Catalog Tip of the Week December 2010

Tip #65, 12-17-2010

Tip of the Week Archive Index

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Below is an index including the date for each tip.  To access a particular Tip, go to the Weekly Cataloging Tips web page, scroll to the bottom, and click on the correct month and year.   Then scroll to the correct Tip number.

 Tip# Date Subject
 1  August 2009  490 ;800 punctuation (series statements)
 2  September 2009  Training manual online ; Bib, Formats, & Standards
 3  September 2009  Column picker
 4  September 2009  Cover art in OPAC
 5  September 2009  082 MARC field
 6  October 2009  Book measurements
 7  October 2009  Author & performers in the title proper
 8  October 2009  Matching points
 9  October 2009  Copyright dates in 260 field
 10  October 2009  Spaces between initials in personal names
 11  November 2009  Main vs. added entry – multiple authors
 12  November 2009  Merging for busy CAT1 cataloger
 13  November 2009  Edition statements (250 field)
 14  November 2009  5xx cheat sheet for DVDs
 15  December 2009  ISBNs in the 020 field
 16  December 2009  Illustrations and illustrators
 17  December 2009  5xx Cheat sheet for sound recordings
 18  January 2010  Multiple works by same author – no coll. title
 19  January 2010  Call number searches
 20  January 2010  GMDs
 21  January 2010   Discard/Weed status ; Copy protection option
 22  February 2010  Fixed fields & the OPAC
 23  February 2010  Punctuation in the title proper
 24  February 2010  Large print books
 25  February 2010  Helpful websites
 26  March 2010  MARC fields to delete
 27  March 2010  Street dates
 28  March 2010  Library vs. trade editions on audiobooks
 29  March 2010  Audience and running time fixed fields (DVDs)
 30  April 2010  Cataloging Playaways
 31  April 2010  CIP record reminders
 32  April 2010  Matching 028 fields
 33  April 2010  Blu-ray discs
 34  April 2010  Some 949 should not be deleted
 35  May 2010  Vertical files – original cataloging
 36  May 2010  Adding subject headings
 37  May 2010  Finding a record in EI
 38  May 2010  Attaching to a 1st edition record (250 field)
 39  June 2010  Fixed fields for graphic novels
 40  June 2010  More than one series statement on a record
 41  June 2010  Place of publication (260 field)
 42  June 2010  Unnumbered pages & multiple number sequences
 43  July 2010  Transferring items & volumes
 44  July 2010  Subject subdivision subfields v, x, y, & z (6xx fields)
 45  July 2010  Cataloging book club books
 46  July 2010  LCSH change for ‘cookery’
 47  August 2010  Numeration in series – new procedure
 48  August 2010  Multiple records for some magazine titles
 49  August 2010  586 Awards note
 50  August 2010  Deleting multiple items
 51  September 2010  Parallel titles for foreign language films
 52  September 2010  Age protection reminder
 53  September 2010  Read-along books and the 300 field
 54  September 2010  Author's names in the 100 field
 55  October 2010  Reminders for the 490 and 8xx fields (Series Statements)
 56  October 2010  Changing the Item status when materials are being repaired
 57  October 2010  Listservs for Catalogers
 58  October 2010  Contents Notes and Summaries in MARC records
 59  October 2010  Problems with the LitF (Literary Form) Fixed Field
 60  November 2010  Strange spaces or colons in the 245 Field
 61  November 2010  Multiple home pages for your Internet Browser
 62  November 2010  What is an illustration?  Guidelines for the 300 field
 63  December 2010  Multiple subtitles in the 245 field
 64  December 2010  Price information in the 020 field
 65  December 2010  Tip of the Week Index

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Tip #64, 12-10-10

Price information in the 020 field

Please do not add the item price in the 020 field when importing or editing MARC records in Evergreen.  Because we are a consortium, multiple items are often attached to each record and there can be variations in pricing. 

The price of your library's holdings can easily be recorded at the item level, on the copy editor screen.

If you find a price already in a record that you import or while editing, please delete that subfield.

020  |a 9780160864629 (pbk.) : |c $12.95    (Use SHIFT+Del to delete subfield c)

Information about removing price information from MARC records will soon be added to the EI Cataloging Procedures Guide.

Questions about cataloging in Evergreen can be posted to the ListServ: or emailed to any Committee member.

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Tip #63, 12-3-2010

Multiple subtitles in the 245 field

Subfield 'b' is not repeatable in a 245 field.  If you have an item with more than one parallel title, a parallel title and a subtitle, multiple subtitles, or more than one subsequent title, do not add another |b, but just separate the pieces of information with the appropriate preceding punctuation. 

A parallel title is always preceded by a space-equals sign-space, a subtitle is always preceded by a space-colon-space, and a subsequent title is always preceded by a space-semicolon-space.


245 10  |a  World mythology : |b a beginner's handbook : great myths and epics come to life / Donna Rice.

245 10  |a Traditions = |b Tradiciones =  Traditionen / |c by Sandra Wintering.

245 10 |a  On tour  : |b 10 British jewelers in Germany and Australia = Auf Tournee : zehn britishe Goldschmiede in Deutschland und Australien.

245 14 |a  The cat in the hat comes back |h [videorecording] ; |b There's a wocket in my pocket ; Fox in socks.