Indiana State Fair Advisory Committee

The Indiana State Fair Advisory Committee (the committee) was created under IC 15-1-1.5 to review and make recommendations for legislation concerning the State Fair Commission (the commission). The committee consists of eight (8) members; four Senators and four Representatives. Under IC 15-1-1.5-8, the committee is required to do the following:
    (1) Serve as liaison between the commission, the State Fair Board (the board), and the General Assembly.
    (2) Review policies affecting the activities of the commission, the state fair, the facilities at the fairgrounds, and the property owned by the commission.
    (3) Provide long range guidance for the commission and the board.
    (4) Review annually the commission's and the board's budgets and other accounts and report financial conditions to the legislative council. Further advise the budget committee regarding appropriations and other financial matters concerning the commission and the board.
    (5) Propose, review, and make recommendations concerning legislation affecting the commission and the board

The commission and board are to provide any information relating to the operation of the commission or board requested by the committee.