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    Working Families

    Indiana Senate Democrats believe in supporting and protecting the working families of this state.

    2012 Working Families Proposals:

    • Restricting employer's use of an applicant's consumer credit report in hiring (SB 261)
    • Prohibiting discrimination against the unemployed through regulating against language in job ads that expressly disallow the unemployed from applying for open positions (SB 205)

    Indiana Senate Democrats support:

    • Awarding state contracts and incentives to businesses that pay their workers a family wage and offer health insurance
    • Awarding tax incentives to businesses that relocate to or expand operations in Indiana and hire laid-off Hoosiers
    • Enforcing labor safety and environmental laws
    • Enforcing Equal Employment Opportunity laws with Indiana employers
    • Ensuring that all workers have lifelong learning opportunities so they can continually update their skills and maintain employment
    • Making certain that all workers receive unemployment benefits sufficient to support their family and in a reasonable amount of time, and continue efforts to ensure these benefits replace a meaningful portion of the worker's wages to prevent poverty due to job loss
    • Continuing efforts to restore the solvency of Indiana's Unemployment Trust Fund that is both fair to businesses and does not reduce benefits to the unemployed
    • Increasing the benefits paid to injured workers and their families through the Workers' Compensation Fund
    • Protecting employee pension plans under corporate bankruptcy proceedings