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    Energy and Environment

    Indiana Senate Democrats believe that the future of the energy industry is in finding and using renewable sources of energy, and that this industry not only helps preserve our fragile environment, but can be a keystone of Indiana's economic future. Indiana's great wealth of natural resources is a source of vitality for Indiana's people and economy.

    Indiana Senate Democrats support:

    • Promoting energy efficient building standards, beginning with energy and environmental design ratings for new and retrofitted public buildings
    • Full implementation of incentive programs for corporations to use environmentally-sound technologies
    • Increasing the availability for Hoosier households, schools, businesses and other entities to participate in net metering, which allows consumers who generate electricity through wind mills, solar panels and other renewable energy technologies to send any excess power back onto the electric grid for a credit on their utility bill
    • Setting a state renewable energy standard that requires an increased amount of Indiana's electricity be supplied from renewable energy resources
    • Expanding the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) to take advantage of the federal increase in eligibility and make the program available to more Hoosier families
    • Creating incentives for the development, manufacture, and use of hybrid vehicles and other modes of alternative transportation in Indiana, including mass transit
    • Protecting financial resources that promote recycling
    • Revising the state's policy to better deal with e-waste
    • Indiana joining the Climate Registry, a national collaboration of North American states, provinces and territories aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions
    • Reducing sources of air and water pollution and protecting our lakes and rivers from depletion