, OB1, folder 11 Railroad Stock and Bond Certificates*
V181 Railroads - Cincinnati, Peru, & Chicago
V180 Railroads - Lawrenceburg
V182 Railroads - Ohio & Indiana R.R. Co.
S2383 Railroads - Ohio Falls Car Company
L221 Railroads - Subject
S2384 Railroads - Toledo, St. Louis & Western
S1734 Raines, Rowen W.
L381 Rainey, George S.
L329 Rainwater, Katherine Russell
L493 Ralston
OHT Ralston, Geneva
S1782 Ralston, Governor Samuel Moffett*
S1095 Ramier, Mary
OHT Ramier, Mary Elizabeth Hangar
S2371 Ramsey, Mrs. Henry W.
OHT Randall, Hazel Gredith
S2770 Randel Family
S1689 Randolph County Collection
OB9 Randolph, James and Nancy
S1093 Rankin, Oliver S.
S1735 Rankin, Oscar
S1736 Ransford, Henry*
S1096 Rapp, Frederick
S2834 Ratts, Col. Noble
V406 Rauch, John George
S1097 Ray, James Brown*
MF Ray, John H.
S3083 Ray, John M.
S1098, S2507 Ray, Otto
S1099, OB1 folder 7 Reagan, Charles M.
S1922 Real Silk Hosiery Mills
S1100, B12 Ream, Donald M.
L199 Recipes
MF Records Praireton, IN
L131, MF Records, William H.
OB6, folder 4 Rector, John
L336 Redding, Thomas B.
L425 Reddomg, Thomas B.
S1909 Reder, Mrs. Walter S.
S2239 Reed, Eramus*
S1101 Reed, Myron W.
OB2, folder 3 Reeder, James M.
S1102 Reeder, James*
S1103 Reeder, Warren A.
S1104 Reese, Rena
S1737 Reeser, Nell
S1105 Reeve, Arthur B.
S1106 Reeve, Helen E.
S2372 Reeve, Vera
S1847 Reeves, Elias
S1923 Reeves, William
S2464 Registration of Social Workers
S2724 Reid, Whitelaw
S3182 Reilly, Nora
S1910 Reinheimer, Mrs. William J.
S2725 Reinstedt, Mrs. Ila
S1107 Rendel, H. E.
S2175 Rendell, Kenneth
S1108 Repine, John C.
S2984 Republican Executive Committee, Vanderburgh County
L302 Republican National Committee, Research Committee
V183 Republican Speakers Bureau
S3165 Republican State Committee
S1616 Republican Victory League of Indiana
L466 Reser Family Collection
S1738 Reser, Alva Owen
S2927 Reutebuch, Todd E.
OB42 Revolutionary War Ballad
S1739 Rexford, Willis M.
V145 Reynolds, George W.
S2373 Rhea, John
L537, B65, OB57, OBC97, OBD24, OBE4 Rhodes Family Collection
S2871 Rhodes, Clarence and Gertrude
S1831 Rhodes, Clarence R.
OB76 Rhodes, John & Sophia
S1740 Rhodes, Russell R.
OHT Rice, Elmer
S2607 Rice, Mary
S1112 Richardon, Lewis Bradford
S2946 Richards, Randolph, Mr. & Mrs.
L500 Richardson
L370 Richardson Printing Company
S1848 Richardson, Bradford
S1109 Richardson, Ida F.
S1111 Richardson, J. F.
S1110 Richardson, Joseph
S2115 Richland Academy
S160 Richmond and Boston Turnpike Company Papers*
S3108 Richmond, Indiana
OBC23 Rickert, Mildred
S1741 Riddick, Paul M.
S2214 Riddle, Kenneth*
S1113 Ridenour, William Wilson
OHT Ridge, Mary Dallas
OHT Ridgely, Judge Claude Vernon
S1114 Ries, Christian
L450, MF Riesterer, Erich L.
L134 Rigg, Mary
S1742 Riggin, J. C.
S1115 Riggs, Henry M.
S2836 Rigley, F. W.
B45 Riker, D. J.
S1116; S2726 Riker, Dorothy
S1117 Riker, John F.
S3306, B72, OBC108, V433 Riley Hospital Scrapbooks
MF Riley, Henry
L135, 4th Floor Cage, OBC77, OBD38 Riley, James Whitcomb*
S1118 Riley, Martin
S2652 Rinard, Andrew C.
OHT Rinderle, Joseph
S2727 Ringo, Ottis O. Bryan
L229 Ripley County
S2130 Ripley County Bar Association
S2508 Riser, Amy L.
S2005 Rising Sun Stove Polish
S1743 Ristine, Joseph
S1744 Ritterskamp, Frederick*
S2416 Riviera Club Boosters
S2653 Roach, Isaac*
S1120 Roane, W. H.
S2661 Robards, Lewis C.*
S1121 Robb, David
S3173 Robbins, Irvin
MF Robe, B. S.
L176 Roberts Family
S1122 Roberts, Bessie Keeran
S1123 Roberts, Daniel*
S1124 Roberts, Donald B.
S1125, MF Roberts, George
S1746 Robertson
S1127 Robertson of Strowan
V159 Robertson, Carrie Weed
S1745 Robertson, James*
OHT Robertson, Mary Josephine Delker
S1126 Robertson, W. E.
OB5, folder 1 Robinson, Frederick J. S.
S1129, MF Robinson, Frederick M.
S1130, OHT Robinson, John P.
S1131 Robinson, Mark
V277 Robinson, Mary Yandes
S1924 Robinson, May
S1128 Robinson, Mr. & Mrs., Edward J.
S2667 Robinson, Mrs. S. J.
S2729 Robinson, Mrs. Sadie E.
S1132, OB3, folder 7 Robinson, Robbie
L136, MF Robinson, Solon
S1133 Robinson, William H.
