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    Taxation and Fiscal Management

    Indiana Senate Democrats believe that tax legislation should be based on sound policy and careful analysis. Government units on all levels should be given the tools to provide services in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible, without sacrificing quality of delivery to Indiana residents.

    Indiana Senate Democrats support:

    • A fair and equitable taxation system for all Hoosiers that is progressive and broad-based 
    • Reducing the negative impact of property tax reform on schools and local services
    • Encouraging local governments to find areas where efficiencies can be increased and tax dollars can be saved
    • Providing funding and administrative flexibility to local governments to best serve their citizens
    • Providing budget flexibility for schools to meet funding challenges without sacrificing quality of instruction or the contracted wages of teachers
    • Holding government units at all levels accountable for serving Hoosiers in the most effective and efficient manner possible