Commission on State Tax and Financing Policy

The Commission is authorized by IC 2-5-3-5 to study any tax or financing matter referred to the Commission by a resolution of the Legislative Council. The committee was assigned these additional charges.
    A. Study the enactment of tax exemptions or tax credits, or both, on raw materials used by Indiana manufacturers (HR44)
    B. Study the desirability and feasibility of establishing Renaissance Zones with the State of Indiana (SR 12)
    C. Study the issue of annual adjustments to the true tax values of real property and the need for periodic physical inspections of real property (HB 1337)
    D. Study potential shifts among classes of taxpayers resulting from the next general reassessment (HB 1219)
    E. Study the taxation of retirement benefits for federal employees (Legislative Council)
    F. Study the issue of state taxation of electronic commerce (Legislative Council)
    G. Monitor the implementation of P.L. 6-1997 (Legislative Council)