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    Eliminating Poverty

    Indiana Senate Democrats will continue to work toward the elimination of poverty in our state.

    Today there are more than 960,000 Hoosiers who live in poverty, including more than 340,000 children. Childhood poverty has steadily increased in the last decade. With the right programs, partnerships and priorities, Indiana can create the type of education and training opportunities to help Hoosiers in need lift themselves out of poverty.

    Indiana Senate Democrats support:

    • Creating public-private partnerships aimed at reducing poverty
    • Providing lifelong learning opportunities so all Hoosiers can continually update their skills and maintain employment
    • Closing the achievement gap in our schools so that every child receives education to prepare them for a successful working life
    • Strengthening Indiana's social safety net by assisting with the development of community-based services to better meet the needs of the homeless and the hungry
    • Further increasing the state share of the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) for Hoosier families
    • Ensuring safe, affordable housing for all Hoosiers through public funding of the state's Affordable Housing Trust Fund
    • Encouraging personal asset building by Hoosiers through matching-fund savings programs such as Individual Development Accounts (IDA) and Lifelong Learning Accounts (LiLA)
    • Increasing the number of micro loans available to low income, minority, and women applicants to encourage entrepreneurship and business practices
    • Enabling recipients of social services to build a minimum amount of assets while receiving services to help ensure they do not fall back into poverty