S3310 Robson, William*
S1806 Roche Family Papers*
S2730 Rochester, IN*
S1808 Rodgers, Goolsbury
S2969 Roermermann, Dorothea
S3241 Roessler, Ralph E.
S1809 Rogers, George M.
S1747 Rogers, Georgiana
S1850 Rogers, H. P.
S1748 Rogers, James Allen
S2374 Rogers, Will
S2208 Rollinson Family
S1925 Romine, Lawrence
L528 Ronshei Collection
4th Floor Roper, Kate
L387 Rose Marie Cruzan Parliamentary Law Club
MF Rose Orphan Home Records
S2794 Rose, Chauncey
S1810 Roseman, Leland E.*
S1792 Rosenblum, Anne
S1749 Ross, Frank E.*
S1811 Ross, John F.*
V146 Ross, Oscar D.
S1812 Ross, Paul
S3110 Rossville High School
S2477 Rossville History Club
S1813 Rothrock, Joseph
4th Floor Cage - Range 37, OHT Roudebush, Richard L.
S2375 Rouls, Janalyce
L518 Routh, Alma A.
S2006 Routson and Venard Druggists, Ladoga Indiana
V161 Rowe, A.
S1814 Royse, Isaac H. C.
S2932 Rozsa, Richard T.
L294 Ruddell, Dr. Ambrose Gore
MF Rudisill, Henry
L300, OB16, OBC10, OHT Rugenstein, John C.
S1815, S2141 Rule, Lucien V.
S2458 Rumley, Mrs.
S1816 Rumpler, Maude Lucas
S3044 Rupp, Harold
S1817 Rupp, Susan*
S2510, MF Rush County
S3266 Rush, Carl B.
S3265 Rush, William
S1086 Rushton and Sons
OB2, folder 12 Russell Family
S1750 Russell, Emily Knapp
S2262 Russell, Mrs. Emerson
S1818 Russo, Dorothy
OBC26 Ryan, Tom K.
4th Floor Ryker Collection
S1134 Sabin, Marden
S1751 Sackett, Homer E.
S1752 Sahm, Albert
S2775 Saint Mary of the Woods
V179 Saint Stephens Hospital
MF Salem Fire Department
S1135 Salem, George
S1754 Salisbury, Matthew M.*
OB75, OBE9 Sample Ballots
S1136 Sample, Asa E.
S3237 Samuel McClure
S1755 Sanders, Ura
S1954 Sangster Family
OHT Sapp, Gladys L.
4th Floor Sator, Mary Louise
OBD3 Satterthwaite, Myrtillus
OBC68 Saunders, John Allen
V162 Sawyer
S1137 Saylor, George
L319 Scarbrough, Myron
OHT Schaaf, Robert A.
OHT Schaffer, Lena
OHT Schaller, Carl
S1138 Scheessle, Sister Mary Kenneth
S2367 Schefer, Marie
S1911 Schellschmidt Family
L137 Schellschmidt, Adolph
S2007 Schenck, Ulysses P.
OHT Schenkel, Charles
S2958 Scherer, Anna M.
S2008 Schergens, Henry C.
OBC56 Scherrer, Adolf
S1140 Schiemann, Olga Mae
OHT Schlemmer, Byron
OHT Schlemmer, Marjorie
V272 Schlichte, Edward J.
MF Schlieman, Henry
L458 Schlotterback Family
S3294, OB41 Schmidt, Barbara
S1141 Schmidt, Oscar
S1142 Schneider, Norma Taylor
L341, V128 Schneider, William
S2547, S3080 Schnull-Krag Coffee Company
L138 Schoen Family
OHT Schoen, Joe
S1144 Schoen, Karl J.
S1139 Schofield, Willodean Nease
OHT Scholl, Inez
MF Scholl, Jonas
4th Floor School Reorganization Commission
S3106 Schools
S2842 Schools - Greensburg
S1977 Schools - Hancock County - Sugar Creek Township
S2106 Schools - Penville Indiana
S1690 Schools, Reorganization, Rush County
S3042 Schopp, Mary
S1145 Schortemeier, Frederick E.
S815, P?, OB2, folder 14, 4th Floor Cage Schrader, Christian
S1148 Schreiber, C. D.
S1149 Schreyer, Johann Wolfgang
S1150 Schricker, Henry F.*
OHT Schroder, Delores
MF Schroeder, Deloris
OHT Schug, James
S1757 Schultheis, Rose
S1151 Schumacher, George A.
S1926 Schumm, Lorenz G.
OHT Schurz, Franklin D.
4th Floor Scientific Publications
S1153 Scogin, Jacob*
S1692 Scott County Collection
S3057 Scott County Legislator
S1154 Scott, Edward S.
OHT Scott, Gary
S2787 Scott, George A.
L553 Scott, Harold Wilson
4th Floor, S2865 Scott, Helen Glessner, Mrs. Jasper P.
S1155 Scott, Jane Ivison, Mrs. Chauncey
S2009 Scott, John
S1156 Scott, John R.*
S2460 Scott, John, Editor
MF Scott, Jonathon
V129 Scott, Joseph
L139 Scott, Margaret M.
MF Scott, R. B.
S1927 Scott, Robert
S1157 Scott, Robert H.
S1758 Scott, Robert*
S1158 Scott, Roy*
OHT Scott, Tillie
S1159 Scotten, Herod L.
L214, OBC119 Scotus Gaul Picti - Organization
S3274 Scriven, Charles H.
S1160 Seagley, Julia and John
S2461 Sealock
S1161 Searle, Thomas C.*
S1162 Sedwick, John
4th Floor See Family Collection
OHT Seebree, Schubert
S1163 Seehausen, Mrs. Paul
L140 Seehausen, Paul
MF Sellers, Emma Jane
S1164 Sellers, Raymond H.
S2914 Sendak, Theodore L.
