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    Public Safety

    Indiana Senate Democrats believe that a primary objective of government is to protect its citizens through advancing laws that are both fair and promote social justice, as well as supporting those who protect us.

    We believe in providing our police, firefighters, members of the armed forces and other emergency responders with the tools necessary to safely do their jobs.

    Indiana Senate Democrats support:

    • Fully funding Homeland Security efforts in every county
    • Adding police officers to both the state and local forces
    • Creating a statewide emergency communication network
    • Upgrading local police, firefighter, and emergency response equipment
    • Offering comprehensive training and certification programs for first-responders
    • Fully funding Indiana's law enforcement and emergency responder training facilities
    • Providing state assistance to returning military personnel in securing employment and educational opportunities
    • Closing loopholes in criminal laws to capture heinous offenders
    • Using criminal justice resources efficiently by restructuring criminal penalties to promote proportionality in sentencing
    • Giving judges more discretion over sentencing low-risk offenders to community-based programs