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    Health Care

    Indiana Senate Democrats believe that health care is a right, not a privilege. Every Hoosier needs and deserves access to affordable, quality health care.

    Indiana Senate Democrats support:

    • Providing timely and effective implementation of federal health care reform at the state level to ensure access to health care for the approximately 830,000 Hoosiers who do not have health insurance
    • Continuing the Healthy Indiana Plan to ensure access to health insurance for low-income Hoosiers until federal health care reform is fully implemented
    • Providing access and lower cost prescription drugs to all Hoosiers
    • Expanding home health care options for the elderly and persons with disabilities
    • Creating a statewide network of electronic medical records for easy access in times of emergencies
    • Promoting preventative, prenatal and child healthcare programs
    • Guaranteeing parity for mental illness in all public and private programs
    • Increasing medical services and offering incentives for medical professionals who practice in rural communities (SB 291