Environmental Quality Service Council

The Environmental Quality Service Council (EQSC) is required to do the following:
    (1) Advise the Commissioner of the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) on policy issues decided upon by the EQSC.
    (2) Review the mission and goals of IDEM and evaluate the implementation of the mission.
    (3) Serve as a council of the General Assembly to evaluate:
        (A) resources and structural capabilities of IDEM to meet IDEM's priorities; and
        (B) program requirements and resource requirements for IDEM.
    (4) Serve as a forum for citizens, the regulated community, and legislators to discuss broad policy directions.
    (5) Submit a final report to the Governor, the General Assembly, the Budget Committee, and the Administrative Rules Oversight Committee each year that contains:
        (A) an outline of activities of the EQSC;
        (B) recommendations for any IDEM action;
        (C) recommendations for any legislative action; and
        (D) an estimate of funding levels required by IDEM, including an evaluation of permit fees.

In addition the Legislative Council assigned the following topics to the Commission for study in the 1999 interim:
    (1) Study the feasibility of an air emissions reduction credit (HEA 1561)
    (2) Study different approaches to the allocation of costs of services supported by certain IDEM funds; review hazmat manifest program (HEA 1578)
    (3) Study whether IDEM should allow a transition period associated with the Risk Integrated System of Closure guidance document (HEA 1919)
    (3) Study ground level ozone formation (HR 110, HR 80)
    (4) Study benefits to air quality associated with the use of alternative fuels and alternative fueled vehicles (HCR 115)
    (5) The relationship of air and soil quality to certain diseases in urban areas (HCR 14)