Health Care Data and Quality Subcommittee

  Sam Nussbaum, Chairperson
  Edwin Marshall
  Michael Urban
  Rep. Vaneta Becker
  Roland Gamache
  Terry Zollinger
  Mark Overhage
  Ernest Klein, Jr.
  Stella Michaelis
  Carla Chance
  Rita Johnson-Mills
  Julia Vaughn
  Whitney Prettyman
  Michael Claphan
  Jason Shelley
  Todd Stallings
  Charles McCormick
  Jay Bernzott
  Kathy Russell
  Nancy Jewell
  Roland Thorpe
  Rosemarie Byrd
  Gwen Lee-Thomas
  Bernie Urlich
  Kathryn Brown Mays
  Linda Woolley
  Dennis P. Morrison

  Kathy Norris, Fiscal Analyst for the Commission
  Steven Wenning, Attorney for the Commission

Authority: P.L. 200-2001

Expiration: July 1, 2004
Notices and Agendas:



Other Committee Information:

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