Workforce Development Study Committee

The Indiana General Assembly enacted legislation (SEA 405-1997) directing the Workforce Development Study Committee to do the following:
    (1) Identify the multiple sources and amounts of federal, state, and local funds that are used for workforce development activities.
    (2) Identify the multiple entities involved in the administration of the funds identified at both the state and local levels.
    (3) Identify how the funds identified are used to provide workforce development services, with a particular focus on analyzing whether the resources are being used effectively to place individuals in jobs.
    (4) Evaluate models used in other states to maximize the coordination of workforce development resources and to eliminate the duplication of planning activities.
    (5) Make recommendations to the General Assembly concerning how best to:
        (A) coordinate overlapping funding sources and workforce development activities for workforce development; and
        (B) coordinate overlapping local planning and coordinating boards involved in workforce development efforts.