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    Pushing for Open Government in Indiana

    On June 1, 2010 Senate Democrat Leader Vi Simpson requested information on program cuts from each state agency under the executive branch. The responses received from each agency are available below.

    Sen. Simpson's requests specifically posed the following questions:

    1. A list of each agency's implemented and proposed cuts and withheld distributions for FY 2010 and 2011 by program
    2. The methodology used to determine how cuts are made
    3. Implementation dates of all budget cuts and personnel layoffs
    4. Expected reversions to date by program
    5. Estimated impact of cuts on people served by each program

    Agency program cuts in FY2010 and FY2011

    Executive Branch agencies (state agencies under the jurisdiction of the Governor) were ordered by Gov. Daniels to make budget cuts of 10% in FY2010 and then 15% in FY2011. In response, a total of $352 million was reverted to the general fund by those state agencies in FY2011. For FY2012 and FY2013, state agencies are being asked to cut a total of $30M - or 3% - each year.

    While basic information on state agency reversions is made available to the public, it is still largely unknown how the reductions affected individual programs within agencies and how the cuts impactHoosiers served by those  programs.

    Why is budget and spending transparency important?

    The responsibility of writing Indiana's two-year ("biennial") state budget rests with the Indiana General Assembly. Work on the next state budget will begin this fall, and in order for lawmakers to make informed decisions, they need the facts on the current condition of the state's finances and the programs that the state supports. The members of the General Assembly and the public deserve a full understanding of where reductions have been made and how they have affected Hoosiers before moving forward on a new state budget.

    The Indiana Open Government Initiative

    Senate Democrats developed the Indiana Open Government Initiative to improve transparency in state government budget and spending. The legislative proposal includes the following: (Click each to learn more)

    1. One stop online public access to track taxpayer dollars in state budgets, spending and contracts.

    2. Corporate accountability for state economic development incentives.

    3. Restrict "Pay to play" for fair competition in awarding state contracts.


    More about the Senate Democrats' work to promote open government:

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    State agency letters with budget reducation information
    Adjunct General's Office
    Alcohol & Tobacco Commission
    Arts Commission
    Board of Animal Health
    Bureau of Motor Vehicles
    Civil Rights Commission
    Commission for Higher Education
    Commission for Proprietary Education
    Commission on Public Records
    Criminal Justice Institute
    Department of Administration
    Department of Agriculture
    Department of Child Services
    Department of Correction
    Department of Education
    Department of Environmental Management
    Department of Financial Institutions
    Department of Health
    Department of Homeland Security
    Department of Insurance
    Department of Labor
    Department of Local Government Finance
    Department of Natural Resources
    Department of Revenue
    Department of Veterans Affairs
    Department of Workforce Development
    Ethics Commission
    Family and Social Services Administration
    Government Efficiency & Financial Planning
    Horse Racing Commission
    Housing & Community Development Authority
    Department of Transportation
    Office of Community and Rural Affairs
    Office of Energy and Defense Development
    Indiana Economic Development Corporation
    Indiana Finance Authority
    Indiana Gaming Commission
    Indiana Historical Bureau
    Office of Technology
    Office of Tourism Development
    Indiana Port Commission
    Indiana Education Employment Relations Board
    Indiana State Excise Police
    Indiana State Fair Commission
    Indiana Tobacco Prevention and Cessation
    Inspector General
    Lottery Commission of Indiana
    Office of Management and Budget
    Office of the Faith Based & Community Initiatives
    Professional Licensing Agency
    Protection and Advocacy Services
    Public Employees' Retirement Fund
    State Board of Accounts
    State Fire Marshall
    State Personnel Department
    State Police
    State Student Assistance Commission
    Teachers' Retirement Fund
    Utility Consumer Counselor
    Utility Regulatory Commission
    War Memorials Commission
    White River State Park
    Worker's Compensation Board of Indiana

    Do you know of a state funding cut that is affecting your community? Please contact Senator Vi Simpson's office with details >