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    1. One stop online public access to track taxpayer dollars in state budgets, spending and contracts.

    • Requires the Indiana Department of Administration to establish and maintain a searchable web site accessible to
      the public providing state budget and spending information, including:
      • State economic development tax incentives, grants and recapture activities.
        • Lists the organizations receiving each type of assistance, amount of the assistance, the number of jobs
                     created/retained, employee pay, and other ways the entity used the funds.
        • Also lists the number of organizations in violation of their agreement, and the number of initiated and
          completed recaptures.
      • Awarded state contracts and bidding opportunities, expenditures, and salaries information outlined at the program
        level within each agency or office.
      • Allows users to view information on ARRA awards and contains information on upcoming funding
      • Quarterly and annual reports comparing program budget to actual expenses and cuts to date from each
        agency or office.
    • Allows individuals to search data with a single query or through by common-sense categories: recipient, amount,
      legislative district, granting agency, purpose, or keyword.
    • Links to the State Budget Agency budget information.
      • Establishes a budget tutorial to shed light on the state budget process.
    • Allows individuals to track and comment on administrative rules that are being proposed or reviewed by the
      state's agencies and offices.

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    2. Corporate accountability for state economic development incentives.

    3. Restrict "Pay to play" for fair competition in awarding state contracts.

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