Census Data Advisory Committee

The Census Data Advisory Committee is required by statute to do the following:
(1) Advise and assist the Bureau of the Census in the preparation and organization of decennial census data for use by the General Assembly in reapportionment.
(2) Work with the Bureau of the Census in defining the boundaries of census blocks in Indiana.
(3) Coordinate efforts to obtain an accurate population count in each decennial census.
(4) Work with other state and federal agencies to assist in the local review program conducted in Indiana.
(5) Work with the Code Revision Commission to prepare legislation in the regular session of the General Assembly that meets during the year of the effective date of the decennial census to propose amendments to Indiana law to reflect the population information obtained as a result of the decennial census.
(6) Study costs and other relevant aspects of acquisition by the state of a geographic information system.
(7) Make recommendations to the General Assembly concerning changes or amendments to election law.

In addition, HEA 1024-2000 provides that before January 1, 2001, the committee shall study and make recommendations to the Legislative Council concerning the following:
(1) The standardization of municipal election calendars to conform to county, state, and federal elections, including the following possibilities:
    (A) The elimination of town conventions under IC 3-8-5.
    (B) The implementation of primaries for the nomination of candidates in small town elections.
(2) The elimination of municipal elections in odd-numbered years so that all municipal elections are held in even-numbered years with countywide elections.