S3181 Sering, John G.*
S2893 Sering, William D.
L215 Service Club of Indianapolis - Organization
4th Floor Service Products Corp.
S3155 Sesquicentennial International Exposition
S2368 Sevenish, Francis
S2179 Sewall, May Wright*
S1759 Sewall, Theodore and May Wright*
S3269 Seward, Mary Elizabeth
S1760 Seward, William H.*
S1165 Sexton, Horatio Gates
4th Floor, B69, OB62, OBC103, OBD29 Shackelford, Ralph W.
V119 Shades Inn
S2941 Shafer, Lucinda
S1761 Shaffer, Peter*
OHT Shake, Judge Curtis G.
S2712 Shakers - Busero Settlement
S1766 Sharon, Wilbur
S1166 Sharp, A. G.
S1167 Sharpe, Ebenezer*
S1763 Shaver, John*
S1168 Shaw, Archibald
S1169 Shaw, Catlett G.
S1171 Shaw, Mahala T.
S1172 Shaw, William*
L141 Shea, Joseph H.
P9, OP1, OPR1 Sheagley, Harry
OHT Shearer, Francis M.
L313 Shearer, Thomas M.
V250 Shearer, William
OBC6, OBD14 Shearer, William A.
S2293 Sheerer, William
S2511 Sheil, James
S1693 Shelby County Collection*
S1764 Shelby, Gov. Isaac
S3313 Shelby, Isaac*
S1173 Shell, William
4th Floor Shellhorn Collection
S1912 Shenefield, Dr. Hale T.
S2696 Shepardson Family*
L311 Shepherd, James Nelson
OBC84 Sherfy, William H.
S1765 Sherman, John*
S1766 Sheron, Wilbur
OHT Sherwood, Effie Edwards
OHT Sherwood, Hollace
S1174 Sherwood, James*
S1175 Shewmaker, David Henry H.
OB14 Shideler, Samuel and Nelson Sharp
S1767 Shields, H.
S2687 Shields, Robert M.
S3024 Shilling, Mary
S1177, V130 Shimer, Donald B.*
S2462 Shimer, William O.
OB8 Shipley Family
S2821 Shipman, Dr. A.B.
S2664 Shipman, Sophia K.
S1842 Shipp, Joseph Dumont
L514 Shirley
OHT Shirley, W. Kenneth
S1179 Shock, Farrell
S2351 Sholtz, W. M., M.D.
S1180 Shombre, Henry J.
S3104 Shoop, Edward H.
S1181 Short, Luther
L142 Shortridge, Norman H.
S1768 Shoup, David M.
OHT Showalter, Homer T.
S1182 Shrader, James H
L316 Shrader-Weaver Collection
S2264 Shrayer, Maurice W.
L509 Shreve
4th Floor Shriner, Walter O.
S1183 Shroyer, Helen Clift
V131 Shryer, John D.
S1184 Shugart, William L.
L512 Shultz, Lawrence W.
S1185 Shutes, Leroy
S3133 Shutter, Gertrude
S2213 Sible, Thomas, H. B.
S1769 Sickels, William
S3119 Sickels, William*
S3291, OB29 Siddall, James
S1186, MF Sidney, William Edwin
MF Siebert, Wilbur H.
OHT "Siegfreid, John ""Tim"""
V211 Sigma Alpha Iota Patroness Club
S2985 Sigma Nu, Beta Eta Chapter
S2205 Silver, Edith
S3000 Silver, Horatio
S1187 Silver, Loury J.
L143 Silver, Thomas*
S2833 Simmonds, Mr. Jean
OHT Simon, Leo A.
S1188 Simons, Richard S.
S3284 Simonson, M. V. and Catherine
S1191 Simpson Realty Co.
L355, B42, OB6, folder 6, OBC53 Simpson, James F.
L144 Simpson, John R.
MF Simpson, M.
S1189 Simpson, Margaret Elizabeth
S1190 Simpson, Mary Jennison
S1192 Singer Manufacturing Co.
S1770 Singh, Kanwl P.
V217, V241 Sinker-Davis Company
S1193 Sinks, August G.
S1194 Sinks, Daniel*
S2964 Sinnet, William T.
OB5, folder 10 Skelton, John O.
S1195 Skillen, Charles E.
L145 Slack, James R.
S2582 Slavery Document*
S2568 Slavery paper*
S3099; S2733 Slavery*
S2980 Slawson, Manessa B.
S2065 Sleeth, Addison
L439 Slickville Tile Works
S1196 Slocum, E., Mrs. George
MF Slocum, Elizabeth
S1197 Slocum, Frances
S3229 Slusser, William D.
S1198 Slutz, Mahlon
L554, OB79, V453 Sluyter-Dibra
B58 Small, Josiah
S1199 Small, Reuben*
S1200 Smelser, Frederick
L517 Smith
V132 Smith & Company
B17, OB3, folder 3 Smith Family
L368, S2417, OHT Smith, Asa J.
L146 Smith, Benjamin Wilson
S1201 Smith, Caleb Blood
S2010 Smith, Clarence
V296 Smith, Etta Dee
S1202 Smith, Florence Lupton
S1205 Smith, Isaac F.
S1206 Smith, J. L.
S1207 Smith, Jacob K.
S1959 Smith, John E.
S1209 Smith, L. C.*
S1208 Smith, Lena Tweedy
S1203 Smith, Mrs. Hansel
S1204 Smith, Mrs. Henry L.
S2440 Smith, Mrs. William A.
S1210 Smith, Oliver H.*
OHT Smith, Ronald D.
S2344 Smith, Rosewell
S2939 Smith, Russell E.
L147 Smith, Ruth Burgess Lebo
S1211 Smith, Samuel A.*
S1212 Smith, Samuel F.
S2465 Smith, Timothy S.
S2688 Smith, Valentine
V133 Smith, W. H, M.D.
