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    6/30/09: Senator Mrvan succeeds in securing funds for the Little Calumet River Basin



    4/14/09: Senator Mrvan asks Senate to help fund Little Cal:

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    State Senator Frank Mrvan has made it a priority to protect Northwest Indiana homeowners by encouraging the completion of the Little Calumet River Flood Control and Recreation Project. On Thursday, March 26, 2009, Mrvan sent a letter to Governor Mitch Daniels urging his support and assistance in funding project. Read the letter here >

    Mrvan said the Little Calumet Project is a priority for the welfare of the residents of Northwest Indiana. According to the Army Corps of Engineers, when this project is completed it will prevent an average of $11 million in flood damage each year. Additionally, nearly 10,000 houses will no longer need flood insurance, resulting in millions of dollars in savings for the homeowners living in the area.

    Mrvan said economic development and prosperity would result from the completion of the project. Approximately 4,000 acres will no longer remain in the floodplain and will become available for business growth and will add much needed jobs to the area.

    Wicker Park Neighborhood Association with Senator Frank Mrvan
    (D-Hammond) and Representative Mara Candelaria Reardon (D-Munster)

    Mrvan also met with homeowners from Wicker Park neighborhood in Munster to discuss the need for the project. Members of the Wicker Park Neighborhood Association shared pictures of last year's flood damage and spoke of houses simply beyond repair.  Mrvan said the Governor's attention and commitment is needed to complete the project and prevent future disasters.

    Important Links:

    Read Senator Mrvan's Letter to Governor Mitch Daniels (PDF) >

    Read the Press Release (PDF) >

    Send letters of support for the Little Calumet River Project to:

    •  Governor Mitch Daniels
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    •  Senate Appropriations Chair Luke Kenley
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    •  House Ways & Means Chair Bill Crawford
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