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    Senate Democratic Caucus
    Indiana General Assembly
    200 W. Washington
    Indianapolis, IN 46204
    (800) 382-9467

    Indiana's Rural Caucus is made up from the following members of the Indiana General Assembly:

    Co-Chairs & Founding Sponsors: Sen. Richard D. Young, Jr and Sen. Jean Leising

    Senate House of Representatives
    Sen. Jim Arnold, District 8 Rep. Terri Austin, District 36
    Sen. Phil Boots, District 23 Rep. Kreg Battles, District 64
    Sen. Richard Bray, District 37 Rep. Robert Behning, District 91
    Sen. Ed Charbonneau, District 5 Rep. Robert Bischoff, District 68
    Sen. Bob Deig, District 49 Rep. Sandy Blanton, District 62
    Sen. Sue Errington, District 26 Rep. Bob Cherry, District 53
    Sen. Beverly Gard, District 28  Rep. Jacque Clements, District 38
    Sen. Randy Head, District 18 Rep. Wes Culver, District 49
    Sen. Brandt Hershman, District 7 Rep. Bill Davis, District 33
    Sen. Travis Holdman, District 19 Rep. Nancy Dembowski, District 17
    Sen. Lindel Hume, District 48 Rep. Dick Dodge, District 51
    Sen. Tim Lanane, District 25 Rep. Cleo Duncan, District 67
    Sen. Connie Lawson, District 24 Rep. Ralph Foley, District 47
    Sen. Jean Leising, District 42  Rep. Bill Friend, District 23   
    Sen. Jim Lewis, District 45  Rep. Terry Goodin, District 66
    Sen. Frank Mrvan, District 1 Rep. Dale Grubb, District 42   
    Sen. Johnny Nugent, District 43 Rep. Doug Gutwein, District 16   
    Sen. Vi Simpson, District 40 Rep. Clyde Kersey, District 43
    Sen. Tim Skinner, District 38 Rep. Sheila Klinker, District 27
    Sen. Brent Steele, District 44 Rep. Tom Knollman, District 55
    Sen. Marlin Stutzman, District 13 Rep. Eric Koch, District 65
    Sen. Karen Tallian, District 4 Rep. Don Lehe, District 15  
    Sen. Greg Walker, District 41 Rep. Matt Lehman, District 79
    Sen. John Waterman, District 39 Rep. Rich McClain, District 24 
    Sen. Richard D. Young Jr., District 47 Rep. Nancy Michael, District 44  
      Rep. Dennie Oxley, District 73
      Rep. Joe Pearson, District 31
      Rep. Phil Pflum, District 56 
      Rep. Phyllis Pond, District 85
      Rep. Bill Ruppel, District 22
      Rep. Thomas Saunders, District 54
      Rep. Steve Stemler, District 71
      Rep. Jeff Thompson, District 28
      Rep. Vern Tincher, District 46
      Rep. Trent VanHaaften, District 76
      Rep. Jackie Walorski, District 21
      Rep. Peggy Welch, District 60
      Rep. David Wolkins, District 18
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