S3227 Smith, Walter B.
S1213 Smoot, J. Edward
OHT Snapp, Virgil
S1214 Snedeker, Caroline Dale
S1790 Snider, Jacob
S1215 Snook, John Alfred
S1216 Snow, Dorothea J.
S1217 Snow, Lemuel and Lydia
4th Floor, OBC109, OBD32, V434 Snowberger Collection
OHT Snowden, Juliet, Reuben Dooley, Austin Noblitt, and Charles Felkner
S2981 Snyder, Alanson Warren
S1218 Snyder, June Winona
S2099 Social Material - Calling Cards*
S2100 Social Material - Christmas Cards*
S2101 Social Material - Funerals*
L349 Social Material - Invitations
S2102 Social Material - Miscellaneous*
S2103 Social Material - Songs
S2104 Social Material - Stamps*
S2105 Social Material - Valentines*
S1617 Social Service Advisory Committee
MF Socialist Labor Party
S3267 Society of Indiana Pioneers Collections
S3193 Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument
S3087 Soldier's and Seamen's Home Association*
S1219 Somers, O. A.
S2448 Songs
S1618 Sons of Liberty
V226, MF Sons of Temperance
S1220 Soper, Henry J. and S. R.*
S1221 Sorin, Father
S2352 Sosuowski, George W.
S1222 Soule, Joshua*
S3304, V432 South Side State Bank
S2353 South Whitley Public Library
S1223 Southard, M. R.*
S3282 Southwestern Indiana Historical Society Collection
S1852, V178 Spanish-American War
S2892 Spanish-American War - 30th Infantry
S1224 Sparks, George W.
S1225 Sparks, Henry B.
S1226 Spaudling, Oscar and T. J.*
OHT Spaulding, James S.
S1602 Speedway, Indiana
S1694, MF Spencer County Collection
L490 Spencer, Edna
S1227 Spencer, Forest L.
S2799 Spencerville High School Herald
OHT Spieth, Herman T
S2449 Spillman, Norma J.
OHT Spinks, Orval
S1229 Spooner, Benjamin
S2110 Sports
B37, OB5 folder 13, OBC42 Sprague, R. E.
L225 Spring Mill State Park
S2012 Spring Steel Fence and Wire Co.
S1231 Spruance, Raymond A.
OBC87 Squatter's Union of Lake County
S1232 Squires, Edith Lombard
S1753 St. Clair Family*
S1235 St. John, James H.
S1691 St. Joseph County Collection
MF St. Joseph County, Clay Township
S2366 St. Joseph School
S1786 St. Paul School, Decatur Indiana
S1233 Stafford, G. William*
S1234 Stampp, Kenneth M.
4th Floor Standiford
S3259 Standish, Benjamin
S1833 Stanton, Ambrose P.
S1236 Stanton, Lydia G.
V420 Star City Grain
S2269 Star Society - Kokomo
S3022 Stark, Otto
S1239 Stark, Ralph W.
S1237 Starks, John and Charity
S1238 Starks, Kate
S1240 Starkweather, R.*
V218 Starr Grocery
S2013 Starr Piano Company, Indianapolis
S1241 Starr, Henry
S1930 Starrett, Richard D.
S1483 State Archaeological Association of Indiana Circulars
S2501 State Defense Council
S2107 State Flag*
S2108 State House
V126 State House Literary Club
S2109 State Institutions
S2111 State Parks
S2112 State Parks - Indiana Dunes
L532 Staudt, John M., Jr.
L240 Stayman, Josephine B.
OBC21 Steamboat Paintings Reprints
S2450 Steamboats*
S3118 Steele, Mary E.
L148 Steele, Selma Neubacher
S3020, OB25 Steele, T. C.
S1244 Steen, Enoch Richard
L484 Steers Family
L244, OH, OHT Steers, Edwin K.
S2975 Steffen, Donald S.
V136 Stein, Theodore
S1245 Stembel, Ruth Baldwin
S1246 Stempfel, Theodore
S1247 Stephens, George W.
OHT Stephens, Verlin Clark
B33 Stephenson Underwear Inventory
L246 Stephenson, D. C.
S1248 Stephenson, Wendell
OHT Sterling, Sarah Bodily
OHT Stern, Edward
S1695 Steuben County Collection
S1249 Stevens, Benjamin Franklin
S1250 Stevens, Ed
S1251 Stevens, Thomas Wood
S2585 Stevenson, Frank E.
S2451 Stevenson, Frank E.*
V134 Stevenson, J.
OHT Stevenson, Lillian
S1253 Stewart, Charles
S2452 Stewart, Dr. W. B.
S3092 Stewart, Fenton
S1252 Stewart, Frank C.
OHT Stewart, Mary
S1254, S2443 Stillson, Blanche
S2355 Stine, Mrs. Clarence W.
V135 Stipp, Edith
OHT Stirling, Thomas
S2790 Stock Marks - Vigo County
OHT Stocker, Eugene
S2113 Stocks and Bonds*
OHT Stogdill, James W.
S2665 Stoler, Jacob
L149 Stoll, John B.*
S3286 Stombaugh, Philip and Susan, Indenture
S2381 Stombaugh, Richard
S1255 Stone, Caleb*
OHT Stone, Hazel Vera Amber
S1256 Stone, Wilbur L.
S2704 Stoner, James A.
L150 Stoops, Harry M.
L511 Storey
S1791 Storey, Darley*
MF Stott, Andrew J.
S2453 Stouse, Sam
V264 Stout, David
L545 Stout, George W.
S2014 Stout, Willard
S1259 Stover Family Papers*
S1258 Stover, Daniel G.
L151 Stover, Urban C.
V137 Stowman, C. W.
S1260 Strachan, J. D.*
S2662 Strader, S. M.
S1853 Strahan, Clement R.
