Virtual Volunteering

What is Virtual Volunteering?

Virtual volunteering makes it possible to volunteer from any location outside the library at your convenience, anytime day or night.

What it takes to be a Virtual Volunteer:

  • Regular access to the Internet
  • Self Motivated
  • Ability to communicate progress with the project manager
  • Good time-management skills that allow you to meet goals and objectives
  • Ability to communicate via-email

1. Review Current Virtual Volunteer Opportunities

Review the Virtual Volunteer Positions listed below.

2.  Request a Volunteer Application:

Volunteer Services
Indiana State Library 
140 North Senate Avenue
Indianapolis, Indiana 46202-3269
Phone: (317) 232-3689

Email: and request an application.

3.  Complete the Application process:

Complete and return the volunteer application.

4.  Receive Project Information:  

Once your application has been received and reviewed a project coordinator will contact you with additional information on getting started as a virtual volunteer on the particular project of interest to you.

Indiana Legacy

  • Position Title: Indiana Legacy Databases, Data Entry Assistants
  • Date & Time: Long-term position. volunteer on-site or virtually from your home computer.
  • Position Summary: The Indiana State Library is creating an online database based on information taken from areas of our collection, and those from other Indiana Libraries and Historical Societies. The projects include Indexing obituaries from the Indianapolis Commercial Newspaper, the Picture Index from our Manuscript Collection, Indiana Histories Index, and Court Records Indexes on Microfilm, and more. Virtual volunteers enter information for the database onto a spreadsheet from photocopies of the materials.
  • Major Responsibilities: Data entry
  • Qualifications: The ability to follow directions, work independently, attention to detail, accurate, responsible, dependable, and typing skills. Candidate must be able to volunteer at least eight (8) hours per month.
  • Project Completion: Ongoing

Talking Books & Braille Recording Project

  • Position Title: Indiana Voices Reviewer
  • Date & Time: Long-term position. Volunteer virtually from your home computer.
  • Project Description: Through the generous support from the Ruth Lilly Philanthropic Foundation the Indiana State Library's Talking Books and Braille Library will focus on recording books and magazine articles with Indiana connections that are otherwise unavailable in an audio format. We have two soundproof recording booths and digital recording equipment. These new materials will enable volunteer narrators to record books and magazine articles with maximum clarity and quality. The Talking Books project will greatly rely on the efforts of volunteers. Talking Books seeks volunteer narrators, monitors, and reviewers to begin production.
  • Position Summary: An Indiana Voices Reviewer will listen to a completed project and follow along with a copy of the text to ensure accuracy. The Reviewer will note any mistakes on a form as well as listening to see if the project contains violence, sexuality, or profanity.
  • Major Responsibilities: The Reviewer is the final check in the recording process and therefore the final quality assurance rests on that position.
  • Qualifications: The Reviewer will receive a USB Flash Drive(s) with WAV sound files of the project. The Reviewer must have a home computer with speakers/headphones capable of playing such a file.
  • Project Completion Date: Ongoing

Vol DB 3-13-2014