Health Finance Commission

P.L.11-1995, SEC. 1 established the Health Finance Commission to study health finance in Indiana. The commission may study any topic:
    1. directed by the chairman of the commission;
    2. assigned by the Legislative Council; or
    3. concerning issues that include:
        A. the delivery, payment, and organization of health care services; and
        B. rules adopted under IC 4-22-2 that pertain to health care delivery, payment, and services that are under the authority of any board or agency of state government.

The commission was given these additional charges.
    1. Study the provisions of the Federal Ticket to Work and Work Incentives Improvement Act and the options created for Indiana by the act (HR 69)
    2. Receive recommendations from the Secretary of the Family and Social Services Administration concerning obesity in adults and children and costly health complications (HCR 48)
    3. Study the development of a methodology to objectively provide information to the general assembly regarding the impact of proposed or enacted health insurance mandates (SCR 13)
    4. Study the topic of privacy of personal health information (SR 32)
    5. Study health facilities, training of employees, and complaint procedures (HB 1124)