S2908 Stratton, George Dudley
S1262 Stratton, Irvin
S1263 Stratton, Timothy
S2906 Straughn Account Books
S1264 Strauss, Arthur L.
S1265 Strauss, Juliet V.
S1266, OB84 Streight, Abel D.*
OB21 Stringer, George
S1267 Stroud, Jesse
S3216 Stroud, Robert Harris
S3084 Strouse, Juliet V.*
S1268 Strowger, Almon
L525 Stubbs/Mendenhall
L564 Studebaker Family
S1269 Studebaker, A. H.
S1270 Studebaker, John M.*
S2480 Stultz, Q. F.
S1271 Stump, Charles R.
S1272 Sturm, Herman*
L152 Stutsman, James Flynn
S1273 Suffrins, Charles A.*
L153 Sulgrove, Leslie
S2915 Sullivan County Agricultural Society
S1696 Sullivan County Collection
S1855 Sullivan, George H.*
OHT, OH Sullivan, Reginald Hall
OHT Sullivan, Sibyl Shafer
L154, OBC2 Sullivan, William G.
L182, L154, OBC 2 folder 3 Sullivan, William G.*
S1274 Sullivan, William*
MF Sulzer, Elmer G.
S3168 Summersett, Ernest
S1344 Sunday, Billy*
V460, 4th Floor Cage Super Terium Senteniarum*
S2117 Supreme Court Legal Brief
S2116 Surveys
S1275 Sutherland, Ruth*
V261 Suttrins, C. Earl
S1276 Swaim, T. Howard
MF Swain, Hugh L.
MF Swain, Orlando
S1277 Swaine, Stephen*
S2650 Swartz, Sallie A.
S2120 Sweet, Samuel*
OHT Swego, Fred
S1278 Swett, Leonard
S2643 Swift Brothers
L155, 4th Floor Cage, MF Swift, Lucius Burrie
S3052 Swindler, Mimmie Jones
S1834 Swinehart, Della Scott*
S2856 Switzer, George Washington
S1697, MF Switzerland County Collection
V196 Switzerland County Medical Account Book
S2454 Sylvester, Lorna Lutes
S1279 Symons, Hannah*
S1856 Taggart, James
L541, 4th Floor Cage - Range 37 and 38, S33, S2016, B15, OB2, folder 17, V442 Taggart, Thomas, T.*
S3226 Taggart's Union Station Dining Room
S1280 Tarkington, John S.
S1282, S2459, OB1, folder 5 Tarkington, Newton Booth*
S1857 Tarkington, William C.
S3270 Tartan Day Proclamation
S1283 Tasker, William
S2118 Taverns
S3143 Taxation
OB2, folder 7 Taylor, Abijah
V164 Taylor, Anna Dean
S1284 Taylor, Dr. F. W.
L359, V308 Taylor, Franklin Newton
OHT Taylor, Harold
S3176 Taylor, Mrs. James H.
S1285 Taylor, Paul E.
L469 Taylor, Robert M.
S2456, L563, 4th Floor Cage Taylor, Robert S.
S2457 Taylor, Samuel
S2467 Taylor, Sgt. Joe
S1286 Taylor, Stacy
L235 Taylor, Tucker W.
S1287 Taylor, Waller
S2815 Taylor, Zachary
S1289 Teal, George
S1290 Teas, Gibson
S1291 Teas, Thomas Scattergood
S2584 Tedrow, Sallie J.
L223 Telegraph, Telephone
MF Temperance
S1292 Temple, Mrs. L. D.*
S2867 Templeton Farm
S2675 Teneyck, John*
L502 Terhune
S3272, OHT Termeer, Hermann and Lotte
S2789 Terre Haute - Military History
S2468 Terre Haute - Temperance Union
S2793 Terre Haute School
S2778 Terre Haute School Society*
S2788 Terre Haute Volunteer Fire Department
S2792 Terre Haute Western Register and Advertiser
S1294, S1913 Terrell, W. H. H.*
S1295 Terwilliger, Bertha M.
S1296 Test, Charles H.
S1297 Test, Erastus
S1298 Test, John
L404, OB2, folder 10, OBD7 Teter Family Papers
S1299 Tharp, Chris H.
OHT Thatcher, Dick
L339 Thayer, Laurel Conwell
L257 The Mentor, The Burr McIntosh Monthly
OHT The Way It Was-Muncie in WWII
S1776 The Weaving of Ripley County
S1881 Theater, Indianapolis*
S2548 Theis, Martin
MF Theriaki
S2973 Thiebaud, Gertrude
L156 Thomas, Adele
S2949 Thomas, Brent
S1935 Thomas, C. L.
S2470 Thomas, Charles C.
S1301 Thomas, Mrs. F. A.*
S1302 Thomas, Nora
L401 Thomas, William Winans
L157, S1643, B38, OB5, folder 16 Thompson, Charles N.
L464, 4th Floor Thompson, Donald E.
S1303 Thompson, J. C.
S1305 Thompson, John L.
S1306 Thompson, Lewis G.
S1307, MF Thompson, Maurice*
L158, 4th Floor Cage, B23, OBC81, V207 Thompson, Richard W.*
S2936 Thompson, Robert
S1308 Thompson, William N.
S1309 Thomson, Origen
S1310 Thornbrough, Emma Lou
S1311 Thornburg, Isaac and Rufus
L348 Thornburg, Willis W.
L159 Thornton, William Wheeler
MF Thorpe and Williams
S2356 Thrall, Bessie H.
OBC113 Thunderbolt, The
OHT Thurman, Lottie
S1313 Thurman, William H.
S2472 Tiffin, Edward
OB6, folder 11 Tinkle, Henry
S1698 Tippecanoe County Collection*
S2654 Tippecanoe County Schools
S1472 Tippecanoe Tonic
S1699 Tipton County Collection
L160, 4th Floor Cage, S2473, MF Tipton, John*
S2360 Tipton, Spear Spencer*
S1314 Tissot, Genevieve
S2805 Todd, Aaron
S1315 Tolan, Mrs. Russell*
S2471 Tollgates
S3002 Tomey, John M.
