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Welcome and thank you for visiting our property tax reform Web site.

Because of widespread interest and ideas regarding Indiana’s property tax system, our Indiana Commission on State Tax and Financing Policy encourages citizens to submit testimony electronically from the convenience of home, workplace or school.

Property taxpayers all have personal stories to tell and worthwhile suggestions to make regarding our system of assessing and collecting local property taxes. Because local property tax problems are so widespread and suggestions and solutions are so important, I’ve asked that this special state Web site be developed.

Here, our commission will be able to capture e-mailed testimony from homeowners, farmers and business owners, landlords and renters, academics and students, local and state officials, regardless of their geographic location. My goal is to provide any and all e-testimony to the commission and its advisors on a regular basis. In addition to allowing electronic comments and suggestions of up to 500 words, the commission Web site is intended to put helpful, up-to-date information at the fingertips of all Hoosiers.  

Specific hot topics on our Web site include:

  • frequently asked questions on property taxes and assessment;
  • where local property taxes go;
  • what the state is doing (property tax replacement funds, direct relief, ordered reassessments, new tools to reduce local government dependence on property taxes);
  • what local governments can do (cut spending, contain government construction costs, shift to other revenue streams, extend deadlines, accept payments and waive penalties); and
  • what taxpayers can do (contact assessors, appeal assessments, file for mortgage exemption, homestead credit, blind deduction, disabled deduction, over-65 deduction, veteran deductions, and apply for payment plans).

Our Web site will also offer a special “tax calculator” allowing citizens to equate a shift from taxes on property to taxes on income or sales and to see the impact each decision might make. This is one of the larger issues facing state and local policymakers.   

Thank you for visiting our Web site. Please tell us your story and suggestions. Your input and that of fellow Hoosiers is very important and will be considered as my colleagues in the Indiana General Assembly and I consider future property tax reforms.

Yours for a better Indiana,

Sen. Luke Kenley (R-Noblesville)
Chair, Commission on State Tax and Financing Policy

E-Testimony - Click here to tell us your story and suggestions about property taxes.