Commission on State Tax and Financing Policy

Since its creation in 1953, the Commission on State Tax and Financing Policy has studied Indiana's tax structure and the enforcement policies and administrative practices related to the tax structure. The Commission was established to carry out the following policies of the General Assembly as set forth in IC 2-5-3-1:
    " promote a revenue raising structure in Indiana that will provide adequate revenues
    to carry on the efficient operation of the state, county, and city governments, and at the
    same time will assure that its burdens will be shared equitably by all
    encourage and bring about the accomplishment of enforcement policies and
    administrative practices that will result in maximum return from existing taxes to the
    state of Indiana at a minimum cost to the taxpayers."

The Commission is authorized by IC 2-5-3-5 to study any tax or financing matter referred to the Commission by a resolution of the Legislative Council. In 1999, the Legislative Council directed the Commission to do the following:
    (1) Study charitable contribution tax incentives.
    (2) Study the issue of non-collection of state sales and use taxes by the United States Postal Service, and estimate the resulting loss of revenue to the state.
    (3) Study the impact of the exemption of interest received from United States Treasury obligations from the financial institutions tax.
    (4) Devise a comprehensive financing strategy for affordable housing programs and for the homeless in Indiana.