S1316 Toner, James E.
S2474 Toph, Violet E.
S1317 Towner, John H.
S2063 Townsend, John Wilson*
L375 Townsend, Maurice Clifford*
S1319 Townsend, William
S1320 Traub, John J.
S1525 Travel Account, 1852
4th Floor Cage Treaty of St. Mary's
S3218 Trees, Lelah M.
S1176, OB2, folder 16 Trittipo, Albert W.
S2586 Trivison, Ellamae Schlosser*
S1321 Troy, Richard C.
S1322 Trueblood, Pearl Parker, Mrs. Noble C.*
S1323 Trueblood, Thomas H.
V165 Truex, John
L233 Tucker, James M.
OB27 Tucker, Michener
4th Floor Tuell, William B.
S1931 Tullis, Charles Owen
S2774 Turkey Run State Park
L161, V184 Turley, Jonathan Turley
L162 Turman, Solon
S2866, V302 Turman, William T.
L163 Turnbull, David C.
S1914 Turner, Lynn W.
L164 Turpie, David*
S3139 Tuscola, IL
S2843 Twelve Mile, IN
S1326 Tyann, Mrs. Andrew H
S1325 Tyler, Captain
L416 Tyner-White Papers*
S2319 U.S. Department of Interior, National Park Service
L444 U.S. War Department
S3019 U.S.O. Saigon - Indiana Register Book
S3001 U.S.S. Indiana*
S1331 Ullery, J. C.
L530 Ullrich, Wilfrid J.
S2121 Underground Railroad
V172, V281 Union Christian College
S1700, MF Union County Collection
MF Union County People
V252 Union Depot Savings and Building Association
S2848 Union District Medical Society
S2917 Union Station Canteen
L468 Union Title Company
S2677 Union Tool Corporation, Warsaw, Indiana
S1636 United Auto Workers
L208, 4th Floor Cage United Klans of America Collection
S1832 United States Congress, 32nd*
S1332 Unthank, Susan B.*
L165 Upfold, George*
S1333 Upp, John
S2777 Up-to-Date Manufacturing Company
V221 Utawana Boat Club
S1334 Vajen, J. H.*
S1135 Van Arsdale, Peter
S2017 Van Camp Packing Co.
MF Van Cleve, Joseph P.
L308, B47 Van Hook, James M.
L488 Van Metre, Florence
OHT Van Ness, John W.
S1338 Van Nuys, Frederick*
L168, S2393 Van Pelt, Francis M.
S1339 Van Scoyce, Walter
L492 Van Sickle
OHT VanBrunt, Dorothy
S1336 Vance Family Papers*
S3212 Vancleave Family Letters
L547 Vanderbilt, James C.
S1701 Vanderburgh County Collection
S1337 VanderBurgh, Henry
S2357 Vandiveer, Mrs. Hugh E.
S2018 Vandivier, Justin
L167, S1915 Vandivier, Lester N.
S2900 Vanscyoe, John W.
S2320 Vanter, Mary H.
S1340 Varnum, J. B.
L485 Vaughan, Doris
S2809 Vawter, John
S1702 Vermillion County Collection
S1845 Vern, Patty
OHT Verna, Anthony
S2479 Vernon, Indiana
L352 Vestal, Albert H.
L384 Vestal, Maude
S2122 Vietnam War
L548, OBD37 Vietnam Women's Memorial Project, Inc.
S2795 Vigo County - Roads*
S2782 Vigo County Guards
V286 Vigo County Politics
S2780 Vigo County, Court House
OB3, folder 27 Vigo Post Office
S1341 Vigo, Francis*
L386 Villars, Fr. John M.
L309, B41, OBC50, V198 Vincennes History Collection
OHT Vincennes Library Club
V425, MF Vincennes Medical Society Records
S1342 Violett House
S1774 Violette Family
L480 Von Duprin
S1152 von Schweinitz, Ludwig David
S1343 Voorhees, Daniel W.*
L170 Vorhies, John B.
S1862 W.P.A.
S1637 Wabash Academy of Science
S2648 Wabash College
S2697 Wabash County - Civil War History
S1704 Wabash County Collection
S2128 Wabash County Historical Society
S2019 Wabash County, Soldiers Memorial
S3159 Wabash General Association of Detective Companies
4th Floor Wade, David
S1345 Wade, John
L171 Waggaman, John S.
S1346 Waggoner, Franklin P.
OHT Wagoner, Jean Brown
L172 Wahl, Henry E.
S1347 Wainwright, John William
S2818 Wakarusa, IN
OHT Wakefield, Faye
S2321 Waldemaier, Mrs. B. C.
S1348 Waldrip, Henry L.
S1775 Waldschmidt, Julius
OB3, folder 5 Walk, Julius C.
S1349 Walke, Thomas
L369 Walker Family
S1350 Walker, Guy
L448 Walker, Howard
S849 Walker, John Martin
S1936 Walker, Sarah*
S2629 Walker, Thomas L.
S1351 Wallace, David
L173, 4th Floor Cage, S2323 Wallace, Lew*
S1352 Wallace, Susan*
S1353 Walls, Ellsworth
S2322 Walsh, John R.
S1354 Walt, Homer J.
OHT Walter, William
OB23 Walters, John and Thomas Troy
S1355 Walton, James O.
S2324 Wanner, Martin*
S2119, OBC65 War of 1812
S3072 War of Chippeway Rock*
S1357 Ward, Jacob Moorehouse, Sr.
S1358 Ward, Kate C.
S1356 Ward, Mrs. Clay M.*
S1359 Ward, Silas
S1360 Ward, W. S.
S1361 Warden, B. J.*
S2937 Wardip, Craig
S1362 Warner, Francis D.*
S1363 Warner, Herschel J.
S1364 Warner, William, Jr.
S1705 Warren County Collection
V322 Warren, Bradford
S2325 Warren, Hazel*
S1365 Warren, Josiah
S1366 Warren, William, Jr.
S1706 Warrick County Collection
S1367 Warthin, Richard T.
S1368 Washburn, Henry D.
S1707 Washington County Collection
L194, S2295, MF Washington County Historical Society
MF Washington County Indiana
S598 Washington Temperance Society
S1858 Washington, George
S2549 Washington, George - Speeches
V24 Wasson
V254 Waterloo Literary and Social Club
L174 Waterman Family Papers
S1369 Waterman, Luther Dana*
S2123 Watermarks
L175, OB3, folder 15 Waters, John T.
OBC95 Watson and Fatout
S1916 Watson, Elkanah
L237, OBC32 Watson, James Eli*
S1371 Watson, Oliver
S2083 Watts, Elmer
S1372 Watts, Harry
S1373 Watts, Harry T.
S1374 Watts, Inez Heather
S1375 Wayman, George
S1937 Wayne County
S2268 Wayne County - Richmond - Business material
S1708 Wayne County Collection*
L350, V298 Wayne County Medical Society
S1376 Wayne, Anthony
OB3, folder 22 Weatherholt, Jacob
S1377 Weaver, Edith
S2297 Weaver, Edith*
P29, OP4, OPQ1, OPR2 Weaver, Leslie A.
S2326 Webb, David
S2327 Weber, John H.
OHT Weber, Marion
L516 Webster and Perry Family Collection
OHT Weedman, Sidney
S1378 Weidenbach, Martha
S1304 Weigle, Gottlieb*
S2976 Weil, Otto A.
OHT Weiler, William
S1379 Weir and Pattison, Inc.
S2466 Weisse, Charles & Edith
S2298 Welch, Norman L.
S3314 Wellington A. Clark House
MF Wells County
S1709, MF Wells County Collection
V257 Wells, Lee
S1381 Wells, Mrs. E. O.
S1380 Wells, Samuel
S1382, S2441, 4th Floor Cage - Range 38 and 39, OB64, OBC105, OHT, MF Welsh, Matthew E.*
S1383 Welty, D. W.
S3037 Welty, Robert
4th Floor Wendell’s Radio and Electric
S1384 Wentworth, Edward N.
L454, L429; B32; OH tape, but no transcript Werner, Charles G.
S1385 Werry, Leslie E.
S2328 Wessler, Charles
S2983 West Lebanon Lecture Bureau
V440 West River Mills Cashbook
S1386 West, Edgar Ray
S1793 West, Jessamyn
L217, V238 Western Association of Writers
MF Western Plank Road Company
4th Floor Westfall
S1387 Wetherill, Charles Mayer*
S1388 Wharton, William L.
OHT Wheaton, Dorothy
S1389 Wheeldon, Pleasant
S1967 Wheeler City Rescue Mission
S3303 Wheeler, Jerry L.
S1938 Wheelock, James L.
MF Whigs of the North
S2820 Whipple, Florence
L442, OHT Whitcomb, Edgar D.
S1710 White County Collection
MF White Plains Threshing Ring
4th Floor White River State Park Games
S2231 White, Arthur
S1390 White, Charles L.
S1391 White, Elizabeth*
S1393 White, Emma Eaton
S1917 White, Mrs. A. M.
S1392 White, Ray
S1394 White, Thomas R.
S1395 White, William A.
S1634 Whitehall, Alexander L.
S1396 Whitehead, Lloyd A.
S2631 Whitewater Canal
S2329 Whitewater Canal Association
S2424 Whitewater Canal Notes*
S1397 Whitlatch, Freda
S1711 Whitley County Collection
S1398 Whitmer, Jacob
S1859 Whitmer, Lloyd
S1399, S2330 Whitsett, R. B.
S1400 Whittington, Ernest L.
OHT Wiegman, Helen Brown
S1401 Wien, Louis*
S1402 Wierbach, Eugene Studebaker
S1784 Wiese Family
S1403 Wiggam, A. E.
S1404 Wiggam, Lionel
B11 Wiggans, John, H.
S1405 Wigley, John
OHT Wilcox, Ira F.
OHT Wilcox, Ralph Furness
S2951 Wilden, Keith L.
L276, 4th Floor Cage, OB55, OBC1, MF Wilder, John T.
S2921 Wilelmina, Segmiller
S1410, OB2, folder 15 Wiley Family Papers
S1407 Wiley, F. M.
MF Wiley, Harvey
S1408 Wiley, Harvey W.*
V169 Wiley, John L.
S2225 Wiley, Montgomery
S1409 Wiley, Ulrich Zwingle
S1411, MF Wilkie, Wendell L.*
MF Wilkins, John Adam
S2651 Wilkinson, Allen A.
S3034 Wilkinson, Amos Clark
S1933 Wilkinson, George Quincy
S1417 Wilkinson, James
S1418 Willard, Ashbel P.
S1419 Willett, Clifford
V168 Williams, Charles
L177, V204 Williams, Charles T.
S2177 Williams, Dorothy Blake
OHT Williams, Dorothy June
L178, OB32 Williams, Gaar
S2332 Williams, George T., M.D.
S1421 Williams, George W.
S1422 Williams, Ira*
S1423 Williams, Isaac
S1425, S3171, B18, OB3, folder 4, OBC70, OBD8, OHT Williams, J. Scott
S1424 Williams, James D.*
S2623 Williams, Jesse L.*
S1426 Williams, Joel
S2550 Williams, John W.*
MF Williams, Joshia
S1427 Williams, Josiah C.
S1420 Williams, Mrs. C. B.
