Probation Services Study Committee

The Probation Services Study Committee (PSSC) was created in 1998 for a three-year study period, ending November 1, 2000. The Committee consists of four legislative (two representatives and two senators) and 16 lay members with local experience with probation services.

The intent of the Committee is to study probation services in Indiana and make recommendations concerning the following issues:
    (1) The mission of probation services.
    (2) Duties, roles, and responsibilities of probation officers.
    (3) Organizational changes considered necessary.
    (4) Improvements to salary schedules and benefits available.
    (5) Training standards.
    (6) Caseload and case classification standards.
    (7) Methods and levels of funding.

The Committee may also study topics as assigned to it by the Indiana Legislative Council or the Committee chair.

The Committee will issue annual reports of its activities each year on November 1 and a final report on November 1, 2000.