Property Tax Study Committee

The Property Tax Study Committee was established under IC 2-5-24.1 to study, review, make recommendations concerning, and report on the following aspects of Indiana's property tax system:
    (1) Certification levels to be attained by county and township assessors and their employees and the number of persons in each certification level required relative to the number of parcels in each assessing unit.
    (2) Present certification levels, standards, and courses of instruction.
    (3) Minimum and advanced proficiency standards for persons performing assessment functions.
    (4) Whether an elected assessor should be required to obtain a minimum proficiency level in assessment procedures and funding for related expenses.
    (5) Continuing education requirements to maintain assessor certifications and minimum proficiency levels.
    (6) Computer software assessment standards.
    (7) Procedures for the enforcement or review of software certification standards.
    (8) Whether the state board of tax commissioners should be required to adopt computer specification rules specifically to allow assessment data to be exported.
    (9) The means available to the state board of tax commissioners for enforcing rules.
    (10) Organizational changes considered necessary to improve the efficiency and thoroughness of the county property tax assessment board of appeals.
    (11) An investigation of the use of hearing officers who have attained level 2 proficiency.
    (12) Changes that would establish an independent state property tax assessment board of appeals.
    (13) Improvements to the salary schedules and benefits available to the employees of the state board of tax commissioners.
    (14) Organizational structure of the assessing system.

The statute establishing the Committee expires January 1, 1999.