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    2015 Legislative Internship Application


    In addition to this application, please e-mail (if possible) the following to

    • A resume
    • An official hard copy college or university transcript mailed or submitted through the university electronic transcript service
    • 1 recent academic writing sample.
    • An essay (200-300 words) describing why you want to be an intern
    • A minimum of three letters of recommendation from employers, faculty members, or upstanding members of the community (Please ask references to include telephone contact information). Must be submitted by U.S. Mail.

    Mail this information, to:

    Brent Stinson, Intern Director
    Indiana Senate Democrats
    200 W Washington St, 
    Indianapolis, IN 46204-2785

    This information must be received by October 15.

    Applicants will be contacted to arrange an interview. Interviews will take place at the Statehouse in Indianapolis beginning in October 2014.

    If you have any questions, please call or email Brent Stinson at: 317.232.9849

    Last Name:

    First Name:


    Academic Year:


    Other (indicate below)

    Current Address
    (address, city, state, zip):

    Permanent Address (address, city, state, zip):






    Date of Birth:

    Party Affiliation (Democrat or Republican):

    Post-Graduation Plans:

    What motivated you to choose your major(s) and minor(s)?

    Campus activities (organization membership, offices held and other non-course activities):

    Computer Skills (programs and levels of proficiency):

    List non-governmental/non-political employment (employer, position, dates, address, supervisor, supervisor contact info):

    Governmental and / or political experience (campaign volunteer work, appointed or elected offices held, civilian or military experience, etc.):

    Designate three areas of public policy interest (environment, education, mental health, taxation, crime, etc.) and briefly describe reasons for the interest:

    Would you be able to secure housing in the Indianapolis area for the duration of the legislative session?

    How did you learn of our internship program?

    By checking the box below:

    • I verify that the statements and representations above are true and accurate;
    • I agree to arrange for all additional items to be submitted to the intern director by the means indicated on this application; and
    • I understand that failure to provide true and accurate information related to my application will serve as grounds for the rejection of my application and/or may result in my dismissal from the Senate Democratic Internship Program:

    I agree to the terms set forth in this application.: