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    2010 Indiana Rural Caucus Legislative Update

    To learn more about the Rural Caucus and its legislative work this session from Co-Chair and a founding sponsor State Senator Richard D.Young, Jr., click the play button:

    About the Caucus:

    In 2009 members of the Indiana General Assembly established the first Rural Caucus.

    Rural areas face many challenges related to demographic changes, job creation, access to capital, land use, the environment, and community and historic preservation. Many rural communities are now working to improve infrastructure, broadband access, and community services to increase standards of living and compete economically.

    The Indiana Rural Caucus, a bi- partisan group of legislators from the State Senate and State House of Representatives, acts as an advocate for the concerns and interests of rural communities. View the full list of members >

    To learn more about Indiana's Rural Caucus, click the play button:
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    "Some issues this caucus faces consist of rural healthcare, rural transportation, and rural telecommunication availability including broadband internet and cable service. We can't expect rural communities to be able to grow into the 21st Century without 21st Century technologies.

    We also need to make sure that we have adequate transportation networks such as local transit systems in rural communities. In the metropolitan communities you can walk down the street a block or two and catch a bus or a cab, but in rural communities, especially for handicapped individuals, those types of facilities are not readily available. This caucus will look at how we can make those things available and how to do so in a cost-effective way.

    This Rural Caucus has a vast array of issues to deal with, and it is a great opportunity to join together and become educated on these issues concerning rural communities throughout Indiana.

    I think Indiana has been blessed over the years for having a lot of small towns, but many of these small towns have gone through a period of severe deterioration. I think what we are seeing now is a resurgence of people in these communities and a rebuilding of these those small towns and local businesses, and that diversity makes Indiana a much better state to live in."

    - Indiana Senator Richard D. Young, Jr