S1428 Williams, Mrs. Russell
S1429, OB44 Williams, Samuel
S1430 Williams, Thomas
S1431 Williams, William
S3036 Williams, William F.
V167 Williamson, Augustin
S1432 Williamson, Caroline
OHT Williamson, Ruth
S2845 Williamsport Debating Society*
V265 Williamsport, IN Dry Goods Store
V262 Williamsport, IN Hardware Store
L179 Willis, Raymond E.*
OHT Willkie, Philip
L303 Willoughby, Aurelius M.
S1412 Willson, Forceythe W.*
OHT Willson, John W.
S2658 Wilson, Alexander*
S1415 Wilson, Capt. William D.
S2178 Wilson, Drusilla
S2224 Wilson, Frederick B.
S1021 Wilson, George
OHT Wilson, Ida
S2970 Wilson, Isaac
S3140 Wilson, Isaac*
MF Wilson, James M.
S1413 Wilson, John
S2682 Wilson, John M.
MF Wilson, Lewis
S1414 Wilson, Oliver M.
L180 Wilson, Robert Imlay
S2333 Wilson, W. D.
V156 Wilson, William
L315, OB18, OBC12, OBD15, V222 Wilson, William T.
OHT Wilsted, Harold Dean
S1440 Wimer, John W.
S1441 Winans, Isaac N.
S1442 Winchester, Rev. John S.
S1456 Wines and Hoffman Family Papers
S1443, S2334 Winger, Otho
S2926 Wininger, Deborah
S1638 Winona Women's Club
S1444 Winslow, Lanier & Co.*
S2442 Winslow, Mrs. Philip K.
S2335 Winter, A. R.*
S1445, MF Winter, George
S1446 Winter, Roger L.
L274 Wintin, Gendron
S1416 Wise Henry A.*
4th Floor Wise, Charles
OB3, folder 6 Wise, John
S2336 Wishard. Albert W.
S2337 Witt, Lillian
S2960 Wittkamper, J. W.
4th Floor WLH Series
S1447 Wolcott, Anson
S1448 Wolf, Estella
S2338 Wolfe, Marcus
S2692 Wolff, Herman Clark
S2428 Woman's Franchise League
S3062 Woman's Franchise League - Indianapolis
V222 Woman's Franchise League - Richmond
S3312, V455 Woman's Relief Corps
V228 Women's Christian Temperance Movement Union of IN
S1640 Women's Christian Temperance Union, 1885 - 1892
L421 Women's Organization to the Mobile Postal Service
S1639 Women's Press Club of Indiana
S3296, OB45 Women's Relief Corps Collection
S1641 Women's Suffrage Association of Indiana
S1450 Wood, Allen
S1449 Wood, Andrew
S1940 Wood, John*
S2339 Wood, Joseph G.
S1918 Wood, Louise
S2340 Wood, Marjorie
S1451 Wood, William and Lydia*
S1452 Woodbury, Bert E.
L279 Woodcock, Roger
V231 Woodfill, James M.
S1860 Woodfill, Samuel*
V414 Woodland General Store
S2341, MF Woods, Sam B.
L181 Woods, Sam B.*
S3213 Woodward Family
S2835 Woodward, Helen M.
S1453 Woodward, William
S1454 Woodworth, Homer
S1455 Woolen, Mrs. Herbert
V205 Woollen, William Watson
S1861 Woolley, H. H.
S2796 Woolson, Albert
L408, OB15 Wooton Desks Exhibition Collection
S1457 Workman, Hazel
L343, V255 Works Progress Administration
V407 World War I - 1914-1918
S3086 World War I - French Relief Fund
P25 World War I - Leisure Time Lantern Slides
S1642 World War I - Veterans
S3105 World War II
S2125 World War II - Collection
S2343 World War II - Letters
S2512 World War II - Material
L306, OBD17 World War II - Memorial Collection
S2437 World War II - Miscellaneous Material
S3059 World War II - Post Cards
S2124, B27 World's Fair Proclamation
MF WPA Index of Persons and Firms
S2438 WPA of Indiana
MF Wright
S1458 Wright, Albert S.
L550, V212 Wright, Anna W.
S2439 Wright, Antoinette*
S2064 Wright, Etta*
S1459 Wright, Flora
S1460 Wright, Frances*
S1920 Wright, Henry
S1462 Wright, J. T.
S1463 Wright, John S.
S1464 Wright, John, Sr.
L183, OB3, folder 1 Wright, Joseph Albert*
S1461 Wright, Milton
S2299 Wright, Mrs. Dove S.*
S1465 Wright, Williamson*
S1869 Wrigley, Roscoe
S1466 Wrigley, Sarah A.*
4th Floor WRTV-6
S1788 Wuensch, Mike
OHT Wulfing, Guy E.
4th Floor Wyatt, Robert
OHT Wyatt, Robert H
S1467 Wycoff, William M.
S1468 Wylie, Andrew*
S1469 Wylie, Theophilus Adam*
S1228 Wynn, Beverly Lou
S1470 Wynn, John
S1479 Yandes Family Papers*
L388 Yoder, Daniel R.
L314 York, Lois
S2840 Young Men's Christian Association - Indianapolis
L226 Young Men's Christian Association - Servicemen's Center
V235 Young Men's Democratic Club
S2541 Young, Elmer G.
S1789 Young, H. G.
S1956 Young, James B.
S3189 Young, John
S1477 Young, Ransom T.
S1476 Young, W. B.
S1771 Younger, Wesley
S1966, OBD34 Yountsville and Alamo Turnpike Company
S2877 Zehringer, Franz Xavier
S1957 Zenor, Carl A.
S1473 Ziegler, Emma C.
L218 Zig Zag Cycle Club
S1474 Zimmer, George A.
S2300 Zimmerman, Mrs. Leslie*
S1475 Zion, James M.
4th Floor cage Zion, Roger H.